Diary of Henry Machyn October 1555

Diary of Henry Machyn October 1555 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1555.

07 Oct 1555. The vij day of October was a robere be-syd .... parke of clothears, so they foyth long, at last the th[ieves] over-cam them, and toke alle the goodes, and cot ther hors leges off and kyllyd sum.

09 Oct 1555. The ix day of October was a servyngman, [the] penter('s) broder that war bornyd at Staynes, was bered in Morefeld be-syd the doge-howsse, be-caus he was not resseff the ryctes of the chyrche, and thys lawe.

After 09 Oct 1555. The (blank) day of October was bered doctor Wottun, phessyssyon, in Woodstrett, with ij whyt branchys and xij longe torchys and vj stayff torchys and mony (mourners).

16 Oct 1555. The xvj day of October was the Sargent(s') of the law fest [feast], and vij mad the sam day, and a grett dener after, and kept at the (blank).

1555 Execution of Bishops

16 Oct 1555. [The same day were burnt at Oxford for heresy doctor Latimer (68), late bishop of Worcester, and doctor Ridley (55),] late bysshope of London; [they were some] tyme grett prychers as ever was; and at ther bornyng dyd pryche doctur Smyth, sum-tyme the master of Vetyngtun colege (blank).

26 Oct 1555. The xxvj day of October was sett on the pelere [one] for spykyng of sedyssyous wordes, and had

28 Oct 1555. The xxviij day of October in the mornyng was set up in Fletstrett, be-syd the well, a payre of galaus, and ij men hangyd, for the robere of a Spaneard, (and they were) hangyng aganst the Spaneardes gate be-tyme in the mornyng, and so hangyng alle the day in the rayne.

29 Oct 1555. The xxix day of October ther wher ij goodly pennes [pinnaces] deckyd with gones and flages and stremars, and a m. penselles, the penes pentyd, on whyt and bluw, and the thodur yelow and red, and the oars and gowne [guns] lyke coler; and with trumpets and drumes, and alle the craftes in barges and stremars; and at the ix of the cloke my nuw lord mayre and the shreyffes and the althermen toke barge at the iij Cranes with trumpets and shalmes, and the whetes playhyng; and so rod to Westmynster, and toke ys othe in the cheyker, and all the way the penoys shutyng of gones and playhyng up and done; and so after cam backe to Powlles warffe, and landyd with gret shutyng of gownes and playng; and so in Powlles cherche-yerde ther mett the bachelars and a goody pagyant, and a lxvi. men in blue gownes, and with goodly targates and gaffelynes and a duwlle, and iiij talle men lyke wodys alle in gren, and trumpets playing a-for the mare—the iij yere of Quen Mare.