Diary of Henry Machyn October 1556

Diary of Henry Machyn October 1556 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1556.

03 Oct 1556. The iij day of October was the sessyon at Oxford, and ther wher condemnyd lx to [die.]

08 Oct 1556. The viij day of October was bered in Kentt at a towne callyd (blank, sir John) Champney (61) knyght late mare of London and altherman and skynner, with ij whytt branchys, ij dosen torchys, and iiij grett tapurs; and with a harold of armes beyryng ys cote-armur, hys standard, and pennon of armes, with elmett, targatt, and sword, and vj dosen of skochyons and mony gounes and cottes; and after a grett dener to alle the contrey.

After 08 Oct 1556. [The .. day of October was buried the lo]rd Waus of Northamptonshyre, wyth baner of armes, elmett, targett, and sword, [and with a v]j dosen of skochyons, and a dosen of penselles.

Around 1536 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Drawing of Thomas Vaux 2nd Baron Vaux Harrowden -1556.

18 Oct 1556. The xviij day of October was bered ser Recherd Cottun knyght, and comtroller unto the kyng Edward the vjth of ys honorabull howssehold, with a harold of armes, and a standard, penone, and cote of armes, and a vj dosen of skochyons, and bered at Warlbryltun in (Hampshire).

18 Oct 1556. The xviij day of October, was sant Luke day, was bered at sant Peter in Cornehyll ser Henry Hobulthurne knyght and late mayre of London, the wyche he was mare at the crownenasyon of kyng Edward the vjth; and marchand-tayller of London, and marchand of the stapull of Calys; and he had [ij] fayre whytt branchys, and xx grett staffe torchys, and iiij grett tapurs a-pon iiij gylt candyll-stykes; and a standard and a penon of armes, and a harold of armes bayreng ys cott armur, and a helmet, target, and sword; and a vj dosen of skochyons; and the chyrche and the strett hangyd with blake and armes; and mony mornars; and pore men had new gownes.

20 Oct 1556. The xx of October was bered ser John Olyff (56) knyght and altherman, and sum-tym he was surgantt unto kyng Henry the viijth, and after he was shreyff of London; and he had levyd tylle the next yere he had beyn mayre, for he tornyd from the Surgens unto the Grosers; and bered at sant Myghelles in Bassynghall, with a harold of armes bayryng ys cott armur, and with a standard and a pennon of armes, and iiij baners of emages, and ij grett whytt branchys, and iiij grett tapurs and (blank) dosen of torchys; and mony powre men had gownes; and with a elmett, targat, and sword; and the crest a crowne and a holyff-tre standyng with-in the crowne....hytt and mad a nobull haration [oration].

22 Oct 1556. The xxij day of October was bered doctur [Man], sumtime the pryor of Shen the charterhowse, and after mad bysshope of Man by kyng Edward the vjth; [and] was mared [married]; and bered at sant Andrews hundershaft, London, and ded at master Whetheley('s) marchand tayller.

30 Oct 1556. The xxx day of October was bered ser [John] Gressem (61), knyght and merser, and marchand of the [staple] of Callys, and marchand venterer, and late mere [and alderman] of London; with a standard and a penon of armes, [cote-] armur of damask, and iiij pennons of armes ... a elmett, a targett and a sword, mantylles, and ys .... and a goodly hersse of wax and x dosen of [pensels] and xij dosen of skochyons; and he gayff a c blake g[owns] unto pore men and powre women of fyne blake [cloth]; iiij dosen of grett stayffe torchys, and a dosen of .. longe torches; and he gayff a C. d. of fyne blake .... ij unto the mare and the old mare, and to ser Rowland Hylle and to ser Andrew Jude and to boyth the chamburlayns, and to master of Blakwelle, and to master the common huntt and ys man, and to the porters that longes to the stapull, and to all ys farmers and ys tenantts; and all the chyrche hangyd and the strett with blake and armes grett store; and morow iij goodly masses song, on of the Trenete, and a-nodur of owre Lade, and the iij of requiem, and a goodly sermon; master Harpfeld dyd pryche; and after as grett a dener as has bene sene for a fysse-day, for alle that cam to dener, for ther laket nothyng dere.

30 Oct 1556. The xxx day, a' for-none, was bered at sant Thomas of Acurs, by ys father, master Loke the sune of ser Wylliam Loke, the wyche he ded at ys plasse in Walbroke, and bered at sant Thomas of Acurs; and alle the qwyre hangyd with blake, and armes, and iiij grett tapurs, and ij whyt branchys and xij torchys; and master doctur Pendyltun (32) dyd pryche.... torchys and iiij grett tapurs and [there were at his] ... bereng the felowshype of the Drapers, master Cha[ster herald and] odur, and greet mon mad for hym at ys berehying.

30 Oct 1556. The xxx day of October was hanged at the [palace gate] at sant James iiij men for robyng [at the] courte of one of the quen('s) maydes, and ij for robyng [of the] knyght marshall('s) servandes.

28 Oct 1556. The xxviij day of October the new mare (56) toke ys oythe, and so whent by water to Westmynster [with] trumpettes and the whettes ryalle, and a galant [pinnace] deckyd with stremars and gonnes and dromes; [the new] mayre master Hoffeley (56), marchandtayller, and marchand of the stapull of Calles, and the ij heynchmen in cremesun velvett in-brodered with gold an ell brod; and iiijxx [poor] bachelers, and they dyd gyff iiijxx blue gownes, cape, dobelet, and hose to the iiijxx poure men; and there was a godly pageant; and the trumpets had skarlett capes, and the whetes.

20 Oct 1556. The xx day of October was delivered out of the Lowlar towre alle the heretykes that cam out of Essex, and odur plassys, and so to kepe them good and truw to God and to the king and quen.