Diary of Henry Machyn October 1557

Diary of Henry Machyn October 1557 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1557.

05 Oct 1557. The v day October was bered master Sakefeld (73), squwyre, [the father] unto ser (Richard) Sakefeld (50), knyght, late chanseler of the [Court of Augmentations], with a penon of armes and cott armur, and iiij baners of armes, .... ij fayre whytt branchys, and iiij branchys tapurs, .... dosen of penselles, and iiij dosen of stayffes torchys, and .... harold of armes, and viij dosen of skochyons of armes.

05 Oct 1557. The v day of October was bered at Chemford in Essex the wyff of master Thomas Myldmay (72), sqwyre, and audetor, with ij whytt branchys, and ij dosen of grett stayffe torchys, and iiij dosen of skochyons, and mony mornars in blake.

After 05 Oct 1557. The (blank) day of October was bered my [lade] Husse in Sussex, at Slynkford, by ser Hare Husse her husband. [Note. This is possibly Bridget Spring -1557 although her husband Henry Hussey 1519-1557 (38) had died two months previously?]

06 Oct 1557. The vj day of October cam a comondement in-to London that evere parryche shuld make bon-fyers and ryngyng that the pope and the emperowr be fryndes and lovers, and the ware [war] endyd be-twyn them.

30 Sep 1557. The Thursday the last day of September ded master Recherd Docket, grocer of London, and marchand of Flanders and (blank) of Flanders of the Englysmen howse.... was bered with a penon of armes .... baner of emages, and iij dosen of penselles., and .... skochyons, and ij whytt branchys, and .... stayffs torchys, ....iij grett tapurs; at the monyth myn was as .... and a gret dener after masse.

13 Oct 1557. The xiij day of October was a man sett a-pon the pelere for heynous wordes and sedyssyus wordes and [opprobrious] wordes aganst my lord mayre and the althermen, [and a common] slander(er) of pepull and ys neyburs; ys nam was Davesun, tayller. The sam day was a proclamasyon (unfinished)

21 Oct 1557. The xxj day of October was cared thrugh Smyth-feld and Nuwgatt and thrugh Chepe-syde to the Towre 1. grett gones that wher nu mad, and ij C. men with gones, bowes, and pykes, in harnes and shurtes of maylle.

21 Oct 1557. The xxj day of October ded my lade the contes of Arundell at Bathe plase in sant Clement parryche with-owt Tempylle-bare.

26 Oct 1557. The xxvj day of October was a goodly hers sett up in sant Clementes parryche with-owt Tempylle-bare, of v pryncepalles, and with viij baner-rolles, and a x dosen penselles, and iiij grett skochyons of armes at the iiij corners.

27 Oct 1557. The xxvij day of October my lade was browth to the chyrche, with the byshope of London (57) and Powlles qwyre and the master and clarkes of London, and then cam the corse with v baners of armes borne; then cam iiij harolds in ther cotes of armes, and bare iiij banars of emages at the iiij corners; and then cam the chyff mornars, my lade of Wossetur, and my lade Lumley (20), and my lord North (27), and ser Antony Selenger. [Then came a hundred mourners of men, and after as many ladies and gentlemen, all in black; and a great many poor women in black and rails, and] xxiiij pore men in blake beyryng of torchys, and mony of her servandes in blake cotes beyryng of torchys.

28 Oct 1557. The xxviij day of October was the masse of requiem song, and a goodly sermon; and after masse her grasse was bered; and all her hed offesers with whytt stayffes in ther handes, and all the haroldes waytyng abowt her in ther cott armurs, and my lord abbott of Westmynster (42) [was the] precher, a godly sarman; and my lord of London (57) song the masse, and the byshope of (blank) song the masse of the (blank), and ther was a (blank) masse sayd; and after to my lordes plase to dener, for ther was a gret dener.

31 Oct 1557. The xxix day of October dyd my nuw lorde mayre [take] ys owth at Westmynster; and all the craftes of London [in their] bargys, and the althermen; and after-ward landyd at Powlles warf; and at the Powlles cheyrche-yerd ther the pagantt stod; and the bachelers with ther saten hodes and a lx pore men in gownes, and targets and gayffelyns in ther handes, and the trumpetes and the whettes playhyng, unto Yeld-halle; and ther dynyd, and after to Powlles, and after to my lord mayre('s) howse, and ther the althermen, and the craftes, and the bachelers, and the pagantt browth hym home.

30 Oct 1557. The xxx day of October was bered ser Wylliam Cand ... knight, with ij whytt branchys, and xij stayff torchys, iij grett tapurs, and (blank) skochyons, at sant Botulff with-owt Althergatt.