Diary of Henry Machyn October 1559

Diary of Henry Machyn October 1559 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1559.

02 Oct 1559. The ij day of October master Strangwys and v [of his men were] lad from the Towre unto the Masselsay.

30 Sep 1559. The xxx day of September, was Myghelmas day, the [lord] mare was chosen at the yeld-hall, good master Huett (63), clo[thworker,] the wyche was ther never mare of that ocquwpassyon a-for; ther wher iij (aldermen), but when that ther turne [came] they ded [died], master Towllys and master Hynd and master Machyll, clothworker.

03 Oct 1559. The iij day of October was sett up ij nuw payre of galows, one at sant Thomas of wattrynges, and the thodur at the low-water marke at Wapyng.

04 Oct 1559. The iiij day of October master Strangwys and all ys men shuld have suffered dethe, but ther came tydynges that they shuld stay tyll yt plessed the quen('s) (26) grace and her consell.

Around 1546. William Scrots Painter 1517-1553. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland before her accession painted for her father. Around 1570 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. In 1579 George Gower Painter 1540-1596. The Plimton Sieve Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Around 1585 William Segar Painter 1554-1663. Ermine Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Around 1592 Marcus Gheeraerts Painter 1562-1636. The Ditchley Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. After 1585 Unknown Painter. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Around 1563 Steven van der Meulen Painter -1564. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland.

04 Oct 1559. The iiij day of October whent to here from Cobbam hall my yonge lade Cobbam (34), the wyff of my lord Cobbam (31), latte mad lord Warden of the v portes, with prestes and clarkes syngyng, and ij haroldes of armes, master Clarenshux (49) and Ruges-Dragon, with lx baners of armes of hys and hers petegree; one was a grett baner of ys harmes and hers; and mony morners in blake a C [100], and a lx [60] women in rosett cassokes of brod cloth, be-syd men in mantyll frys-gownes, and the women had nuw raylles; and ther was a goodly hers [hearse] with-owtt wax, and garnyshed with grett baners and velvett, and xx [20] dosen penselles, and vij dosen skochyons of armes; and the chyrche and the plasse hangyd with blake and armes, and a bony .. the velvett a goodly bordur mad and gyldyd, and with ther armes; and so the dene of Rochastur and all the colege both prest and clarke dyd syng, and the qweresters; and Torner the precher dyd pryche; and after all done, they whent to the plasse to dener, for ther was a gret dener, and ther was a ij M. pepull that had ij d. apesse, and after dener pore pepull had boyth mett and drynke; all thys done in Kent.

28 Sep 1559. The xxviij day of September, was Myghellmas-evyn, was the old bysshope of Durram doctur Dunstall (85) was deposyd of hys bysshope-pryke of Durram, be-cause he shuld not reseyff the rentes for that quarter.

05 Oct 1559. [The] v day of October cam to [London by Ald]gatt the prynse of Sweythen (25), and [so to Leadenhall], and done [down] Gracyous-strett corner in a howse stod [the lord] marques of Northamtun (47) and my lord Ambros Dudley (29) [and other gentlemen and] lades; and my lord of Oxford (43) browth (him) from Col[chester] and my lord Robart Dudley (27), the master of the quen('s) horse; and trumpettes bloyng in dyvers places; and thay had [a great] nombur of gentyllmen ryd with cheynes a-for them, and after them a ij C [200] of yomen rydyng, and so rydyng over the bryge unto the bysshope of Wynchastur plasse, for [it] was rychely hangyd with ryche cloth of arres, wrought with gold and sylver and sylke, and ther he remanyth.

Around 1539 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Drawing of William Parr 1st Marquess Northampton 1512-1571. In 1587 William Segar Painter 1554-1663. Portrait of Robert Dudley 1st Earl of Leicester 1532-1588. Around 1575 Unknown Painter. Portrait of Robert Dudley 1st Earl of Leicester 1532-1588. Around 1575 Unknown Painter. Portrait of Robert Dudley 1st Earl of Leicester 1532-1588 wearing his Garter Collar.

08 Oct 1559. The viij day of October dyd pryche with-in the [queen's] chapell at Whyt-hall parson Veron, the Frenche[-man], and he leyd thynges that the nuw bysshopes electyd [should] have landes as the old byshopes had, or elles [they] wher not abull to mantayne and kepe good howse.

10 Oct 1559. The x day of October was bered Bluw-mantyll the harold, the wyche latt was Rysbanke, in sant Brydes in Fletstrett, with (unfinished)

09 Oct 1559. The ix day of October was master Row altherman('s) dowthur mared in santt Martens with well with ij bokettes, to a marchand, and ther wher mony worshype-full men and women ther; and ther was a sermon, and after to ys plasse to dener; and he gayff ij C. payre of glovys, and at nyght ther cam ij goodly maskes as has bene.

12 Oct 1559. The xij day of October whent by water unto the court the kyng of Sweythen('s) (63) sune (25), and ys gard, and ther he was honorabull reseyvyd with mony honorabull men at the hall-dore, wher the gard stod in ther ryche cottes, unto the quen('s) chambur, and ther he was reseyvyd of the Quen('s) (26) grace, and after he had grett chere as cold be had.

13 Oct 1559. The xiij day of October at nyght ded the good lade the contes of Ruttland at Halewell, sum-tyme yt was a nunre, that ser Thomas Lovell (81) dyd beld yt for hym.

15 Oct 1559. The xv day of October did pryche at Paul's crosse Crolley (42) sum-tyme a prynter.

12 Oct 1559. The xij day of October they be-gane to [erect a] skaffold, to take downe the tope of the stepull [steeple], that was brosyd [bruised] with a thondurbolt with that tem[pest].

16 Oct 1559. The xvj day of October was bered at Wy .. ser Wylliam FuwWylliam knyght, with a standard and pennon of armes, cott armur, targett, sword, helmett and a iiij dosen of skochyons, with a harold of armes, that was master Clareshux (49), kyng of armes; [and] grett mon mad [moan made] for ym, for he kept a [good] howse for the pore.

19 Oct 1559. The xix day of October the prynche of Swaythen (25) whent to the court agayn, for my lord Robart Dudley (27) gave ym a grett bankett [banquet].

20 Oct 1559. The xx day of October they begane to make a herse for my lade the contes of Rutland at Sordyche; yt was garnysshed with armes and penselles, and all the chyrche hangyd with blake and armes.

21 Oct 1559. The xxj day of October was cared from Halewell unto Sordyche chyrche my lade the contes of Rutland, with xxx [30] clarkes and prestes syngyng, and mony pore men and powre women in blake gownes a lx [60] and mo, morners to the nomber of a C [100] and ij [2] haroldes of armes, master Garter (49) and master Yorke; then cam the corsse; a-for a grett baner of armes, and a-bowt her iiij [4] goodly banerrolles of dyvers armes; and master Beycon mad the sermon; and after a grett dolle of money, ij d [2 pence] a-pesse; and so to dener, and yt was wryten a-bowt the valans Sic transit gloria mundi, and ther was vj [6] dosen penselles and vj [6] dosen skochyons.

23 Oct 1559. The xxiij day of October [the visitors sat at saint Paul's, when] master Harpfeld (43) the archedecon of London .... was deposyd, and dyvers prebendarys and vecurs.

25 Oct 1559. The xxv day of October was proclamyd in the ... and Westmynster of aperell of all kyndes, and the morow in London.

27 Oct 1559. The xxvij day of October was cristened at sant Benettes at Powlles warff ser Thomas Chamburlayn's (55) son, and the chyrche hangyd with cloth of arres, the godfathers names the prynche of Swaynthen (25) one and my lord Robart Dudley (27), and the godmoder was my lade of Northamtun (33); after the cristenyng waffers, spysbred, comfettes, and dyver odur bankettes, dysses [dishes], and epocras and muskadyll [in great] plente; the lade was the wyff of master Machyll, altherman and clothworker.