Diary of Henry Machyn October 1560

Diary of Henry Machyn October 1560 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1560.

10 Oct 1560. The x day of October was mared in the parryche of sant Alphes at Crepullgatt master Wylliam Drure (33) unto lade Wylliams of Tame, and mared by master Frence on of the masters of Wyndsore, and after gohyng home to dener the trumpettes blohyng, and after the flutt and drum, and at the furst corse servyng the trumpettes blohyng, for ther was a gret dener and gret museke ther....

15 Oct 1560. The xv day of October was bered [the countess] [Note. This is a mistake for the Earl?] of Shrowsbere, Frances (60), in Halumshyre, with [iij heralds] of armes, master Garter (50), master Chester (62), master Lankostur; .... with a standard, a grett baner of armes, [and baner-]rolles of mareges [marriages ie alliances], and a x dosen penselles, .... skochyons of armes, and a mageste and valans ... dosen of bokeram skochyons, and a thousand in .... and cottes with the pore men and women, and a grett dolle of money, and of mett and drynke, for all that cam, and all the prestes and clarkes of ....cam, and had boyth money and mett and drynke.