Diary of Henry Machyn October 1561

Diary of Henry Machyn October 1561 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1561.

29 Sep 1561. The xxix day of September was nuw mayre electyd master Harper (65), marchand-tayller, on Myghellmas day.

03 Oct 1561. [The iij day of October came to London to Gracechurch] strett, to the Cross-keys, xviij grett horses [all pyed-coloured] from the kyng of Swaythland (27).

04 Oct 1561. The iiij day of October cam to Wolwyche from Swathland ij shypes laden with (unfinished)

06 Oct 1561. The vj day of October was unladen a[t the water] syd serten vesselles with (blank ) and cared to the [Tower].

09 Oct 1561. The ix day of October at iiij of the cloke in the mornyng ded the old lade Dobes [Note. Wife of Richard Dobbs Mayor of London 1531-1573 (30)] in sant M[argaret's]-mosses in Frydey strett.

09 Oct 1561. The sam day of October at nyght ded good Alesandar Carlylle, the master of the Vyntonars, of (unfinished)

10 Oct 1561. The x day of October was sett on the pelere the gatherer of the kyng('s) bynche, ys name ys (blank), for he cam untowe dyvers gentyllmen and gentyllwomen and gayff them fayre nose-gaysse, and told them that he shuld be mared, and to dyvers odur onest pepull gayff nose-gaysse, and that (unfinished)

01 Oct 1561. The furst day of October was a fyre whet-in [within] the Towre of London be-yond the Whyt Towre.

10 Oct 1561. The x day of October [the] quen('s) (28) grace dyd gret cost at Westmynster boyth with-in here plase, and pavyng from the end of the Tyltt rond abowt the sydes, and closyd in the tylt.

12 Oct 1561. The xij day of October dyd pryche at Powlles crosse (master) Crolley (44), sum-tyme a boke-prynter dwelling in Holborne, in the byshope of Ely('s) renttes.

18 Oct 1561. The xviij day, was sant Lukes day, dyd pryche for the master of the Penters on [one] (blank)Gowth [Gough], the sune of on Gowth bokeprynter, the wyche ded in kyng Henre the viijth, the wyche he dwelt in Lumbarstrett.

Oct 1561. [The ... day was the funeral of lady Dobbes, late the] wyff of ser Recherd Dobes (30) knyght and skynner late mayre, with a harold of armes, and she had a pennon of armes and iiij dosen and d' skochyons; [she was buried] in the parryche of sant Margat Moyses in Fryday stret; [she] gayff xx good blake gownes to xx powre women; she gayffe xl blake gownes to men and women; [master] Recherdsun mad the sermon, and the clarkes syngyng, [and] a dolle of money of xx nobulles, and a grett dener after, and the compene of the Skynners in ther leverey.

Oct 1561. The sam day of October was bered in Whytyngtun colege master Alesandur Karlelle (33) the master of the Vyntoners, the wyche he mared the dowther (28) of ser George Barnes knyght, [late] mare of the nobull cete of London and haburdassher; and he gayff a xx blake gownes, and he gayff (blank) mantyll [frieze] gowne(s) unto (blank) pore men; and ther wher the Clarkes of London syngyng, and [master] Crolley dyd pryche, and then to the plase to denner, and a dolle, and a ij dozen of kochyons of armes, and the leverey of the Vyntonars.

18 Oct 1561. The xviij day of October ther was (a) fray be-twyn my lord Montyguw('s) (32) men and my lord Delaware('s) (35) men, and after the ij lordes wher sent to the Flett, and the men to the Masselsay.

22 Oct 1561. The xxij day of October my lord Montyguw (32) and my lord Delaware (35) wher delevered owtt of the Flett home.

14 Oct 1561. The xiiij day they wher a-for the consell at Westmynster hall the ij lordes [Note. Anthony Browne 1st Viscount Montague 1528-1592 (32) and William West 1st Baron De La Warr 1526-1595 (35)].

25 Oct 1561. The xxv day of October cam rydyng from Skotland serten Frenche-men thrugh London, my lord of Bedford (34) and my lord Monge and my lord Strange was ther gyd [guide] with a M [1000] horse thrugh Fletstreet, and so to my lord of Bedford('s.)

25 Oct 1561. The sam tyme was delt thrugh alle the wardes of London xijd. a howse for ser Rowland Hylle (63), late mayre of London, behyng vere syke that time.... master Nowelle (44), the dene of Powlles.

Oct 1561. The sam day a-bowtt iij at after-non cam my lord of Beydford (34) and my lorde Monge and my lord Strange and mony odur gentyllmen, and mony of the pensyonars to my lord of Bedforth('s) plase, and browt the inbassadurs of France to the cowrt that lye there at my lordes plase.

23 Oct 1561. The xxviij day of October, the wyche was sant Symon and Jude day, was at Whyt-hall grett baytyng of the bull and bere for the in-bassadurs of Franse that cam owtt of Scottland, the wyche the Quen('s) (28) grace was ther, and her consell and mony nobull men.

29 Oct 1561. The xxix day of October the nuw mare toke ys barge towhard Westmynster my nuw lorde mare master Harper (65), with the althermen in ther skarlett, and all the craftes of London in ther leverey, and ther barges with ther baners and streamers of evere occupasyon('s) armes; and ther was a goodly foist mad with stremars, targatts, and banars, and [arms], and grett shutyng of gunes and trumpettes blohyng; and at xij of the cloke my lord mare and the althermen landyd at Powlles warffe, and so to Powlles chyrche-yarde, and ther met ym a pagantt gorgyously mad [made], with chylderyn, with dyvers instrumentes playng and syngyng; and after-non to Powlles with trumpetes, and ther wher a (blank) men in bluw gownes and capes [caps] and hose and bluw saten slevys, and with targetts and shyldes of armes.

28 Oct 1561. The xxviij day of October at xij of the cloke at mydnyght ded good ser Rowland Hylle (63) knyght and late mayre of this nobull cette of London, and merser, the wyche he ded of the strangwyllyon.

30 Oct 1561. The xxx day of October was mad for the berehyng of ser Reynold Chamburlayn (57) knyght and capten of Garnsey a standard and a pennon and a cote armur and a target, sword, and mantyll, helmet and crest, and a (blank) dosen of skochyons of armes, the wyche he had iiij wyffes and (unfinished)

Oct 1561. The (blank) day of (blank) was be-gone the serves at Powlles to synge, and ther was a grett comunion ther be-gane, the byshope and odur.