Diary of Henry Machyn October 1562

Diary of Henry Machyn October 1562 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1562.

02 Oct 1562. The ij day of October was bered in sant Austen's parryche master Robartt Duckyngtun marchand-tayller, and latt warden of the Marchand-tayllers' compene; and ther wher all the masters of the compene in ther leverey, and he gayff mony gownes bowth to pore and ryche, and he was the best howse-kepar of a comm[oner] in London, and the feynest mett drest and plente.

08 Oct 1562. The viij day of October my lord the duke of Northfoke (26) and the duches my good lade ys wyff (22) cam rydyng thrughe London and thrughe Byshope-gatt to Leydyn-hall, and so to Chrychyre to ys own plase, with a C [100] horse in ys leverey was ys men gentyll-men a-fore cottes gardyd with velvett, and with iiij haroldes a-for hym, master Clarenshux kyng at armes (52), master Somersett and master Ruge-crosse and master Blumantylle ryd a-fore.... to be bered at sant [Note. Possibly St Dunstan's in the West] mastores Chamley the wyff of master Ch[amley recorder? of Lo]ndon, with a palle of blake velvett and with .... ther dyd pryche at her berehyng master (blank) ... mornars, and she had a harold of arm .... dosen of skochyons of armes; and after home t[o dinner.]

In 1563 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Thomas Howard 4th Duke Norfolk 1536-1572. In 1562 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Margaret Audley Duchess Norfolk 1540-1564. The Arms top left not Audley. Neither is the motto partially showing.

29 Oct 1562. The xxix day of October the nuw mare (53) [went by] water unto Westmynster, and all the althermen and the craftes of London in barges deckyd with stremars, [and there] was a goodly fuste [feast] decked with stremars and banars, with drumes, trumpetes, and gones to Westmynster playce [palace], [where] he toke ys oythe, and so home to Beynard castylle, [and] with all the artheralthmen; and in Powlles chyrcheyerd ther mett (him) all the bachelars in cremesun damaske hodes, with drumes and flutes and trumpettes blohyng, and a lx powre men in bluw gownes and red capes [caps], and with targettes and jaffelyns [and] grett standardes, and iiij grett banars of armes and ... and after a goodly pagantt with goodly musyke plahyng; and to Yeld-halle to dener, for ther dynyd mony of the consell and all the juges and mony nobull men and women; and after dener the mare and all the althermen yede to Powlles with all musyke.

31 Oct 1562. The xxxj day of October was bered good mastores Luwen, wedowe, latte the wyff of master Thomas Luwen yrmonger and altherman, and she gayff a xxiiij gownes to powre women, and she gayff mony blake gownes; and ther was the compene of the Clarkes; and a ij dosen of skochyons of armes; and master Chamburlayn the shreyff and John Dune here servand was here sekturs [executors], and master Wylliam Draper oversear; and dyre [there] dyd pryche for here master Goodman (33) the dene of Westmynster; and all the crafte of the Yrmongers ther; and after to here plase, for ther was a grett dener for as mony as wold cum, and after was sent spyse bred to evere howse and about the cette unto worshephulle men and women.