Diary of Henry Machyn September 1551

Diary of Henry Machyn September 1551 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1551.

05 Sep 1551. The v day of September was bered serjant Heth, and of the Kynges bake howse, and was bered at Lyntun at M. Parryche sqwyre, in the conte of Cambrygshyre.... chyke, and hard cheysse ob fardyng ...

21 Sep 1551. The xxj day of September ded M. Roger [ .. of] the Catre one to owre soverayn lord kyng Edward the vjth, and bered at (blank).

22 Sep 1551. The xxij day of September was the monyth ['s mind of the] ij dukkes of Suffoke [Note. Henry Brandon 2nd Duke Suffolk 1535-1551 (16) and Charles Brandon 3rd Duke Suffolk 1537-1551 (14)] in Chambryge-shyre, with [ij] standards, ij baners grett of armes and large, and banars rolles of dyver armes, with ij elmets, ij [swords, ij] targetts crownyd, ij cotes of armes, ij crests, and [ten dozen] of schochyons crounyd; and yt was grett pete of [their] dethe, and yt had plesyd God, of so nobull a stok they wher, for ther ys no more left of them.

29 Sep 1551. The xxix day of September was Saynt Myghell, the Kyng grase dyd where the robes of order of [Saint] Myghell with skalopshells of Franse; and the sam tyme was chossen of the order of the garter the lord chamburlayne Darcy (44), in the plasse of ser John Wallop (61) knyght of the gartter and captayn of Gynes.

04 Sep 1551. The iiij day of September ded my lade Admerell' (39) wyffe (33) in Lynkolne-shyre, and ther bered.