Diary of Henry Machyn September 1552

Diary of Henry Machyn September 1552 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1552.

05 Sep 1552. The v day of September was a proclamasyon that the bochers of London shuld selle beyffe and motun and velle, the best for 1 fardyng the lb., and nekes and legs at iij fardynges the lb., and the best lam the [quarter] viijd. and yff thay wyll nott thay to loysse ther fredom for ever and ever.

07 Sep 1552. The vij day of September ded ser John Jas ... by-syd Hunsdon, in Essex, and bered (blank)

08 Sep 1552. The viij day of Seytember was bered master Pagm .. of the grencloth onto owre soverayne lord kyng Edw [ard, the] wyche he gayff to evere clarke of ys xl shepe and odur ... ij lb. and a good geldyng, and to ys maydes xx shepe a-pesse.

10 Sep 1552. The x day of September ther wher iij grett [fishes] dryffyn up to London bryge with a grett nom[ber of] botts, sum with netts, sum with bylls, and sum with m .. ; and then they retornyd downe a-gayne, and botts [after] them, be-tweyn iiij and v of the cloke at after-none; for that same day was thurnderyng, and after grett [rain?] and after that they wher sene.

12 Sep 1552. Ther wher hangyd ix women and ij men for the ... the xij day of September.

19 Sep 1552. The xix day of September was had to the Towre master Wallay, authetur [auditor] and reseyver of Yorke-shyre.

22 Sep 1552. The xxij day of September was bered in saynt Dennys parryche in Fanchyrche strett my lade Ley.

20 Sep 1552. The xx day of September was browth to the Towre of London one of the north contrey.

26 Sep 1552. The xxvj day of September was the lyttyll barke ager goyng in too Spayne, and as sche was goyng ther mette with her ij great schypes of the Frensche kynges, and bere her down sore, and stroke her great mast a-sunder as sche was in fyght; the great barke ager followed her and rescwed her, and so over-came them bothe, and browght them in-too the havne of Portysmouthe, and ther they doo lye.

30 Sep 1552. The xxx day of September the mayre and the aldermen, and the new shreyffes, took barges at iij Cranes in the Vyntre, and so to Westmynster hall, and ther they toke [their] hoyth in the escheker, and then thay came to de[ner]. Ther was a grett dener as youe have sene; for ther wher mony gentyll men and women.