Diary of Henry Machyn September 1553

Diary of Henry Machyn September 1553 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1553.

03 Aug 1553. The iij day of August, at Rychemond, was my lord Cortnay (26) created the yerle of Denshyre of owre nobulle qwene Mare (37).

12 Sep 1553. [The xij day of September the citizens began to adorn the city against the Queen's (37) coronation; to hang the streets, and prepare pageants at] Fanchyrche and Grasse-chyrche and Leaden-hall, in Gracyus strett, and at condutt in Cornhyll, and [the great conduit in] Chepe, at standard in Chepe, the crosse reparyd, [at] the lytyll coundytt, a pagantt in Powlles chyrche[-yard], a-nodur pagant and mony spechys, and Ludgat nuly reparyd, and mony chylderyn; [at the condy]tt in Flettstrett a pagantt, and nuwe trymmyd [very gorg]yously, and the strett hangyd, and plases for every cr[aft to stan]d seve(ral)ly, mad with tymber from evere cr[aft] ther standyng, and so to remane unto evere halle [for ev]er when they shall have nede for shyche dohyng.

21 Sep 1553. The xxj day of September was the obseqwe of the baron of Dudley ser John Dudley at Westmynster, the bake-syd of Sant Margatts; and ther was at ys beryng prestes and clarkes syngyng in Laten, the prest havyng a cope and the clarke havyng the halewater sprynkull in ys hand, and after a mornar baryng ys standard, and after a-nodur beyryng ys gret baner of armes gold and sylver, and a-nodur beyryng ys elmett, mantyll, and the crest a bluw lyon('s) hed standyng a-pon a crowne of gold, and after a-nodur mornar bayryng [his] targett, and a-nodur ys sword, and after cam master Somersett the harold bayryng ys cott armur of gold and selver, and then the corse covered with cloth of gold to the grond, and iiij of ys men beyryng hym, and ys armes hangyd a-pone the cloth of gold, and xij men of ys servands bayryng xij stayffs torchys bornyng to the chyrche; and in the qwer was a hersse mad of tymbur and covered with blake, and armes apon the blake, and after the mornars a grett compene; and a-for the durge began, the harold cam to the qwer dore and prayd for ys soll by ys stylle, and so began the durge song in Laten, all the lessons, and then the harold prayd for a for masse, and so the masse songe in Laten; and after ys helmet ofered, and cott and targatt, and after all was endyd offered the standard and the baner of armes; and so hom to dener, and ther was goodly ryngyng and a gret doll.

21 Sep 1553. The xxj day of September was a grett wache in .... ser Edward Hastynges (32), the master of the horse, in sant G[eorge's] on the banke a-bowt my lord of Wynchester('s); for ther wher serten taken, and Sowthwarke w ...

24 Sep 1553. The xxiiij day of September dyd pryche master doctur Fecknam (38) at Powlles crosse, the Sonday a-for the qwuen('s) crounasyon; he mad a godly sermon as was hard in that place.

28 Sep 1553. The xxviij day of September the Qwen('s) (37) grace removed from Sant James, and so to Whyt Hall, and ther her grace took her barge unto the Towre, and ther all the craftes and the mare and the aldermen in bargurs with stremars and mynstrells, as trum pets, wettes, shames, and regalls, and with a gret [shooting] of gunes tyll her grace cam in-to the Towr, and ...

Coronation of Mary I

29 Sep 1553. The xxix day of September the Qwuen('s) (37) grace mad knyghts of the Bathe xv; the furst was the yerle of Devonshyre (26), the yonge yerle of Surray (17), the iijde lord of Borgane, and lord Barkley, the lord Monjoye (20), lord Sowche (27), ser Wylliam Pallet, my lord Cardyff (52), the lord Wyndsore('s) (54) sune (21), sir Ryche('s) sune, sir Clynton, ser Pagett, ser Robart Rochaster, ser Hare Jernyngham (41), ser Edward Dormer.

06 Sep 1553. The vj day of September cam owt of the Towre my lord Ferrys, my lord cheyff justys Chamlay (58) and my lord Montyguw (24), unto the denes place, for ther satt the consell, and ther thay wher delevered and dyscharged of the Towre with a grett fyne.

Coronation of Mary I

30 Sep 1553. The xxx day of September the Qwuyen('s) (37) grace cam from the Towre thrugh London, rydyng in a charett gorgusly be-sene unto Westmynster; by the way at Fanche-chyrche a goodly pagant, with iiij grett gyants, and with goodly speches, the geneways mad yt; at Grache-chyrche a-nodur goodly pajant of esterlyngs makyng; and at Ledyne-hall was nodur pagant hangyd with cloth of gold, and the goodlyst playng with all maner of musyssoners, and ther was on blohyng of a trumpet all the day longe; at the conduyt in Cornhyll a-nodur of the sete; and (at) the grett condutt a-nodur goodly on, and the standard pentyd and gyldyd, and the crosse pentyd; and (at) the lytyll conduyt a goodly pagant; in Powlles chyrche-yerde ij pagants; and ij scaffolds on Powlles stepull with stremars; andt Ludgat pentyd; at the conduyd in Flett-stret a goodly pajant and pentyd .... holy] water-stokes and sensers and copes ... Westmynster chyrche, and ther her grace hard masse, and was crounyd a-pon a he stage, and after [she was] a-nontyd Qwene, the forst day of October. [When all] was don, her grace cam to Westmynster hall .... yt was iiij of the cloke or she whent to dener [or pa]st; and ther the duke of Norffoke rod up and done the hall, my lord the yerle of Darbe (44) he constabull, the yerle of Arundell (41) he boteler, and my lord of Borgane cheyff larderer, master Dymmoke (45) the qwyen('s) champyon; and ther was [great me]lode; and the erle of Devonshyre (26) bare the sword, and the yerle of Westmorland (28) bare the cape of mantenans, and the erle of Shrowsbery (53) bare the crowne, and the duke of Norffoke (80) [was earl] marshall, and the yerle of Arundell (41) lord stuard, and the erle of Surray (17) was doer under the duke ys grandshyr, and the erle of Woseter (27) was her grace('s) carver that day at dener, my lord Wyndsore (54) was (blank); and at the end of the tabull dynyd my lade Elisabeth (20) and my lade Anne of Cleyff (38); and so yt was candyll-lyght or her grace or she had dynyd, and so [anon] her grace toke barge.

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