Diary of Henry Machyn September 1554

Diary of Henry Machyn September 1554 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1554.

07 Sep 1554. The vij day of September was bered in sant Bothulff with-owt Bysshope-gate chyrche, good master James Suttun sqwyre, and clarke of the gren cloth unto kyng Henry the viijth. and unto kyng Edward the vjth. and unto quen Mare, and so buried with a cot armur, and a penon of armes, and ij dosen of schochyons, and ij whyt branchys and xij stayff torchys, and mony mornars, and the compene of the Clarkes; and vj of ys servantes bare hym in blake cotes, and ther dyd pryche master doctur Smyth at ys masse.

07 Sep 1544. [The same day was the funeral of sir Harry Huncotes knight, alderman, and fishmonger.] .... pore men and women of .... mantyll frysse .... Fyssmongers halle hangyd with blake and with armes; [then] came the standard and then mornares; and then [came] ys armes, and then a harold bayryng ys cot armur ... master Clarenshws the kyng at armes in ys ryche cote; then cam the corsse, and a-bowtt the corsse iiij mo penons, and a-bott xxiiij torchys bornyng, and ij goodly whytt branchys, .... and cam mornars the sward-berrer, my lord mayre, and [the alder] men mornars, and the resedue of them in vyolett, and then .... boyth men and women; and so to the chyrche, and then on ha .... prahynge for ys solle, and then began the durge and .. pepull whent to the halle to drynke boyth spysse and wyn; and the morow mass of requiem; and after they offered furst ys cot armur, and after cam the harold and ... offered ys target; and after ij offered ys sword; and after ij morn[ers] ys elmet with the crest; and then the mayre offered, and the altherman, and the mornars, and the craft; and, all done, master doctur Smyth dyd pryche; and when masse was don then offered the standard and the v penonsse of armes; and after to the Fyssmongars hall to dener; and my lord mayre and the althermen and all the mornars; [and] ther was a grett dener as youe have sene now a [days].

14 Sep 1554. The xiiij day of September was iij sett in the pelere for playhyng with falsse dysse and deseyffeng honest men in playng; and the same day was ij wypyd a-bowt London, [after] a care-hars [carts tail], for lotheryng, and as wacabondes wher they taken.

17 Sep 1554. The xvij day of September was a proclamasyon that all vacabonds and lotherus, boyth Englys men and all maner of strangers, that have no master, shuld avoyd the cete and the subarbes a-pon gret payn.

20 Sep 1544. The xx day of September was ij men dran of ij hyrdles unto Tyburne and un-to hangyng, the ij for qwynnyng [coining] of noythy [naughty] money, and deseyvyng of the quen('s) subjects; the one dwelt in London sum tym.

Oct 1544. Item the (blank) day of October was a woman sett on the pelere for sedyssyous wordes.

.... and alle to evere body that wold cum .... money a-way for lake of pepull.

23 Sep 1544. The xxiij day of September dyd pryche doctur Rud at Powlles crosse, and he recantyd and repentyd that he ever was mared, and sayd openly that he cold not mare by God's law.

26 Sep 1544. The xxvj day of September wher ij yonge men sett on the pelere, and ther ere nayled for spykyng sedyssyous wordes and malessyous wordes aganst the commonwelth.

27 Sep 1544. The xxvij day of September wher iiij hangyd, on was a Spaneard, at Tyburne: ij wher goodly felows.

28 Sep 1544. The xxviij day of September the Kyng (17) and the Quen (28) removyd from Hamtun court unto Westmynster tho her grace('s) plasse.

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30 Sep 1544. The xxx day of September dyd pryche at Powlles crosse my lord Chansseler the bysshope of Wynchester (61), and he mad a goodly sermon; and ther wher as grett a audyensse as ever I saw in my lyff.