Diary of Henry Machyn September 1557

Diary of Henry Machyn September 1557 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1557.

01 Sep 1557. The furst day of September at after-none be[ried the] yonge duches of Northfoke (17), and the chyrche and the plasse and the strett [hangyd with black] and armes; and be iij of the cloke she was browth to [the church with] a c morners; and her grasse [grace] had a canepe [canopy] of blake [velvet, with] iiij stayffes, borne ower her; and many baners, and baner[-rolls borne ab]owt here; and the byshope of London (57) in ys cope and ys myter [on his head,] and all the qwyre of Powlles; and with ij grett whytt branchys, and xij dosen stayffes torchys; and viij haroldes of armes; and my [lady Lumley (20)] the cheyff morner, and mony lordes and knyghtes, and gentyll lades and gentyll-women.

10 Aug 1557. The x ... day of August was bered master .... in the contrey of (blank) sqwyre with cote-armur and .... and ij dosen of skochyons and ij dosen of torchys.

Aug 1557. The (blank) day of August brake owt of the Towre master Wa[...] the ij tyme, and toke santtuary at Westmynster agayn.

03 Sep 1557. The iij day of September was bered ser Hare Husse (38) knyght, in the towne callyd Slynford in Sussex.

Battle of St Quentin

03 Sep 1557. The sam day at nyght cam commondement that evere chyrche in London, and oder contrey and shyre, to syng and make bonfeyrs for the wynnynge of Sant Qwynten; and ther was slayn my lord Hare Dudley (26) the yonger sone of the duke of Northumberland (53) that was he[aded,] with mony mo, at the wynnyng of yt.

10 Sep 1557. The x day of September was bered in Hardford-shyre master Coke (51), master of reqwest(s).

10 Sep 1557. The x day of September was browth to the Towre agayne master Wathan by the consell from Westmynster.... iiij grett tapurs .... torchys and a grett dener.

11 Sep 1557. The xj day of September was a man set in the pelere for spykyng sedyssus wordes.

12 Sep 1557. The xij day of September was a commondement that matens and masse to be done by ix of the cloke, [and every] parsun or curett to go to Powlles with surples and copes [and to] go a' pressessyon ther thrugh and a-bowt [Paul's] and Te Deum laudamus song; and my lord mayre (57) and the althermen in skarlett; and after they whent into the shroudes [and] docthur Standyche dyd pryche ther; and at after [even-]song Te Deum laudamus and ryngyng thrugh [London] for the good nuwes that cam from owre capteynes beyond the see, the wynnyng of (unfinished).

13 Sep 1557. The xiij day of September ded ser John Cheyke (43), sumtyme skollmaster unto kyng Edward the vjth (19) tyll he [died].

Around 1540 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Portrait of Edward VI King England and Ireland 1537-1553 Around 1546 Unknown Painter. After William Scrots Painter 1517-1553. Portrait of Edward VI King England and Ireland 1537-1553. Around 1547. Workshop of Master John Painter. Portrait of Edward VI King England and Ireland 1537-1553.

15 Sep 1557. The xv day of September Raff Qwalett payd unto master Ley, clarke of the paper, x11. for the wyche was payd for master was secondare of the conter by a oblygassyon bond for Thomas Browne. Wytnes at the pament of thys money Hare Machyn marchand-tayller, and Dave Edward, servant unto my lord bysshope of Wynchester, and with dyvers odur gentyllmen; the wyche sum full payd xij11 and I to have a qwyttans as sone as the wylle of master Gy Wade, sqwyre, and secondare of the kontur [counter] in Wodstrett.

16 Sep 1557. The xvj day of September was bered master Heyns, stuard unto my lord cardenall, at Hamsted heth, with ij dosen skochyons, xij torchys, ij whyt branchys, and iiij grett tapurs; and a grett dener.

15 Sep 1557. The xv day of September was restoryd unto Westmynster santuary agayn master Wakham that brake owt of the [Tower].

16 Sep 1557. The xvj day of September cam owt of Spayn [to the] quen('s) (41) cowrt in post monser Regamus, gorgys[ly apparelled,] with dyvers Spaneardes, and with grett cheynes, and ther hats sett with stones and perlles, and sopyd; and by vij of the cloke [were again on] horse-bake, and so thrugh Fletstrett and at the Horne [they] dronke, and at the Gray-honde, and so thrugh Chepe-syde and so over the bryge, and so rod all nyght toward Dover.

Around 1554 Antonis Mor Painter 1517-1577. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558. Around 1556 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558.

17 Sep 1557. The xvij day of September whent owt of Nuwgatt unto Yslyngton beyonde the buthes [archery buttes] towardes the chyrche in a valley to be bornyd [burned] iiij; iij men, on women, for herese duly [proved;] ij of them was man and wyff dwellyng in sant Donstans in the Est, of the est syd of sant Donstons cherche-yerd with master [Waters,] sargant of armes, and att ther bornyng was (unfinished).

Battle of St Quentin

19 Sep 1557. The xix day of September cam a commondement downe to all parryche(s) in London that they shuld go in prossessyon at Powlles, and Te Deum laudamus songe; all the chyrches in London to synge, and rynge for wynnynge of Perro [Note. Assumed to be a reference to John Perrot 1528-1592 (28) who fought at the Battle of St Quentin] in Franse and odur plasses.

20 Sep 1557. The xx day of September was bered mastores Fynche with ij whyt branchys, xij torchys, and iiij gylt candyllstykes and ij grett tapurs, and ij dosen of skochyns, att the Sayvoy; on of the preve chambur to the quen (41).

21 Sep 1557. The xxj day of September was the monyth myn and obseque of ser Hare Husse (38), knyght, with a standerd and pennon of armes, cott-armur, targett, elmett, and sword; and vj dosen of skochyons; with a harold of armes.

21 Sep 1557. The xxj day of September was bered doctur Pendyltun (33), in sant Stheyn in Walbroke, wher he was parsun, and browth with all Powlles qwyre to berehyng ther.

03 Aug 1557. [The iij day of August the good ship called the Mary-Rose] of London, acompanyd [with the Maudlyn Dryvers, and a] smalle crayer of the Whest-contrey, commyng [by south] chansyd to mette with a Frencheman of war [of the burden] of x skore or ther bowth; the wyche Frenche shyp [had to] the nomber of ij C. men; and in the Mare-Rows xxii [men and ... ] bowys, the Maudelyn xviij, the barke of the West-contr[ey xij]. The MareRows saylyng faster then the French [man,] and so in-continent the Frenche shype sett upon the [other] ij shyps, whom seyng the master of the Mare-Rowse cast a-bowtt, and [set upon] the Frence shype, and borded her; and slew to the nomber of C men with the captayn or ever thatt the other came to the fyght; ther wher slayne in Mare-Rowse ij men, and one ded a senett after, and vj hurte wythe [the master,] whos name was John Couper. Then cam the men of the Mare-Rosse, and shott on pesse of ordenanse in[to the] Frenche shype('s) starne, and gahyng by here shott arow[s at the] Frenche-men; the Maudelyn dyd no more hurtt; [the] barke nothyng at all. Thus thay fought ij owrs [hours] [but at] the lengh the Frenche-men wher were of the[ir parts] and for-soke them, nott haveng men to gyde ther sayls; butt yff the Mare-Rosse had had men to enter the Frenche shype, and a setter on, they had browght her a-way [ere] the othur shypes had helpyd her. After-ward nuws was browght owt of Depe by a presoner that had payd hys ransom that 1. men was cared owt of the Frenche shype on barows to the surgayns, and the shype sore spoyllyd and hurtt.

25 Sep 1557. The xxv day of September was browth a' bed with a whenche, be-twyn xij and on at mydnyght, wher-of my gossep Harper, servand unto the quen('s) (41) grace, was dyssesed of rest of ys nest, and after he whent to ys nest a-gayn—the iiij and v of k. q.

27 Sep 1557. The xxvij day of September was crystened Katheryn Machyn, the doythur of Hare Machyn [the writer of this diary]; the godmothers' names masteres Grenway, master altherman('s) wyff, and masteres Blakwelle, and master Grennelle, godfather; and at byshopyng the godmother's nam masteres Johnsun in Ive lane.... whytt branchys, xij stayffes torchys and ....