Diary of Henry Machyn September 1559

Diary of Henry Machyn September 1559 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1559.

03 Sep 1559. The iij day of September dyd pryche at Powlles on Makebray, a Skott.

05 Sep 1559. The v day of September was bered at [Bletchingley] ser Thomas Karden knyght, with a standard and .... of armes and a cot of armes, a helmet, targat, .... with the mantylls and crest, and a iij [3] dosen of skochyons of armes, the wyche he had mony goodly offeses in ....

The sam day at non was shytt a thornderyng [such a thundering] [as] was never hard a-for the tyme, for with a clap at Alalowes in Bred strett yt kyld a water span[iel] at the chyrche syde, and fellyd a man on of the bedman [beadman] of the Salters, ys nam ys Hare (blank), and sexten of the sam chyrche, and more-over yt crakyd the stepull a-boyfe the batelment all of stone, that sum of (it) fluw owtt in pesses, that mony pepull resortyd theder to se that marvels thrugh-owt London. I pray God help! Thys was done be(tween) xij [12] and on [one] the v day of September. At myd-day at non at Tottenam-he -crosse was ij ....

07 Sep 1559. The vj day of September the nuwe bysshope of London (40) and dyver odur (unfinished)

16 Sep 1559. The xvj day of September was (the) rod and Mare and John and sant Mangnus bornyd [burned] at the corner of Fystreet, and other thynges.

05 Sep 1559. [The v day of September was a frame set up for the French king (40) deceased, in] Powlles qwyre, of ix [9] storys, and [with a] valens of sarsenetes and blake fyne fryng, [and pensils, and] rond a-bowt the hers a pesse of welvett; [all the] viij pellers and all the quer [choir] hangyd with blake and [arms; and] the herse garnyshed with xxx [30] dosen penselles and xv dosen [of arms].

1559. Studio of François Clouet Painter 1510-1572. Portrait of Henry II King France 1519-1559.

08 Sep 1559. The viij day of September at after-none [was] the obseque of Henry the Frenche kyng (40), the herse garnyshed with grett skochyons of armes bosted [Note. Possibly embossed] with grett crownes, and all under ther fett [feet] with blake, and a grett palle of cloth of gold, and ys helmett and mantyll of cloth of gold and cott armur, targett and sworde, and crest, and angyd [hanged] all the quer [choir] with blake and armes, and my lord tresorer (76) the cheyff [mourner], and next my lord chamburlen, my lord of Burgany, my lord of Hunsdon (33), and my lord Cobam (31), my lord Dacurs of the Sowth, and my lord Pallett, ser Recherd Sakefeld (52), and ser Edward Warner (48), and mony mo morners all in blake; and contenent songe durge, and a xiiij [14] haroldes of armes in ther cott armur afor the lordes, and after to the bysshope('s) palles to drynke.

Around 1576 Unknown Painter. Portrait of William Paulet 1st Marquess Winchester 1483-1572 wearing his Garter Collar and Lord Treasurer Staff of Office.

09 Sep 1559. The ix day (of September) a-fore none thay cam to the chyrche from the byshope palles, the haroldes a-for them, master Garter (49), master Clarenshux (49), master Norrey (49), master Somersett, master Chaster (61), master Rechmond, master Yorke, master Wyndsor (51), master Lanckostur, and Ruge-crosse, Ruge-dragon, Bluw-mantyll, Perkullys, and ther thay had serves; my lord of Canturbere the meny[ster ?], the bysshope Harford, Skore (49), dyd pryche, and the bysshope Barlow (61), thes iij had blake gownes and grett hodes lynyd with sylke, and drestes' capes [caps]; and after all done to (the bishop's) plasse to dener, for ther was offesers of the quen('s) howsse, of evere offes [office] sum, for ther was grett chere.

06 Sep 1559. The vj day of September was bered in sant Edmondes in Lumberdstrett on master Day, the cheyffe chaffer of wax unto my lord chanseler of England.... master .... a xxiiij [24] clarkes syngyng to the chyrche; [the mourners] ser Wylliam Chastur, draper and altherman, and master (blank) and master (blank) serjant of the coyffe, and master Berre draper [with] odur in blake to the nomber of xl gownes ... he gayffe to xij men and xij women xxiiij gownes ... dyd pryche bysshop Barlow; all the chyrche and the [street] was hangyd with blake with armes; and master Clarenshux sett them in order, and the morrow after a grett ... with iij dosen of skochyons and d' [half] of bokeram.

10 Sep 1559. The x day of September dyd pryche at Powlles [cross] Torner, and ther was my lord mayre (50) and the [aldermen], and grett audyens of pepull boyth of the cowrt, [city, and country.]

12 Sep 1559. The xij day of September was bered at sant Martens [at] the welles with ij [2] bokettes [buckets] (blank) a barber-surgan, with clarkes syngyng and a lx [60] chylderyn, xxx [30] boys and xxx [30] wemen[-children], and evere chyld had ij d [2 pence] a pesse.

15 Sep 1559. The xv day of September ther was a car-man that cared wod unto serten men, and he sold sum by the way, and when that he cam to tell the bellets he told them that he wold a savyd the nombur of the belettes, but he was spyed, and so the bellets was told over agane, and so he was cared to the contur tyll fryday the market day, and then he was fechyd owt and sett on hors-bake, ys fasse to the hors taylle, with ij belettes a-for hym and ij behynd ys (back) rond abowtt London (to) ys dwellyng.

The sam day was the Frenche kyng('s) (40) herse taken downe at Powlles by the haroldes, and so they had al thyng that was a-bowt yt, boyth cloth, velvet, banars, skochyons of armes, and penselles, and sarsenet, and tymber that mad the raylles of viij-sqware, and the baner stayffes.

The (blank) day of September was a fyre in Holborn by neclygens, and bornyd (unfinished)

17 Sep 1559. [The xvij day of September did preach at Paul's cross master Veron a new] prycher, and ther was my lord mare (50) and .. grett audyense, and ther he sayd, Wher ar the bysshopes [and] old prechers? now they hyd ther hedes.

19 Sep 1559. The xix day of September was bered in .. Laurans lane one mastores Longe wedow, with .. dosen of skochyons, and prestes and clarkes, and mony [mourners] in blake, and a sermon.

The sam day was bered in sant Fosters on [one] Oswold See, goldsmyth, with a dosen of skochyons of armes, and prestes and clarkes syngyng.

20 Sep 1559. The xx day of September was bered at sant Katheryn crechyrche ser John Raynford (73) knyght, of Essex, with ij [2] haroldes of armes, and a standard, pennon of armes, and a cott armur, targett, sword, helmet, mantylls, and the crest; and a v [5] dosen of skochyons of armes; and all the cowrt hangyd with blake and armes; and the qwer hangyd and the raylles with blake and armes; and parson Veron dyd pryche, and after the haroldes tok the mornars, and thay whent and offered ys helmet, and after the cot, and odur morners offered the targett, and after the sword, and after the standard and the pennon of armes; all that wyll the clarkes sang Te Deum in Englys, and contenent vj [6] of ys men putt ym in-to the graff; and when all was done all the mornars whent to the plasse to dener, for ther was boyth fles and fysse [flesh and fish] at the dener, but my lade (62) was shott [shut] up all the dener wylle, tyll all was done and the pepull gone; then my lade (62) cam, and she had iiij [4] eges [eggs] and a dysse [dish] of butter to her dener.

After 20 Apr 1559 The (blank) day of September be-gane the nuw mornyng prayer at sant Antholyns in Boge-row, after Geneve fassyon,—be-gyne to rynge at v in the mornyng; men and women all do syng, and boys.... clothworker of London .. master .... Harstrang, cloth-worker.

30 Sep 1559. The xxx day of September be-gane the mornyng [service] at Powlles at that owr [the same hour] as the postylles masse.

24 Sep 1559. The xxiiij day of September dyd pryche at Powlles crosse (blank) Huntyngtun the prycher, and ther was my lord mare (50) and my masters the althermen, and grett [audience] of pepull.

25 Sep 1559. The xxv day of September ded my yonge lade Cobham (34) in Kent, the wyff of lord Cobham (31), and the [lord] warden of the Synke Porttes in Kentt.

27 Sep 1559. The xxvij day of September tydynges cam to London that the prynche of Swaythen (25) he was landyd at Harwyche in (Essex).

28 Sep 1559. The xxviij day of September ther was preparyd for the berehyng of yonge lade Cobham (34), ix baners of sondre armes, and a viij dosen of skochyons of armes, and a x dosen penselles for her herse at Cobham, the wyche was never shyche [such] sene with lyke fassyon.

30 Sep 1559. The xxxj day of September the nuw shreyffes of London toke ther barge to Westmynster to take ther howth [oath], master Loge and master Marten, althermen, in the cheker, and after home to dener with ther craftes.