Diary of Henry Machyn September 1561

Diary of Henry Machyn September 1561 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1561.

03 Sep 1561. The iij day of September was a yonge stryplyng whypyd at a post in Chepe-syd for (blank); and the sam day was bered withowt Althergate old master Swyft, aude[tor,] with grett ryngyng and syngyng and much money delt.

03 Sep 1561. The sam day was bered with-in the Towre, with[-in] the quer be-syd the he [high] auter, by torche lyght, the wyche (confinement) kyld hym, for he was swone vere grett, ser Edward [Walgrave] (44).

05 Sep 1561. The v day of September was browth to the Towre the yonge yerle of Harford (22) from the cowrte, a-bowtt ij of the cloke at afternone he cam in-to the Towre.

06 Sep 1561. The vj day of September was serten gayre [gear] [made] for on [one] master Swyft (83), sqwyre, cott-armur, pennon of armes, and a ij skochyons, at Roderam, in Yorke-shyre.

02 Sep 1561. The ij day of September was bered at sant Andrews parryche in the Warderob, master Wast, bere-bruar, with a iij dosen of skochyons of armes, and the howse and the chyrche hangyd with blake and armes, and ther was the compene of the Clarkes syngyng, and (unfinished)

08 Sep 1561. The viij day of September cam owt of the Towre my good lade Walgraff (42), and in Red-cross stret she lys.

06 Sep 1561. The vj of September [was the funeral] of ser James Bullen (98), and standard, [coat armour,] and elmett, targett, and sword, and a vj dos [en of scocheons of] armes, and master Chester (63) was harold.

01 Sep 1561. The furst day of September ded the good and gentylle knyght ser Edward Walgraff (44) whyle in the Towre, the wyche he was put for herryng of masse and kepyng a prest in ys howse that dyd say masse, and was putt to hys fyne.

05 Sep 1561. The Fryday, the v day of September, was bornyd at Oxford, by the master of the colege of (blank) grett reches that myght have bene sene, and gyffyne to ....

08 Sep 1561. The viij day of September, the wyche was the day of the nativity of owre Lade, they begane to sett up the raylles of Powlles apone the battellmentt on he [high].

13 Sep 1561. The xiij day of September was bered at sant [Dunstan's] Fletstrett, master Cottgrave, the wyffes brodur of master Grysse, lat .... master Tott, sergent penter unto kyng Henry the viijth, with .... skochyons of armes.

15 Sep 1561. The xv day of September tydynges cam to London [that] the kynge of Sweythland (27) was landyd in the North at ...., and yt be truw as the sayng was then.

15 Sep 1561. The sam day the Quen('s) (28) grace removyd from Hatford castyll in Hatford-shyre unto Enfeld within x mylle of London.

17 Sep 1561. The xvij day of September was a wodmonger sett in the pelere for false markyng of belletes, dwellying in Temstret be-syd the Red Bull beyond Coldharber, with belletes hangyng abowt hym.

22 Sep 1561. The xxij day of September the Quen('s) (28) grace cam from Enfeld unto Sant James beyond Charyng crosse, and from Ellyngtun unto Sant James was heges and dyches was cutt done the next way, and ther was a-boyff x M. pepull for to se her grace, butt yt was nyght or her grace cam over beyond Sent Gylles in the feld by Colman('s?) hege.

21 Sep 1561. The xxj day of September dyd pryche at the Powlles crosse, master Huttun (32), master of Trenete colege, and mad a godly sermon— of Cambridge.

20 Sep 1561. [The xx day of September came a commandment from the queen (28) unto the college of Windsor, that the priests belonging thereunto that had wives, should put them out] of the colege, nott for to cum to lye [any more within that] plase, or any colege or cathedrall [church, or] any universete of Oxford or Cambryge.

21 Sep 1561. The xxj day of September was browth [to bed of] a sune my lade Katheryn Gray (21), the dowther of the duke [of Suffolk] (44) that was heded on the Towre hylle, and ys brodur lord Thomas Gray the sam tyme.

23 Sep 1561. The xxiij day was mad dene of Westmynster master Goodman (32).

25 Sep 1561. The xxv day of September was cristened with-in the Towre my lorde Harford('s) (22) sune by my lade Katheryn Gray (21), late dowther of the duke of Suffoke (44)—Gray.

29 Sep 1561. The xxix day of September, was Myghellmas evyn, the old shreyffes master Cristofer Draper and master Thomas Rowe unto the nuw shreyffes master (Alexander) Avenon, and master (Humphrey) Baskerfeld (44), was delevered Nugatt and Ludgatt, and the ij conters, and the presonars.

30 Sep 1561. The xxx day of September my lord mayre (52) and the althermen and the new shreyffes toke ther barges at the iij cranes in the Vintre and so to Westmynster, and so into the Cheker, and ther toke ther hoythe [oath]; and ser Rowland Hyll (63) whent up, and master Hogys toke ser Rowland Hyll a choppyng kneyff, and one dyd hold a whyt rod, and he with the kneyff cute the rod in sunder a-for all the pepull; and after to London to ther plases to dener, my lord mayre and all the althermen and mony worshephulle men.