Diary of Henry Machyn September 1562

Diary of Henry Machyn September 1562 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1562.

01 Sep 1562. The furst day of September was bered in the parryche of saint Brydes in Fletstrett master Hulsun skrevener of London and master Heyword('s) depute, and on of the masturs of Brydwell; and ther wher all the masturs of Brydwell with gren stayffes in ther handes, [and] the chylderyn of the hospetall, at ys berehyng; and ther was mony mornars in blake, and [master] Crowley dyd pryche; [and there] was grett ryngyng as ever was hard, and the godely ry .. ; and he had a dosen of skochyons of armes in metalle.

03 Sep 1562. The iij day of September cam rydyng owt of Essex from [the funeral] of the yerle of Oxford ys father (46) the yonge yerle of Oxford (12), with vij-skore horse all in blake throughe London and Chepe and Ludgatt, and so to Tempulle bare, and so to (blank), be-twyn v and vj of the cloke at after-none.

Around 1650 based on a work of 1575.Unknown Painter. Portrait of Edward Vere 17th Earl Oxford 1550-1604.

03 Sep 1562. The sam day be-gane to make rede for the good lade contes of Bedford (29) a grett baner of armes and vj grett baner-rolles and .. skochyons of armes of sylke, and of paper-ryalle vij doshen skochyons of armes.

03 Sep 1562. The sam tyme they be-gane to make for my lord Mordant (82) in Bedfordshyre furst a standard and a gret baner of armes, and (blank) banar-rolles and vj skochyons of armes of [silk,] and of bokeram (blank) dosen, and of paper (blank) dosen skochyons, and a targett, sword, helme, and crest, mantylls and (blank) dosen of sylke, and a cott armur, and grett skochyons of armes for the herse [of] past [paste] papur, and goodly bordurs rond abowt the herse.

09 Sep 1562. The ix day of September was bered the contes of Bedford (29) at Chennys with iij haroldes of armes, with a grett baners of mareges [marriages], and vj banar-rolles, and viij dosen of skochyons, and mony mornars in blake.

08 Sep 1562. The viij day of September whent thrughe London a prest, with a cope, taken sayhyng of masse in Feyter lane at my lade (blank), and so to my lord mare (66), and after to the contur in ... ; and the thursday after he was cared to the Masselsay.... an for kyllyng of her ....

11 Sep 1562. The xj day of September was a man sett on [the pillory] for conterfeytyng a false wrytyng to bege in dyvers places in London, and puttyng in mony honest men('s) hands to gyff ym lysens to bege, butt yt was false, the w ...

13 Sep 1562. The xiij day of September cam tydynges to [London that] (blank) was delevered unto the (blank)

15 Sep 1562. The xv day of September cam from Mylle—end saint] Antony('s) skoll done Cornnyll and so to the Stokes, and so to .., with stremars and flages and a viij drumes plahyng, with C. chylderyn of the skolle well be-sene; and after [they went] home to ther fathers and fryndes.

16 Sep 1562. The xvj day of September was bered my lady [Note. A mistake for Lord!] Mordantt (82) in the conte of Bedford.

18 Sep 1562. The xviij day of September my lord mare (66) and my masters the althermen, and mony worshephull men, and dyvers of the masturs and wardens of the xij compenys, red [rode] to the condutth hedes for to se them, after the old coustum; and a—[fore] dener they hundyd the hare and kyllyd, and so to dener to the hed of the condyth, for ther was a nombur, and had good chere of the chamburlayn; and after dener to hontyng of the fox, and ther was a goodly cry for a mylle, and after the hondys kyllyd the fox at the end of sant Gylles, and theyr was a grett cry at the deth, and blohyng of hornes; and so rod thrugh London, my lord mare Harper (66) with all ys compene home to ys owne plase in Lumberd strett.

18 Sep 1562. The xviij day of September was my lord mare (66) dyd warne all the craftes to bryng in ther men in harnes to Leydynhall with pykes and gones and bowes and bylles, in bluw clokes gardyd with red, and ther to take a wue [review] of them tyll nyght, and they wernyd to muster in Morefeld the morowe after, and ther captaynes' names master Wakham and master (blank).... ard Brandford, and at vj captayn (blank) .... ther jorney to Byshope-gatt, and so to Sowthwarke, [and so to Por]thmowth, and ther harnes cared in dry fastes [vats].

30 Sep 1562. The xxx day of September was raylles mad at sant Giles's withwtt Crepull-gatte, and hangyd with blake and armes, [for the] gentyll knyght ser Hare Gray (67), and was brodur unto the earl of Kent (81) [Note. Hare Gray (67) was Earl but didn't use the title.], with ij haroldes of armes, master Clarenshux (52) kynge, and Ruge-crosse pursewantt of armes, and he bare the helme and crest, master Clarenshux the cott of armes, and then the standard and [banners of] armes; and the clarkes syngyng; and then the corse covered [with a bla]ke velvett pall with a whyt crosse of saten and armes a-p[on it,] and many mornars in blake; and ther dyd pryche master (Nowell) (45) the [dean of] Powlles; and after he was bered home to the plase to d[inner, where] ther was good chere, dener after dener tyll iiij of the [clock.]

30 Sep 1562. The sam day the nuw shreyffes of London toke ther barges, and yed to Westmynster halle, and toke ther othe in the checker, master Allen and master Chamburlayn shreyffes.

30 Sep 1562. The sam day at nyght be-twyn viij and ix was a grett fray in Redcrosse stret betwyn ij gentyllmen and ther men, for they dyd mare [marry] one woman, and dyvers wher hurtt; thes wher ther names, master Boysse and master Gaskyn gentyllmen.