Eclogues is in Books.

Eclogues. Eclogues, aka Bucolics, are the first of three major works by the Roman poet Virgil.

Eclogue I: The Dialogue of Meliboeus and Tityrus

Eclogue II: Corydon’s Love for Alexis

Eclogue III: The Dialogue of Menalcas and Damoetas

Eclogue IV: The Golden Age

Eclogue V: The Dialogue of Menalcas and Mopsus (Daphnis)

Eclogue VI The Song of Silenus

Eclogue VII: Corydon And Thyrsis Compete

Eclogue VIII: Damon and Alphesiboeus Compete

Eclogue IX: The Dialogue of Lycidas and Moeris

Eclogue X: Gallus’s Love