Gazette 662

Gazette 662 is in The Gazette.

1672 Attack on the Smyrna Fleet

21 Mar 1672. The Hague. 1672 Attack on the Smyrna Fleet. Most of our Smirna Fleet are arrived in Zealand and in the Maes, together with the Mep of war, under whose Convoy they were, though extremely torn and very much disabled 5 five of ©ur Merchant men were taken bythe English-two of which were the richest in the Fleet, laden with Silks and other rich Commodities, and were called the Landtman oi Amsterdam, and the Vrede of Rotterdam, besides one of our men of War, called the Little Holland, mounted with 44 Guns and 150 men J Captain de Hies Admiral of this Fleet was killed in this engagement, with many of our men, and many more wounded, who have been since brought a shore at Rotterdam and other places. The men of War which served for Convoys to the said Fleet were.
Ships, Captains, Guns, Men.
The Ulisstiing, Adrian de Haes, 50, 250.
The Dort, Thomas de Bois, 46, 170.
The Entrecht, Cornelius Everfon, 48, 220.
the Hollandia, Thomas Nes, 44, 150.
The Delf, Pourt, 38, 145.
The Lion, Lenny, 34, 140.
The Centaur, Thomas Anderson, 41, 120.
The Friezland, Jacon Anderson, 30, 110.
The Munnick, a considerable Merchant man mounted with 30 guns was so torn and disabled that with much difficulty they have brought her into port, Captain du Bois Vice-=Admiral of this Fleet hath lost his right arm, and many of his men.