Jacobean and Restoration Plays

Jacobean and Restoration Plays is in Plays.

Catiline His Conspiracy

The Spanish Curate

The Conquest of Granada

Punch and Judy

The Serenade or Disappointment

The Roman Virgin

The Widow


The Young Admiral

The Committee

The Law against Lovers

The Wild Gallant

The Adventures of Five Hours

The Indian Queen

Love in a Tub

The Black Prince

The Virgin Queen

The Rehearsal

The Siege of Rhodes

Beggars Bush

The Just Italian

The Scornful Lady

The Widdow

The Lost Lady

The Mayd in ye Mill

Argalus and Parthenia

The Mad Lover

The Virgin Martyr

The Changeling

The Bondman

The Queen's Maske

Love's Mistress

King and no King

All's lost by Lust


Rule a wife and have a wife

The Little Thiefe

Love's Quarrell

The Humersome Lieutenant

The Chances

The Mayd's Tragedy

The Silent Woman

Bartholomew Fayre

The Spanish Gypsey

The Alchymist



The Jovial Crew

The Tamer Tamed

The Merry Devill of Edmunton

The Witts


The Joviall Crew

Elder Brother

'Tis pity Shee's a Whore

Victoria Corombona

The Traytor

Beggar's Bush

Love and Honour

The Country Captain

Father's own Son


Love at First Sight

Cutter of Coleman Street


England's Worthys

French Dancing Master

Love in a Maze

Witt in a Constable

Doctor Faustus

Knight of the Burning Pestle

Duchess of Malfi

The Cardinall

The Villaine

The Valiant Cidd

A Wife for a Month

The Storme

The Slighted Mayde

The Wilde Gallant

Witt Without Mony

Humourous Lieutenant

The German Princess

The Faithfull Sheepheardesse

The Politician Cheated

The Usurper

The Unfortunate Lovers


The Labyrinth

Worse and Worse

The Rival Ladies

Flora's Figarys

Henry V

The Court Secret

The Rivalls

The Madd Lovers

The Custome of the Country

The General

The Parson's Dreame



The Ghosts


The Maid's Tradegy

The English Monsiuer

The Indian Emperour

The Numerous Lieutenant

The Goblins

Every Man in his Humour

The Mayden Queene

The English Princesse or Richard the Third

The Wedding Night

The Humourous Lovers

Sawney the Scot or the Taming of a Shrew

The Change of Crownes

The Wits

Love Trickes aka the School of Compliments

Feign Innocent aka Sir Martin Marr-all

Queen Elizabeth's Troubles and the History of Eighty Eight

Patient Grizill

The Ungratefull Lovers

Tu Quoque

The Northerne Castle

The Mad Couple

The Coffe House

The Mistaken Beauty aka Liar

The Surprizall

Love's Cruelty


The Wild-goose Chase

The Duke of Lerma


She Would if she Could


Jeronimo is Mad Again

The Faythful Shepherd

The Discontented Colonel

The Sea Voyage

The Man is the Master

The Sullen Lovers aka The Impertinents

The Mulberry Garden

Evening Love

Hide Parker

Monsieur Ragou

Marry Andrey

The Maid in the Mill

The Ladys a la Mode

The City Match

The Queene of Arragon


The Island Princesse


The Heyresse

The Royall Shepherdesse

The Lady's Tryall


The Coxcomb


The Generous Portugalls