John Evelyn's Diary 1642

1642 Siege of Portsmouth

1642 Battle of Brentford

John Evelyn's Diary 1642 is in John Evelyn's Diary 1640s.

John Evelyn's Diary January 1642

John Evelyn's Diary 10 January 1642

10 Jan 1642. I gave a visit to my cousin Hatton, of Ditton.

John Evelyn's Diary 19 January 1642

19 Jan 1642. I went to London, where I stayed till 5th of March, studying a little, but dancing and fooling more.

John Evelyn's Diary October 1642

John Evelyn's Diary 03 October 1642

03 Oct 1642. To Chichester, and hence the next day to see the Siege of Portsmouth; for now was that bloody difference between the King and Parliament broken out, which ended in the fatal tragedy so many years after. It was on the day of its being rendered to Sir William Waller (45); which gave me an opportunity of taking my leave of Colonel Goring (34), the governor, now embarking for France. This day was fought that signal battle at Edgehill. Thence I went to Southampton and Winchester, where I visited the castle, school, church, and King Arthur's Round Table; but especially the church, and its Saxon kings' monuments, which I esteemed a worthy antiquity.

John Evelyn's Diary November 1642

John Evelyn's Diary 12 November 1642

12 Nov 1642. The 12th of November was the Battle of Brentford, surprisingly fought; and to the great consternation of the City, had his Majesty (41) (as it was believed he would) pursued his advantage. I came in with my horse and arms just at the retreat; but was not permitted to stay longer than the 15th, by reason of the army marching to Gloucester; which would have left both me and my brothers exposed to ruin, without any advantage to his Majesty (41).

In 1611 Robert In 1633 Anthony Van Dyck Painter 1599-1641. Portrait of King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland 1600-1649 known as Charles I with M.De St Antoine. Around 1637 Anthony Van Dyck Painter 1599-1641. Portrait of King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland 1600-1649.

John Evelyn's Diary December 1642

John Evelyn's Diary 07 December 1642

07 Dec 1642. I went from Wotton to London, to see the so much celebrated line of communication, and on the 10th returned to Wotton, nobody knowing of my having been in his Majesty's army.