John Evelyn's Diary 1647

John Evelyn's Diary 1647 is in John Evelyn's Diary 1640s.

John Evelyn's Diary January 1647

John Evelyn's Diary 28 January 1647

28 Jan 1647. I changed my lodging in the Place de Monsieur de Metz, near the Abbey of St. Germains; and thence, on the 12th of February, to another in Rue Columbier, where I had a very fair apartment, which cost me four pistoles per month. The 18th, I frequented a course of Chemistry, the famous Monsieur Le Febure operating upon most of the nobler processes. March 3d, Monsieur Mercure began to teach me on the lute, though to small perfection.

John Evelyn's Diary May 1647

John Evelyn's Diary 01 May 1647

01 May 1647. In May, I fell sick, and had very weak eyes; for which I was four times let bleed.

John Evelyn's Diary 22 May 1647

22 May 1647. My valet (Herbert) robbed me of clothes and plate, to the value of three score pounds; but, through the diligence of Sir Richard Browne (42), his Majesty's Resident at the Court of France, and with whose lady and family I had contracted a great friendship (and particularly set my affections on a daughter), I recovered most of them, obtaining of the Judge, with no small difficulty, that the process against the thief should not concern his life, being his first offense.

John Evelyn's Diary June 1647

John Evelyn's Diary 10 June 1647

10 Jun 1647. We concluded about my marriage, in order to which I went to St. Germains, where his Majesty (17), then Prince of Wales, had his court, to desire of Dr. Earle (46), then one of his chaplains (since Dean of Westminster, Clerk of the Closet, and Bishop of Salisbury), that he would accompany me to Paris, which he did; and, on Thursday, 27th of June 1647, he married us in Sir Richard Browne's (42) chapel, between the hours of eleven and twelve, some few select friends being present. And this being Corpus Christi feast, was solemnly observed in this country; the streets were sumptuously hung with tapestry, and strewed with flowers.

John Evelyn's Diary September 1647

John Evelyn's Diary 10 September 1647

10 Sep 1647. Being called into England, to settle my affairs after an absence of four years, I took leave of the Prince (17) and Queen (37), leaving my wife (12), yet very young, under the care of an excellent lady and prudent mother (37).

John Evelyn's Diary October 1647

John Evelyn's Diary 04 October 1647

04 Oct 1647. I sealed and declared my will, and that morning went from Paris, taking my journey through Rouen, Dieppe, Ville-dieu, and St. Vallerie, where I stayed one day with Mr. Waller (41), with whom I had some affairs, and for which cause I took this circle to Calais, where I arrived on the 11th, and that night embarking in a packet boat, was by one o'clock got safe to Dover; for which I heartily put up my thanks to God who had conducted me safe to my own country, and been merciful to me through so many aberrations. Hence, taking post, I arrived at London the next day at evening, being the 2d of October, new style.

John Evelyn's Diary 05 October 1647

05 Oct 1647. I came to Wotton, the place of my birth, to my brother (30), and on the 10th to Hampton Court where I had the honor to kiss his Majesty's (46) hand, and give him an account of several things I had in charge, he being now in the power of those execrable villains who not long after murdered him. I lay at my cousin, Sergeant Hatton's at Thames Ditton, whence, on the 13th, I went to London.

John Evelyn's Diary 14 October 1647

14 Oct 1647. To Sayes Court, at Deptford, in Kent (since my house), where I found Mr. Pretyman, my wife's (12) uncle, who had charge of it and the estate about it, during my father-in-law's residence in France. On the 15th, I again occupied my own chambers in the Middle Temple.

John Evelyn's Diary November 1647

John Evelyn's Diary 09 November 1647

09 Nov 1647. My sister opened to me her marriage with Mr. Glanville (29).