John Evelyn's Diary 1654

John Evelyn's Diary 1654 is in John Evelyn's Diary 1650s.

John Evelyn's Diary January 1654

John Evelyn's Diary 20 January 1654

20 Jan 1654. Come to see my old acquaintance and the most incomparable player on the Irish harp, Mr. Clark,48 after his travels. He was an excellent musician, a discreet gentleman, born in Devonshire (as I remember). Such music before or since did I never hear, that instrument being neglected for its extraordinary difficulty; but, in my judgment, far superior to the lute itself, or whatever speaks with strings.

John Evelyn's Diary 25 January 1654

25 Jan 1654. Died my son, J. Stansfield, of convulsion fits; buried at Deptford on the east corner of the church, near his mother's great-grandfather, and other relatives.

John Evelyn's Diary February 1654

John Evelyn's Diary 08 February 1654

08 Feb 1654. Ash Wednesday. In contradiction to all custom and decency, the usurper, Cromwell (54), feasted at the Lord Mayor's, riding in triumph through the city.

John Evelyn's Diary 14 February 1654

14 Feb 1654. I saw a tame lion play familiarly with a lamb; he was a huge beast, and I thrust my hand into his mouth and found his tongue rough like a cat's; a sheep also with six legs, which made use of five of them to walk; a goose that had four legs, two crops, and as many vents.

John Evelyn's Diary March 1654

John Evelyn's Diary 29 March 1654

29 Mar 1654. That excellent man, Mr. Owen, preached in my library on Matt. xxviii. 6, a resurrection sermon, and after it we all received the Holy Communion.

John Evelyn's Diary April 1654

John Evelyn's Diary 06 April 1654

06 Apr 1654. Came my Lord Herbert (50), Sir Kenelm Digby (51), Mr. Denham, and other friends to see me.

In 1635 Cornelius Johnson Painter 1593-1661. Portrait of Richard Herbert 2nd Baron Herbert Chirbury 1604-1655. Powis Castle. Around 1640 Anthony Van Dyck Painter 1599-1641. Portrait of Kenelm Digby 1603-1665.

John Evelyn's Diary 15 April 1654

15 Apr 1654. I went to London to hear the famous Jeremy Taylor (41) (since Bishop of Down and Connor) at St. Gregory's (near St. Paul's) on Matt. vi, 48, concerning evangelical perfection.

John Evelyn's Diary May 1654

John Evelyn's Diary 05 May 1654

05 May 1654. I bound my lackey, Thomas Headly, apprentice to a carpenter, giving with him five pounds and new clothing; he thrived very well, and became rich.

John Evelyn's Diary 08 May 1654

08 May 1654. I went to Hackney, to see Lady Brook's garden, which was one of the neatest and most celebrated in England, the house well furnished, but a despicable building. Returning, visited one Mr. Tomb's garden; it has large and noble walks, some modern statues, a vineyard, planted in strawberry borders, staked at ten feet distances, the banqueting-house of cedar, where the couch and seats were carved à l'antique; some good pictures in the house, especially one of Vandyke's (55), being a man in his shirt; also some of Stenwyck. I also called at Mr. Ducie's, who has indeed a rare collection of the best masters, and one of the largest stories of H. Holbein. I also saw Sir Thomas Fowler's aviary, which is a poor business.

John Evelyn's Diary 10 May 1654

10 May 1654. My Lady Gerrard treated us at Mulberry Garden, now the only place of refreshment about the town for persons of the best quality to be exceedingly cheated at; Cromwell and his partisans having shut up and seized on Spring Garden, which, till now, had been the usual rendezvous for the ladies and gallants at this season.

John Evelyn's Diary 11 May 1654

11 May 1654. I now observed how the women began to paint themselves, formerly a most ignominious thing, and used only by prostitutes.

John Evelyn's Diary 14 May 1654

14 May 1654. There being no such thing as church anniversaries in the parochial assemblies, I was forced to provide at home for Whit Sunday.

John Evelyn's Diary 15 May 1654

15 May 1654. Came Sir Robert Stapylton, the translator of "Juvenal", to visit me.

John Evelyn's Diary June 1654

John Evelyn's Diary 08 June 1654

08 Jun 1654.. my wife (19) and I set out in a coach and four horses, in our way to visit relations of hers in Wiltshire, and other parts, where we resolved to spend some months. We dined at Windsor, saw the Castle and Chapel of St. George, where they have laid our blessed Martyr, King Charles (53), in the vault just before the alter. The church and workmanship in stone is admirable. The Castle itself is large in circumference; but the rooms melancholy, and of ancient magnificence. The keep, or mount, hath, besides its incomparable prospect, a very profound well; and the terrace toward Eton, with the park, meandering Thames, and sweet meadows, yield one of the most delightful prospects. That night, we lay at Reading. Saw my Lord Craven's (46) house at Causam [Caversham], now in ruins, his goodly woods felling by the Rebels.

In 1611 Robert In 1633 Anthony Van Dyck Painter 1599-1641. Portrait of King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland 1600-1649 known as Charles I with M.De St Antoine. Around 1637 Anthony Van Dyck Painter 1599-1641. Portrait of King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland 1600-1649. Before 1656 Gerrit van Honthorst Painter 1592-1656. Portrait of William Craven 1st Earl Craven 1608-1697.

John Evelyn's Diary 09 June 1654

09 Jun 1654. Dined at Marlborough, which having been lately fired, was now new built. At one end of this town, we saw my Lord Seymour's (64) house, but nothing observable save the Mount, to which we ascended by windings for near half a mile. It seems to have been cast up by hand. We passed by Colonel Popham's (49), a noble seat, park, and river. Thence, to Newbury, a considerable town, and Donnington, famous for its battle, siege, and castle, this last had been in the possession of old Geoffrey Chaucer. Then to Aldermaston, a house of Sir Humphrey Forster's, built à la moderne. Also, that exceedingly beautiful seat of my Lord Pembroke (33), on the ascent of hill, flanked with wood, and regarding the river, and so, at night, to Cadenham, the mansion of Edward Hungerford (21), Esq, uncle to my wife (19), where we made some stay. The rest of the week we did nothing but feast and make good cheer, to welcome my wife (19).

John Evelyn's Diary 27 June 1654

27 Jun 1654. We all went to see Bath, where I bathed in the cross bath. Among the rest of the idle diversions of the town, one musician was famous for acting a changeling, which indeed he personated strangely.

The facciáta of this cathedral is remarkable for its historical carving. the King's Bath is esteemed the fairest in Europe. The town is entirely built of stone, but the streets narrow, uneven and unpleasant. Here, we trifled and bathed, and intervisited with the company who frequent the place for health, till the 30th, and then went to Bristol, a city emulating London, not for its large extent, but manner of building, shops, bridge, traffic, exchange, market-place, etc. The Governor of showed us the castle, of no great concernment. The city wholly mercantile, as standing near the famous Severn, commodiously for Ireland, and the Western world. Here I first saw the manner of refining sugar and casting it into loaves, where we had a collection of eggs fried in the sugar furnace, together with excellent Spanish wine. But, what appeared most stupendous to me, was the rock of St. Vincent, a little distance from the town, the precipice whereof is equal to anything of that nature I have seen in the most confragose cataracts of the Alps, the river gliding between them at an extraordinary depth. Here, we went searching for diamonds, and to the Hot Wells, at its foot. There is also on the side of this horrid Alp a very romantic seat: and so we returned to Bath in the evening, and July 1st to Cadenham.

John Evelyn's Diary July 1654

John Evelyn's Diary August 1654

John Evelyn's Diary October 1654

John Evelyn's Diary 03 October 1654

03 Oct 1654. Having dined here, we passed through Bishop Stortford, a pretty watered town, and so by London, late home to Sayes Court, after a journey of 700 miles, but for the variety an agreeable refreshment after my turmoil and building.

John Evelyn's Diary 10 October 1654

10 Oct 1654. To my brother (37) at Wotton, who had been sick.

John Evelyn's Diary 14 October 1654

14 Oct 1654. I went to visit my noble friend Mr. Hyldiard, where I met that learned gentleman, my Lord Aungier, and Dr. Stokes, one of his Majesty's chaplains.

John Evelyn's Diary 15 October 1654

15 Oct 1654. To Betchworth Castle, to Sir Ambrose Browne, and other gentlemen of my sweet and native country.

John Evelyn's Diary 24 October 1654

24 Oct 1654. The good old parson, Higham, preached at Wotton Church: a plain preacher, but innocent and honest man.

John Evelyn's Diary November 1654

John Evelyn's Diary 23 November 1654

23 Nov 1654. I went to London, to visit my cousin Fanshawe, and this day I saw one of the rarest collections of agates, onyxes, and intaglios, that I had ever seen either at home or abroad, collected by a conceited old hatmaker in Blackfriars, especially one agate vase, heretofore the great Earl of Leicester's.

John Evelyn's Diary 28 November 1654

28 Nov 1654. Came Lady Langham, a kinswoman of mine, to visit us; also one Captain Cooke (38), esteemed the best singer, after the Italian manner, of any in England; he entertained us with his voice and theorbo.

John Evelyn's Diary 30 November 1654

30 Nov 1654. My birthday, being the 34th year of my age: blessing God for his providence, I went to London to visit my brother (37).

John Evelyn's Diary December 1654

John Evelyn's Diary 03 December 1654

03 Dec 1654. Advent Sunday. There being no Office at the church but extemporary prayers after the Presbyterian way, for now all forms were prohibited, and most of the preachers were usurpers, I seldom went to church upon solemn feasts; but, either went to London, where some of the orthodox sequestered divines did privately use the Common Prayer, administer sacraments, etc., or else I procured one to officiate in my house; wherefore, on the 10th, Dr. Richard Owen, the sequestered minister of Eltham, preached to my family in my library, and gave us the Holy Communion.

John Evelyn's Diary 25 December 1654

25 Dec 1654. Christmas day. No public offices in churches, but penalties on observers, so as I was constrained to celebrate it at home.