John Evelyn's Diary 1662

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John Evelyn's Diary January 1662

John Evelyn's Diary February 1662

John Evelyn's Diary 03 February 1662

03 Feb 1662. I went to Chelsea, to see Sir Arthur Gorges' (93) house.

John Evelyn's Diary 11 February 1662

11 Feb 1662. I saw a comedy acted before the Duchess of York (24) at the Cockpit. the King (31) was not at it.

John Evelyn's Diary 17 February 1662

17 Feb 1662. I went with my Lord of Bristol (49) to see his house at Wimbledon, newly bought of the Queen-Mother (52), to help contrive the garden after the modern. It is a delicious place for prospect and the thickets, but the soil cold and weeping clay. Returned that evening with Sir Henry Bennett (44).
This night was buried in Westminster Abbey the Queen of Bohemia (65), after all her sorrows and afflictions being come to die in the arms of her nephew, the King (31); also this night and the next day fell such a storm of hail, thunder, and lightning, as never was seen the like in any man's memory, especially the tempest of wind, being southwest, which subverted, besides huge trees, many houses, innumerable chimneys (among others that of my parlor at Sayes Court), and made such havoc at land and sea, that several perished on both. Divers lamentable fires were also kindled at this time; so exceedingly was God's hand against this ungrateful and vicious nation and Court.

John Evelyn's Diary 20 February 1662

20 Feb 1662. I returned home to repair my house, miserably shattered by the late tempest.

John Evelyn's Diary March 1662

John Evelyn's Diary 24 March 1662

24 Mar 1662. I returned home with my whole family, which had been most part of the winter, since October, at London, in lodgings near the Abbey of Westminster.

John Evelyn's Diary April 1662

John Evelyn's Diary 06 April 1662

06 Apr 1662. Being of the Vestry, in the afternoon we ordered that the communion-table should be set (as usual) altar-wise, with a decent rail in front, as before the Rebellion.

John Evelyn's Diary 17 April 1662

17 Apr 1662. The young Marquis of Argyle (33) [Note. Evelyn makes a mistake here insofar as Archibald Campbell 9th Earl Argyll 1629-1685 (33) was only restored to the Earldom.], whose turbulent father (55) was executed in Scotland, came to see my garden. He seemed a man of parts.

John Evelyn's Diary May 1662

John Evelyn's Diary 07 May 1662

07 May 1662. I waited on Prince Rupert (42) to our Assembly where were tried several experiments in Mr. Boyle's (35) VACUUM. A man thrusting in his arm, upon exhaustion of the air, had his flesh immediately swelled so as the blood was near bursting the veins: he drawing it out, we found it all speckled.

John Evelyn's Diary 14 May 1662

14 May 1662. To London, being chosen one of the Commissioners for reforming the buildings, ways, streets, and incumbrances, and regulating the hackney coaches in the city of London, taking my oath before my Lord Chancellor (53), and then went to his Majesty's (31) Surveyor's office, in Scotland Yard, about naming and establishing officers, adjourning till the 16th, when I went to view how St Martin's Lane might be made more passable into the Strand. There were divers gentlemen of quality in this commission.

John Evelyn's Diary 25 May 1662

25 May 1662. I went this evening to London, in order to our journey to Hampton Court, to see the Queen (23); who, having landed at Portsmouth, had been married to the King (31) a week before by the Bishop of London (63).

John Evelyn's Diary 30 May 1662

30 May 1662. The Queen (23) arrived with a train of Portuguese ladies in their monstrous fardingales, or guard-infantes, their complexions olivader and sufficiently unagreeable. Her Majesty (32) in the same habit, her foretop long and turned aside very strangely. She was yet of the handsomest countenance of all the rest, and, though low of stature, prettily shaped, languishing and excellent eyes, her teeth wronging her mouth by sticking a little too far out; for the rest, lovely enough.

John Evelyn's Diary 31 May 1662

31 May 1662. I saw the Queen (23) at dinner; the Judges came to compliment her arrival, and, after them, the Duke of Ormond (51) brought me to kiss her hand.

John Evelyn's Diary June 1662

John Evelyn's Diary 02 June 1662

02 Jun 1662. The Lord Mayor and Aldermen made their addresses to the Queen (23), presenting her £1,000 in gold. Now saw I her Portuguese ladies, and the Guardadamas, or mother of her maids, and the old knight, a lock of whose hair quite covered the rest of his bald pate, bound on by a thread, very oddly. I saw the rich gondola sent to his Majesty (32) from the State of Venice; but it was not comparable for swiftness to our common wherries, though managed by Venetians.

John Evelyn's Diary 04 June 1662

04 Jun 1662. Went to visit the Earl of Bristol (49), at Wimbledon.

John Evelyn's Diary 08 June 1662

08 Jun 1662. I saw her Majesty (23) at supper privately in her bedchamber.

John Evelyn's Diary 09 June 1662

09 Jun 1662. I heard the Queen's (23) Portugal music, consisting of pipes, harps, and very ill voices.
Hampton Court is as noble and uniform a pile, and as capacious as any Gothic architecture can have made it. There is an incomparable furniture in it, especially hangings designed by Raphael, very rich with gold; also many rare pictures, especially the Cæsarean Triumphs of Andrea Mantegna, formerly the Duke of Mantua's; of the tapestries, I believe the world can show nothing nobler of the kind than the stories of Abraham and Tobit. The gallery of horns is very particular for the vast beams of stags, elks, antelopes, etc. The Queen's bed was an embroidery of silver on crimson velvet, and cost £8,000, being a present made by the States of Holland when his Majesty (32) returned, and had formerly been given by them to our King's sister, the Princess of Orange, and, being bought of her again, was now presented to the King (32). The great looking-glass and toilet, of beaten and massive gold, was given by the Queen-Mother (52). The Queen (23) brought over with her from Portugal such Indian cabinets as had never before been seen here. The great hall is a most magnificent room. The chapel roof excellently fretted and gilt. I was also curious to visit the wardrobe and tents, and other furniture of state. The park, formerly a flat and naked piece of ground, now planted with sweet rows of lime trees; and the canal for water now near perfected; also the air-park. In the garden is a rich and noble fountain, with Sirens, statues, etc., cast in copper, by Fanelli; but no plenty of water. The cradle-work of horn beam in the garden is, for the perplexed twining of the trees, very observable. There is a parterre which they call Paradise, in which is a pretty banqueting-house set over a cave, or cellar. All these gardens might be exceedingly improved, as being too narrow for such a palace.

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John Evelyn's Diary 10 June 1662

10 Jun 1662. I returned to London, and presented my "History of Chalcography" (dedicated to Mr. Boyle (35)) to our Society.

John Evelyn's Diary 19 June 1662

19 Jun 1662. I went to Albury, to visit Mr. Henry Howard (33), soon after he had procured the Dukedom to be restored. This gentleman had now compounded a debt of £200,000, contracted by his grandfather (76). I was much obliged to that great virtuoso, and to this young gentleman, with whom I stayed a fortnight.

John Evelyn's Diary July 1662

John Evelyn's Diary 02 July 1662

02 Jul 1662. We hunted and killed a buck in the park, Mr. Howard (33) inviting most of the gentlemen of the country near him.

John Evelyn's Diary 03 July 1662

03 Jul 1662. my wife (27) met me at Woodcot, whither Mr. Howard (33) accompanied me to see my son John, who had been much brought up among Mr. Howard's (33) children at Arundel House, till, for fear of their perverting him in the Catholic religion, I was forced to take him home.

John Evelyn's Diary 08 July 1662

08 Jul 1662. To London, to take leave of the Duke and Duchess of Ormond, going then into Ireland with an extraordinary retinue.

John Evelyn's Diary 13 July 1662

13 Jul 1662. Spent some time with the Lord Chancellor (53), where I had discourse with my Lord Willoughby, Governor of Barbadoes, concerning divers particulars of that colony.

John Evelyn's Diary 28 July 1662

28 Jul 1662. His Majesty (32) going to sea to meet the Queen-Mother (52), now coming again for England, met with such ill weather as greatly endangered him. I went to Greenwich, to wait on the Queen (23), now landed.

John Evelyn's Diary 30 July 1662

30 Jul 1662. To London, where was a meeting about Charitable Uses, and particularly to inquire how the city had disposed of the revenues of Gresham College, and why the salaries of the Professors there were no better improved. I was on this commission, with divers Bishops and Lords of the Council; but little was the progress we could make.

John Evelyn's Diary 31 July 1662

31 Jul 1662. I sat with the Commissioners about reforming buildings and streets of London, and we ordered the paving of the way from St. James's North, which was a quagmire, and also of the Haymarket about Piqudillo [Piccadilly], and agreed upon instructions to be printed and published for the better keeping the streets clean.

John Evelyn's Diary August 1662

John Evelyn's Diary September 1662

John Evelyn's Diary 01 September 1662

01 Sep 1662. Being invited by Lord Berkeley (34), I went to Durdans, where dined his Majesty (32), the Queen (23), Duke, Duchess (25), Prince Rupert (42), Prince Edward, and abundance of noblemen. I went, after dinner, to visit my brother (45) of Woodcot, my sister having been delivered of a son a little before, but who had now been two days dead.

John Evelyn's Diary 04 September 1662

04 Sep 1662. Commission for Charitable Uses, my Lord Mayor and Aldermen being again summoned, and the improvements of Sir Thomas Gresham's estate examined. There were present the Bishop of London (64), the Lord Chief Justice, and the King's (32) attorney.

John Evelyn's Diary 06 September 1662

06 Sep 1662. Dined with me Sir Edward Walker (51), Garter King-at-Arms, Mr. Slingsby (41), master of the Mint, and several others.

John Evelyn's Diary 17 September 1662

17 Sep 1662. We now resolved that the Arms of the Society should be a field argent, with a canton of the arms of England; the supporters two talbots argent; crest, an eagle Or holding a shield with the like arms of England, viz, three lions. The words "Nullius in verbâ". It was presented to his Majesty (32) for his approbation, and orders given to Garter King-at-Arms (51) to pass the diploma of their office for it.

John Evelyn's Diary 20 September 1662

20 Sep 1662. I presented a petition to his Majesty (32) about my own concerns, and afterward accompanied him to Monsieur Febure his chemist (and who had formerly been my master in Paris), to see his accurate preparation for the composing Sir Walter Raleigh's rare cordial: he made a learned discourse before his Majesty (32) in French on each ingredient.

John Evelyn's Diary 27 September 1662

27 Sep 1662. Came to visit me Sir George Saville, grandson to the learned Sir Henry Saville, who published St. Chrysostom [Note. Sir Henry Saville had a daughter only so unclear as to who Sir George Saville is? ]. Sir George was a witty gentleman, if not a little too prompt and daring.

John Evelyn's Diary October 1662

John Evelyn's Diary 03 October 1662

03 Oct 1662. I was invited to the Royal College of Physicians, where Dr. Meret, a learned man and library-keeper, showed me the library, theater for anatomy, and divers natural curiosities; the statue and epigram under it of that renowned physician, Dr. Harvey (84), discoverer of the circulation of the blood. There I saw Dr. Gilbert, Sir William Paddy's and other pictures of men famous in their faculty.
Visited Mr. Wright (45), a Scotchman, who had lived long at Rome, and was esteemed a good painter. The pictures of the Judges at Guildhall are of his hand, and so are some pieces in Whitehall, as the roof in his Majesty's (32) old bedchamber, being Astræa, the St. Catherine, and a chimney-piece in the Queen's (23) privy chamber; but his best, in my opinion, is Lacy, the famous Roscius or comedian, whom he has painted in three dresses, as a gallant, a Presbyterian minister, and a Scotch highlander in his plaid. It is in his Majesty's (32) dining room at Windsor Castle. He had at his house an excellent collection, especially that small piece of Correggio, Scotus of de la Marca, a design of Paulo; and, above all, those ruins of Polydore, with some good agates and medals, especially a Scipio, and a Cæsar's head of gold.

John Evelyn's Diary 15 October 1662

15 Oct 1662. I this day delivered my "Discourse concerning Forest Trees" to the Society, upon occasion of certain queries sent to us by the Commissioners of his Majestie's Navy, being the first book that was printed by order of the Society, and by their printer, since it was a corporation.

John Evelyn's Diary 16 October 1662

16 Oct 1662. I saw "Volpone" acted at Court before their Majesties [Note. Charles II King England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685 (32) and Catherine of Braganza Queen Consort England 1638-1705 (23)].

John Evelyn's Diary 21 October 1662

21 Oct 1662. To the Queen-Mother's (52) Court, where her Majesty (32) related to us divers passages of her escapes during the Rebellion and wars in England.

John Evelyn's Diary 28 October 1662

28 Oct 1662. To Court in the evening where the Queen-Mother (52), the Queen-Consort (23), and his Majesty (32) being advertised of some disturbance, forbore to go to the Lord Mayor's show and feast appointed next day, the new Queen (23) not having yet seen that triumph.

John Evelyn's Diary 29 October 1662

29 Oct 1662. Was my Lord Mayor's show, with a number of sumptuous pageants, speeches, and verses. I was standing in a house in Cheapside against the place prepared for their Majesties. The Prince (9) and heir of Denmark was there, but not our King. There were also the maids of honor. I went to Court this evening, and had much discourse with Dr. Basiers, one of his Majesty's (32) chaplains, the great traveler, who showed me the syngraphs and original subscriptions of divers eastern patriarchs and Asian churches to our confession.

John Evelyn's Diary November 1662

John Evelyn's Diary 04 November 1662

04 Nov 1662. I was invited to the wedding of the daughter of Sir George Carteret (52) (The Treasurer of the Navy and King's Vice-Chamberlain), married to Sir Nicholas Slaning (19), Knight of the Bath, by the Bishop of London (64), in the Savoy chapel; after which was an extraordinary feast.

John Evelyn's Diary 05 November 1662

05 Nov 1662. The Council of the Royal Society met to amend the Statutes, and dined together; afterward meeting at Gresham College, where was a discourse suggested by me, concerning planting his Majesty's (32) Forest of Dean with oak, now so much exhausted of the choicest ship timber in the world.

John Evelyn's Diary 20 November 1662

20 Nov 1662. Dined with the Comptroller, Sir Hugh Pollard (59); afterward saw "The Young Admiral" acted before the King (32).

John Evelyn's Diary 21 November 1662

21 Nov 1662. Spent the evening at Court, Sir Kenelm Digby (59) giving me great thanks for my "Sylva"..

John Evelyn's Diary 27 November 1662

27 Nov 1662. Went to London to see the entrance of the Russian Ambassador (17), whom his Majesty (32) ordered to be received with much state, the Emperor not only having been kind to his Majesty (32) in his distress, but banishing all commerce with our nation during the Rebellion.
First, the city companies and trained bands were all in their stations: his Majesty's (32) army and guards in great order. His Excellency came in a very rich coach, with some of his chief attendants; many of the rest on horseback, clad in their vests, after the Eastern manner, rich furs, caps, and carrying the presents, some carrying hawks, furs, teeth, bows, etc. It was a very magnificent show.
I dined with the Master of the Mint (41), where was old Sir Ralph Freeman (73); passing my evening at the Queen-Mother's (53) Court; at night, saw acted "The Committee", a ridiculous play of Sir R. Howard (36), where the mimic, Lacy, acted the Irish footman to admiration.

John Evelyn's Diary 30 November 1662

30 Nov 1662. St. Andrew's day. Invited by the Dean of Westminster (61) to his consecration dinner and ceremony, on his being made Bishop of Worcester. Dr. Bolton preached in the Abbey Church; then followed the consecration by the Bishops of London (64), Chichester (70), Winchester (64), Salisbury (70), etc. After this, was one of the most plentiful and magnificent dinners that in my life I ever saw; it cost near £600 as I was informed. Here were the judges, nobility, clergy, and gentlemen innumerable, this Bishop being universally beloved for his sweet and gentle disposition. He was author of those Characters which go under the name of Blount. He translated his late Majesty's (32) "Icon" into Latin, was Clerk of his Closet, Chaplain, Dean of Westminster (61), and yet a most humble, meek, and cheerful man, an excellent scholar, and rare preacher. I had the honor to be loved by him. He married me at Paris, during his Majesty's (32) and the Church's exile. When I took leave of him, he brought me to the cloisters in his episcopal habit. I then went to prayers at Whitehall, where I passed that evening.

John Evelyn's Diary December 1662

John Evelyn's Diary 01 December 1662

01 Dec 1662. Having seen the strange and wonderful dexterity of the sliders on the new canal in St James' Park, performed before their Majesties [Note. Charles II King England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685 (32) and Catherine of Braganza Queen Consort England 1638-1705 (24)] by divers gentlemen and others with skates, after the manner of the Hollanders, with what swiftness they pass, how suddenly they stop in full career upon the ice; I went home by water, but not without exceeding difficulty, the Thames being frozen, great flakes of ice encompassing our boat.

John Evelyn's Diary 17 December 1662

17 Dec 1662. King (32) "The Law against Lovers"..

John Evelyn's Diary 21 December 1662

21 Dec 1662. One of his Majesty's (32) chaplains preached; after which, instead of the ancient, grave, and solemn wind music accompanying the organ, was introduced a concert of twenty-four violins between every pause, after the French fantastical light way, better suiting a tavern, or playhouse, than a church. This was the first time of change, and now we no more heard the cornet which gave life to the organ; that instrument quite left off in which the English were so skillful. I dined at Mr. Povey's (48), where I talked with Cromer, a great musician.

John Evelyn's Diary 23 December 1662

23 Dec 1662. I went with Sir George_Tuke, to hear the comedians con and repeat his new comedy, "The Adventures of Five Hours", a play whose plot was taken out of the famous Spanish poet, Calderon.

John Evelyn's Diary 27 December 1662

27 Dec 1662. I visited Sir Theophilus Biddulph (50).

John Evelyn's Diary 29 December 1662

29 Dec 1662. Saw the audience of the Muscovy Ambassador (17), which was with extraordinary state, his retinue being numerous, all clad in vests of several colors, with buskins, after the Eastern manner! their caps of fur; tunics, richly embroidered with gold and pearls, made a glorious show. the King (32) being seated under a canopy in the Banqueting House, the Secretary of the Embassy went before the Ambassador (17) in a grave march, holding up his master's letters of credence in a crimson taffeta scarf before his forehead. The Ambassador (17) then delivered it with a profound reverence to the King (32), who gave it to our Secretary of State: it was written in a long and lofty style. Then came in the presents, borne by 165 of his retinue, consisting of mantles and other large pieces lined with sable, black fox, and ermine; Persian carpets, the ground cloth of gold and velvet; hawks, such as they said never came the like; horses said to be Persian; bows and arrows, etc. These borne by so long a train rendered it very extraordinary. Wind music played all the while in the galleries above. This finished, the Ambassador was conveyed by the master of the ceremonies to York House, where he was treated with a banquet, which cost £200, as I was assured.

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