John Evelyn's Diary 1676

John Evelyn's Diary 1676 is in John Evelyn's Diary 1670s.

John Evelyn's Diary February 1676

John Evelyn's Diary 20 February 1676

20 Feb 1676. Dr. Gunning (62), Bishop of Ely, preached before the King (45) from St. John xx. 21, 22, 23, chiefly against an anonymous book, called "Naked Truth", a famous and popular treatise against the corruption in the Clergy, but not sound as to its quotations, supposed to have been the Bishop of Hereford's and was answered by Dr. Turner, it endeavoring to prove an equality of order of Bishop and Presbyter.

John Evelyn's Diary 27 February 1676

27 Feb 1676. Dr. Pritchard, Bishop of Gloucester, preached at Whitehall, on Isaiah v. 5, very allegorically, according to his manner, yet very gravely and wittily.

John Evelyn's Diary 28 February 1676

28 Feb 1676. [Note. Date adjusted to 28 Feb since original entry stated 29 Feb when it isn't a leap year.] I dined with Mr. Povey (62), one of the Masters of Requests, a nice contriver of all elegancies, and exceedingly formal. Supped with Sir J. Williamson, where were of our Society Mr. Robert Boyle (49), Sir Christopher Wren (52), Sir William Petty (52), Dr. Holden, subdean of his Majesty's (45) Chapel, Sir James Shaen, Dr. Whistler, and our Secretary, Mr. Oldenburg (57).

John Evelyn's Diary March 1676

John Evelyn's Diary 04 March 1676

04 Mar 1676. Sir Thomas Linch was returned from his government of Jamaica.

John Evelyn's Diary 16 March 1676

16 Mar 1676. The Countess of Sunderland (30) and I went by water to Parson's Green, to visit my Baroness Mordaunt (44), and to consult with her about my Lord's monument. We returned by coach.

John Evelyn's Diary 19 March 1676

19 Mar 1676. Dr. Lloyd (39), late Curate of Deptford, but now Bishop of Llandaff, preached before the King (45), on 1 Cor. xv. 57, that though sin subjects us to death, yet through Christ we become his conquerors.

John Evelyn's Diary 23 March 1676

23 Mar 1676. To Twickenham Park, Lord Berkeley's (48) country seat, to examine how the bailiffs and servants ordered matters.

John Evelyn's Diary 24 March 1676

24 Mar 1676. Dr. Brideoake (63), Bishop of Chichester, preached a mean discourse for a Bishop. I also heard Dr. Fleetwood (72), Bishop of Worcester, on Matt. xxvi. 38, of the sorrows of Christ, a deadly sorrow caused by our sins; he was no great preacher.

John Evelyn's Diary 30 March 1676

30 Mar 1676. Dining with my Lady Sunderland (30), I saw a fellow swallow a knife, and divers great pebble stones, which would make a plain rattling one against another. The knife was in a sheath of horn.
Dr. North (30), son of my Lord North (74), preached before the King (45), on Isaiah liii. 57, a very young but learned and excellent person. Note. This was the first time the Duke (42) appeared no more in chapel, to the infinite grief and threatened ruin of this poor nation.

John Evelyn's Diary April 1676

John Evelyn's Diary 02 April 1676

02 Apr 1676. I had now notice that my dear friend Mrs. Godolphin (23), was returning from Paris. On the 6th, she arrived to my great joy, whom I most heartily welcomed.

John Evelyn's Diary 28 April 1676

28 Apr 1676. My wife (41) entertained her Majesty (45) at Deptford, for which the Queen (37) gave me thanks in the withdrawing room at Whitehall.
The University of Oxford presented me with the "Marmora Oxoniensia Arundeliana"; the Bishop of Oxford writing to desire that I would introduce Mr. Prideaux, the editor (a young man most learned in antiquities) to the Duke of Norfolk (49), to present another dedicated to his Grace (49), which I did, and we dined with the Duke (49) at Arundel House, and supped at the Bishop of Rochester's (51) with Isaac Vossius (58).

John Evelyn's Diary May 1676

John Evelyn's Diary 07 May 1676

Treaty of Nimeguen

07 May 1676. I spoke to the Duke of York (42) about my Lord Berkeley's (74) going to Nimeguen. Thence, to the Queen's Council at Somerset House, about Mrs. Godolphin's (23) lease of Spalding, in Lincolnshire.

John Evelyn's Diary 11 May 1676

11 May 1676. I dined with Mr. Charleton, and went to see Mr. Montague's (37) new palace, near Bloomsbury, built by Mr. Hooke (40), of our Society, after the French manner.

John Evelyn's Diary 13 May 1676

13 May 1676. Returned home, and found my son (21) returned from France; praised be God!.

John Evelyn's Diary 22 May 1676

22 May 1676. Trinity Monday. A chaplain of my Lord Ossory's (41) preached, after which we took barge to Trinity House in London. Mr. Pepys (43) (Secretary of the Admiralty) succeeded my Lord as Master.

John Evelyn's Diary June 1676

John Evelyn's Diary 02 June 1676

02 Jun 1676. I went with my Lord Chamberlain (58) to see a garden, at Enfield town; thence, to Mr. Secretary Coventry's (48) lodge in the Chase. It is a very pretty place, the house commodious, the gardens handsome, and our entertainment very free, there being none but my Lord and myself. That which I most wondered at was, that, in the compass of twenty-five miles, yet within fourteen of London, there is not a house, barn, church, or building, besides three lodges. To this Lodge are three great ponds, and some few inclosures, the rest a solitary desert, yet stored with no less than 3,000 deer. These are pretty retreats for gentlemen, especially for those who are studious and lovers of privacy.
We returned in the evening by Hampstead, to see Lord Wotton's (33) house and garden (Bellsize House), built with vast expense by Mr. O'Neale, an Irish gentleman who married Lord Wotton's mother, Baroness Stanhope. The furniture is very particular for Indian cabinets, porcelain, and other solid and noble movables. The gallery very fine, the gardens very large, but ill kept, yet woody and chargeable. The soil a cold weeping clay, not answering the expense.

John Evelyn's Diary 12 June 1676

12 Jun 1676. I went to see Sir Thomas Bond's new and fine house by Peckham; it is on a flat, but has a fine garden and prospect through the meadows to London.

John Evelyn's Diary July 1676

John Evelyn's Diary 02 July 1676

02 Jul 1676. Dr. Castillion, Prebend of Canterbury, preached before the King (46), on John xv. 22, at Whitehall.

John Evelyn's Diary 19 July 1676

19 Jul 1676. Went to the funeral of Sir William Sanderson, husband to the Mother of the Maids (72), and author of two large but mean histories of King James and King Charles I. He was buried at Westminster Abbey.

John Evelyn's Diary August 1676

John Evelyn's Diary 01 August 1676

01 Aug 1676. In the afternoon, after prayers at St. James's Chapel, was christened a daughter of Dr. Leake's (34), the Duke's (42) Chaplain: godmothers were Lady Mary (14), daughter of the Duke of York (42), and the Duchess of Monmouth (25): godfather, the Earl of Bath (47).

John Evelyn's Diary 15 August 1676

15 Aug 1676. Came to dine with me my Lord Halifax (42), Sir Thomas Meeres (42), one of the Commissioners of the Admiralty, Sir John Clayton, Mr. Slingsby (55), Mr. Henshaw (58), and Mr. Bridgeman.

John Evelyn's Diary 25 August 1676

25 Aug 1676. Dined with Sir John Banks (49) at his house in Lincoln's Inn Fields, on recommending Mr. Upman to be tutor to his son going into France. This Sir John Banks (49) was a merchant of small beginning, but had amassed £100,000.

John Evelyn's Diary 26 August 1676

26 Aug 1676. I dined at the Admiralty with Secretary Pepys (43), and supped at the Lord Chamberlain's (58). Here was Captain Baker, who had been lately on the attempt of the Northwest passage. He reported prodigious depth of ice, blue as a sapphire, and as transparent. The thick mists were their chief impediment, and cause of their return.

John Evelyn's Diary September 1676

John Evelyn's Diary 02 September 1676

02 Sep 1676. I paid £1,700 to the Marquis de Sissac, which he had lent to my Lord Berkeley (48), and which I heard the Marquis lost at play in a night or two.
The Dean of Chichester preached before the King (46), on Acts xxiv. 16; and Dr. Crichton preached the second sermon before him (46) on Psalm xc. 12, of wisely numbering our days, and well employing our time.

John Evelyn's Diary 03 September 1676

03 Sep 1676. Dined at Captain Graham's, where I became acquainted with Dr. Compton (44) (brother to the Earl of Northampton (54)), now Bishop of London, and Mr. North, son to the Lord North, brother to the Lord Chief-Justice and Clerk of the Closet, a most hopeful young man. The Bishop (44) had once been a soldier, had also traveled in Italy, and became a most sober, grave, and excellent prelate.

John Evelyn's Diary 06 September 1676

06 Sep 1676. Supped at the Lord Chamberlain's (58), where also supped the famous beauty and errant lady, the Duchess of Mazarine (30) (all the world knows her story), the Duke of Monmouth (27), Countess of Sussex (15) (both natural children of the King (46) by the Duchess of Cleveland (35)) [Note. A mistake by Evelyn. Jame's Scott's (27) mother was Lucy Walter Mistress 1630-1658, Anne Fitzroy's (15) mother was Barbara Villiers 1st Duchess of Cleveland 1640-1709 (35)], and the Countess of Derby (16), a virtuous lady, daughter to my best friend, the Earl of Ossory (42).

John Evelyn's Diary 10 September 1676

10 Sep 1676. Dined with me Mr. Flamsted (30), the learned astrologer [Note. Astronomer] and mathematician, whom his Majesty (46) had established in the new Observatory in Greenwich Park, furnished with the choicest instruments. An honest, sincere man.

John Evelyn's Diary 12 September 1676

12 Sep 1676. To London, to take order about the building of a house, or rather an apartment, which had all the conveniences of a house, for my dear friend, Mr. Godolphin (31) and lady (24), which I undertook to contrive and survey, and employ workmen until it should be quite finished; it being just over against his Majesty's (46) wood-yard by the Thames side, leading to Scotland Yard.

John Evelyn's Diary 19 September 1676

19 Sep 1676. To Lambeth, to that rare magazine of marble, to take order for chimney-pieces, etc., for Mr. Godolphin's (31) house. The owner of the works had built for himself a pretty dwelling house; this Dutchman had contracted with the Genoese for all their marble. We also saw the Duke of Buckingham's (48) glasswork, where they made huge vases of metal as clear, ponderous, and thick as crystal; also looking-glasses far larger and better than any that come from Venice.

John Evelyn's Diary October 1676

John Evelyn's Diary 09 October 1676

09 Oct 1676. I went with Mrs. Godolphin (24) and my wife (41) to Blackwall, to see some Indian curiosities; the streets being slippery, I fell against a piece of timber with such violence that I could not speak nor fetch my breath for some space; being carried into a house and let blood, I was removed to the water-side and so home, where, after a day's rest, I recovered. This being one of my greatest deliverances, the Lord Jesus make me ever mindful and thankful!.

John Evelyn's Diary 31 October 1676

31 Oct 1676. Being my birthday, and fifty-six years old, I spent the morning in devotion and imploring God's protection, with solemn thanksgiving for all his signal mercies to me, especially for that escape which concerned me this month at Blackwall. Dined with Mrs. Godolphin (24), and returned home through a prodigious and dangerous mist.

John Evelyn's Diary November 1676

John Evelyn's Diary 09 November 1676

09 Nov 1676. Finished the lease of Spalding, for Mr. Godolphin (31).

John Evelyn's Diary 16 November 1676

16 Nov 1676. My son (21) and I dining at my Lord Chamberlain's (58), he showed us among others that incomparable piece of Raphael's, being a Minister of State dictating to Guicciardini, the earnestness of whose face looking up in expectation of what he was next to write, is so to the life, and so natural, as I esteem it one of the choicest pieces of that admirable artist. There was a woman's head of Leonardo da Vinci; a Madonna of old Palma, and two of Vandyke's, of which one was his own picture at length, when young, in a leaning posture; the other, an eunuch, singing. Rare pieces indeed!.

John Evelyn's Diary December 1676

John Evelyn's Diary 04 December 1676

04 Dec 1676. I saw the great ball danced by all the gallants and ladies at the Duchess of York's (18).

John Evelyn's Diary 10 December 1676

10 Dec 1676. There fell so deep a snow as hindered us from church.

John Evelyn's Diary 12 December 1676

12 Dec 1676. To London, in so great a snow, as I remember not to have seen the like.

John Evelyn's Diary 17 December 1676

17 Dec 1676. More snow falling, I was not able to get to church.