John Evelyn's Diary 1702

1702 Battle of Vigo Bay

1702 Death of King William III

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John Evelyn's Diary January 1702

John Evelyn's Diary 21 January 1702

21 Jan 1702. At the Royal Society there was read and approved the delineation and description of my Tables of Veins and Arteries, by Mr. Cooper, the chirurgeon, in order to their being engraved.

John Evelyn's Diary March 1702

John Evelyn's Diary 08 March 1702

1702 Death of King William III

08 Mar 1702. The King (51) had a fall from his horse, and broke his collar bone, and having been much indisposed before, and aguish, with a long cough and other weakness, died this Sunday morning, about four o'clock.
I carried my accounts of Greenwich Hospital to the Committee.

John Evelyn's Diary April 1702

John Evelyn's Diary 12 April 1702

12 Apr 1702. My brother-in-law (83), Glanville, departed this life this morning after a long languishing illness, leaving a son by my sister, and two granddaughters. Our relation and friendship had been long and great. He was a man of excellent parts. He died in the 84th year of his age, and willed his body to be wrapped in lead and carried down to Greenwich, put on board a ship, and buried in the sea, between Dover and Calais, about the Goodwin sands; which was done on the Tuesday, or Wednesday after. This occasioned much discourse, he having no relation at all to the sea. He was a gentleman of an ancient family in Devonshire, and married my sister Jane. By his prudent parsimony he much improved his fortune. He had a place in the Alienation Office, and might have been an extraordinary man, had he cultivated his parts.
My steward at Wotton gave a very honest account of what he had laid out on repairs, amounting to £1,900.

John Evelyn's Diary May 1702

John Evelyn's Diary 03 May 1702

03 May 1702. The report of the committee sent to examine the state of Greenwich Hospital was delivered to the House of Commons, much to their satisfaction. Lord Godolphin (56) made Lord High Treasurer.
Being elected a member of the Society lately incorporated for the propagation of the Gospel in foreign parts, I subscribed £10 per annum toward the carrying it on. We agreed that every missioner, besides the £20 to set him forth, should have £50 per annum out of the stock of the Corporation, till his settlement was worth to him £100 per annum. We sent a young divine to New York.

John Evelyn's Diary June 1702

John Evelyn's Diary 22 June 1702

22 Jun 1702. I dined at the Archbishop's (65) with the newly made Bishop of Carlisle, Dr. Nicolson, my worthy and learned correspondent.

John Evelyn's Diary 27 June 1702

27 Jun 1702. I went to Wotton with my family for the rest of the summer, and my son-in-law, Draper, with his family, came to stay with us, his house at Addiscombe being new-building, so that my family was above thirty. Most of the new Parliament were chosen of Church of England principles, against the peevish party. The Queen (37) was magnificently entertained at Oxford and all the towns she passed through on her way to Bath.

John Evelyn's Diary October 1702

John Evelyn's Diary 31 October 1702

31 Oct 1702. Arrived now to the 82d year of my age, having read over all that passed since this day twelvemonth in these notes, I render solemn thanks to the Lord, imploring the pardon of my past sins, and the assistance of his grace; making new resolutions, and imploring that he will continue his assistance, and prepare me for my blessed Savior's coming, that I may obtain a comfortable departure, after so long a term as has been hitherto indulged me. I find by many infirmities this year (especially nephritic pains) that I much decline; and yet of his infinite mercy retain my intellect and senses in great measure above most of my age. I have this year repaired much of the mansion house and several tenants' houses, and paid some of my debts and engagements. my wife (67), children, and family in health: for all which I most sincerely beseech Almighty God to accept of these my acknowledgments, and that if it be his holy will to continue me yet longer, it may be to the praise of his infinite grace, and salvation of my soul. Amen!.

John Evelyn's Diary November 1702

John Evelyn's Diary 08 November 1702

08 Nov 1702. My kinsman, John Evelyn, of Nutfield, a young and very hopeful gentleman, and Member of Parliament, after having come to Wotton to see me, about fifteen days past, went to London and there died of the smallpox. He left a brother, a commander in the army in Holland, to inherit a fair estate.
Our affairs in so prosperous a condition both by sea and land, that there has not been so great an union in Parliament, Court, and people, in memory of man, which God in mercy make us thankful for, and continue! The Bishop of Exeter (52) preached before the Queen (37) and both Houses of Parliament at St. Paul's; they were wonderfully huzzaed in their passage, and splendidly entertained in the city.

John Evelyn's Diary December 1702

John Evelyn's Diary 01 December 1702

1702 Battle of Vigo Bay

01 Dec 1702. The expectation now is, what treasure will be found on breaking bulk of the galleon brought from Vigo by Sir George Rooke (52), which being made up in an extraordinary manner in the hold, was not begun to be opened till the fifth of this month, before two of the Privy Council, two of the chief magistrates of the city, and the Lord Treasurer (57).
After the excess of honor conferred by the Queen (37) on the Earl of Marlborough (52), by making him a Knight of the Garter and a Duke, for the success of but one campaign, that he should desire £5,000 a year to be settled on him by Parliament out of the Post Office, was thought a bold and unadvised request, as he had, besides his own considerable estate, above £30,000 a year in places and employments, with £50,000 at interest. He had married one daughter (21) to the son (24) of my Lord Treasurer Godolphin (57), another (19) to the Earl of Sunderland (27), and a third (15) to the Earl of Bridgewater (21). He is a very handsome person, well-spoken and affable, and supports his (52) want of acquired knowledge by keeping good company.