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1381 Peasant's Revolt

1460 January Raid on Sandwich

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Patent Rolls Richard II 1381 1385

15 Jul 1381. Appointment of William Walleworth, mayor, Robert Knolles, John London. Philippot, Nicholas Brembre, and Robert Launde to take order for the safety of the city and suburbs of London. By K.

Peasant's Revolt

15 Jun 1381. Commission of oyer and terminer to William Walleworth, mayor of London, Robert Bealknapp, Robert Knolles, Nicholas Brembre, John Philipot, Robert Launde, and William Cheyne, on information that great crowds of labourers and others have collected together, especially in the counties of Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Middlesex, compelled their betters to go with them, killed many of the king's lieges, and burned many houses, entered the city of London, and burned the house of the king's uncle John, duke of Lancaster (41), called the 'Sauveye,' and the priory in Clerkenwelle of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England, and killed Simon, archbishop of Canterbury and chancellor, and Robert de Hales, prior of the said Hospital. By К. June 15. London.

30 Oct 1381. Protection with clause volumus, for one year, for Nicholas de Brembre of London, knight, his men and possessions; he is not to be oppressed by the taking of entertainment (herbergugii) in his manors in Middlesex against his will, except for the king himself and his household, when he comes in person.

01 Mar 1382. Coinmission to Robert Tresilian, Robert Bealknap, William Skipwyth, Nicholas Brembre, William Gunthorp, Adapı de Bury and William Spaigné to examine the record and process and correct any error therein, or in the judgment rendered, in the suit before the mayor of Cales between William de Montagu (53), earl of Salisbury, proctor and attorney of John Buterleigh and Alesia his wife, executrix of the will of William Teynturer the younger, late citizen of Salisbury, William Warmwell and William Loerde, her co- executors, and one William Gilbert called Salesbury,' touching a debt of 3291. which the earl demanded from the said Gilbert, and to do justice therein according to the law and custom obtaining in Cales.

05 Sep 1382. Grant, to Sir Nicholas Brembre, merchant of the city of London, in satisfaction of 2,000 marks lent by him to the king to discharge a debt to Sir Bertrucat de Lebret, of half a mark from the subsidy of each sack of wool and woul-feils passing out of the ports of London and Boston, with the custody of one part ( foille) of the coket seal in the latter port, until the loan be fully paid. French. By K. and C. Mandate in pursuance to the controller and collectors of customs in the port of Boston. The like to the controller and collectors in the port of London.

20 Mar 1382. Commission to John de Cobleham, Robert de Asshton, constable of Dover castle and warden of the Cinque Ports, Robert Bealknap, John Philipot, Nicholas Brembre, John Newenton, John Horne son of Nicholas Horue, William Rykhull, Thomas Shardelowe, William Symme and Adam Elys to enquire who are responsible for the repair of the bridge of Rochester over the Medeweye, which is in such ruin as to be impassable, and to compel them to repair it.

21 Dec 1382. Commission to Nicholus, abbot of Westminster, William Walleworth, Nicholas Brembre, John Philipot, Adam Fraunceys, William Cheyne, Henry Frowyk, Thomas Charleton, Nicholas Exton, John Durham, Godfrey atte Pyrye, John Shordissh, John Samford, and William Barnevyll, reciting the treasonable insurrection of divers evil-doers in congregations and conventicles, and their perpetration of treasons, homicides, arsons, &c., and appointing the aforesaid commissioners, with the advice of the nobles and magnates of the late Parliament, for the establishment of quiet, to keep the peace in the county of Middlesex, empowering them to arrest, imprison and punish such rebels, and any who incite to rebellion, to suppress their meet- ings, arrest their goods, or take security as they think fit. If the meetings are suspicious or in excessive number they are to take the posse comitatus, both knights and esquires, lead them against the rebels, seize any found committing the offences aforesaid and do justice upon them without delay. They are also appointed commissioners of oyer and terminer in respect of the premises, with power to arrest, imprison, and punish any who refuse to assist them. By K. and C.

11 Mar 1384. Commission to Nicholas Brembre, mayor of London, to arrest and bring Westninster to Newgate gaol all felons and evildoers notoriously suspected of coming nightly out of places ecclesiastically privileged, assembling in the city and suburbs to commit divers felonies, robberies, thefts, murders, &c. and after committing them, retiring by night to the said places for sanctuary, and also all such as are indicted therefor. By С.

26 Sep 1484. Grant, for the peace and tranquillity of the city, to the mayor and commonalty of London and their successors, that if the king should hereafter deal in mercy with the lives of John Norhampton, draper, late mayor of London, John More, mercer, and Richard Norbury, who with others lately made insurrection against the king's peace and Nicholas Brembre, the mayor, and the governors of the city and its government, for which they were indicted and, after acknowledging their misdeeds before the king and council in his presence and being separately arraigned before John de Monte Acuto, steward of the household and the other justices assigned to deliver the prison of the Tower of London of them, were condemned to be drawn and quartered, but execution, so far as their lives were concerned, was respited by the king's grace,—that they shall be sent to prisons in different counties 100 leagues distant from the city for ten years, and not then be released until they have found security that no evil or prejudice shall befall the city or any of the king's lieges thereby. If they should be released they are inhibited, under pain of losing their lives, from coming within 100 leagues of the city, and any one guilty of making suit or maintenance on their behalf is to be imprisoned and forfeit his goods. For the strengthening of good government in the city and for the punishinent of rioters and those who are guilty of such assemblies, congregations, covins or insurrections, this grant is to remain in force without revocation. By signet letter.

06 Jul 1384. Commission to Robert Tresilian, Nicholas Brembre, mayor, Simon Westminster. Wynchecombe and John More, sheriffs, of London, and John Charney to enquire touching felonies and treasons in the county of Middlesex. By C.

28 Jun 1384. Commission de walliis, fossatis, etc. to the abbot of Stratford, Nicholas Brembre, mayor of London, Robert Bealknap, Nicholas Carreu, William Rykehull, Richard Ryal and Roger Germeyn, upon the bank (costeram) of the Thames from Stratford atte Bowe to Berkyng, co. Essex.

02 Jan 1385. Grant to Thomas Cotion of the deanery of Fordham, in the diocese of Windsor. Norwich, void by the resignation of William de Bakton and in the king's gift by reason of the temporalities of that see being in his hands. By signet letter. Mandate in pursuance to H. bishop of Norwich. Grant to Agnes Hale, to whom John Norhampton, late citizen of London, was indebted in the sum of 711. 10s., as found by inquisition taken before Nicholas Brembre, mayor of London, and the king's escheator therein, and who, unless she is paid, is utterly undone, that she may receive as full payment thereof from certain persons who were indebted to the said John, and who are now, by reason of the judgment against him, the king's debtors, the following sums, viz. from Herman, abbot of Stratford, 201. 58. from John Preston, prior of Prestelsham, 91. 58. and from Geoffrey Greg, taverner, 401. By signet letter.

12 Feb 1385. Commission to W. bishop of Winchester (65), Thomas, bishop of Exeter, Richard, earl of Arundel (39), Robert, earl of Oxford (23), Thomas, earl of Nottingham (16), Hugh de Segrave (89), treasurer of England, Simon de Burley (45), under-chamberlain, Nicholas Brembre, mayor of London, John Clanvowe and Robert Plesyngton, knights, Master Walter Skirlawe, keeper of the privy seal, John Waltham, keeper of the rolls of Chancery, John Appelby, dean of St. Paul's, London, Richard Rounhale and Thomas Bacton, clerks,

Patent Rolls Richard II 1385-1389

12 Oct 1386. Geoffrey Harnold of Bleseworth, for not appearing in the King's Westminster. Bench to answer Thomas Grene, knight, touching a trespass, he having surrendered to the Marshalsea prison as certified by Robert Tresiliam, chief justice. co. Northampton.

07 Nov 1385. Pardon, at the supplication of Robert Tresilian, knight, to Richard Servyngton alias Beare, for the death of Walter Bachiler and William Eykebery, killed after st. Gregory, 5 Richard II. By p.s.

05 Dec 1385. Pardon to John de Brabourne, 'cappere,' of his outlawry for not appearing to answer Richard Riggesby touching a trespass, he having surrendered to the Marshalsea prison and paid the said Richard the damages adjudged, as is certified by Robert Tresilyan, chief justice of the King's Bench; on condition, however, that he pay the king his ransom.

15 May 1385. Pardon to John Quenyld, fishmonger, 'sumtyme duellyng in Edyngbregg,' of outlawries in the counties of Southampton and Middlesex, for not appearing in the King's Bench to answer Hugh Crane and John Glemesford respectively touching trespasses, or to pay the king a ransom in each case, he having now surrendered to the Marshalsea prison, as certified by Robert Tresiliam, chief justice,

30 Aug 1386. Grant to Robert Brandon of the goods and chattels of Hugh de Byseley, forfeited on account of his outlawry at the suit of Robert Tresiliam in a plea of debt. By signet letter.

30 Sep 1387. Insperimus and confirmation of letters patent of Robert, archbishop of Dublin, dean of the king's free chapel of St. Michael, Pencrich, dated 16 July, 1380, reciting the custom of the chapel obliging the prebendaries of the prebends of St. Mary and the king to reside there in person continuously and to support the burdens of hospitality therein, and that on inquiring at the visitation thereof at this date he found that they each received but 10½d. weekly from the common rents thereof, and that the rest of the prebendaries' rents were insufficient to support the burdens as heretofore, and, as the ox that treadeth out the corm must not be muzzled, augmenting the portion of each prebendary by 3½d. a week, so as in future to be 14d. from the said common goods. By p.s.

11 Oct 1387. Inspeximus and confirmation to John de Beauchamp of Holt (68) of a writing of even date, of Robert de Veer (25), duke of Ireland, granting, with the king's consent and licence, to the said John, for life, a yearly rent of 100l. from the manors of Bovytracy and Holdesworthy, co. Devon, and Blakedon and Ludeford, co. Somerset, and all other his lands in the last named county. Witnessed by Alexander (46), archbishop of York, Michael de la Pole (57), earl of Suffolk, Nicholas Slake, Richard Clifford, and Richard Felde. And further grant that in case the said Robert die in the lifetìme of the said John, the latter shall receive the said yearly rent for the term of his life, and if the said manors and lands are recovered out of the king's hand, he shall receive it at the Exchequer. By p.s.

03 Jan 1388. Appointment, during pleasure, of John Devereux (51), knight, to be constable of Dover castle and warden of the Cinque Ports, receiving therefor for the maintenance of himself and the chaplains, servants, watch- men and one carpenter abiding therein, £300. a year, viz. from, wards belonging to the castle £146., from the issues of the customs in the port of Sandwich 100 marks and the residue at the Exchequer, without rendering account, as Simon de Bureley (48), knight, late constable and warden, saving to the king chattels of felons and fugitives, fines, ransoms, amercements, etc. from the said ports belonging to the king, for which he is to render account at the Exchequer; provided that he stay in person upon the custody as is reasonably needful and as necessity demands. By K. & C. Mandate in pursuance to the said Simon to deliver the castle to him. Mandate de intendendo in pursuance to the barons, bailiffs, good men and whole commonalty of the liberty of the Cinque Ports.

03 Mar 1388. Pardon, for 201. paid to the king, to Edmund de Thorpe, knight, the younger, and Joan (25), late the wife of Roger de Scales, knight, tenant-in-chief, for intermarrying without licence.

12 Mar 1388. Grant, for life, to John Devereux (51), one of the king's bannerets, of the offices of constable of Dover castle and warden of the Cinque Ports, as held by Simon de Burleye (48). By p.s. Vacated because otherwise below.

20 Mar 1388. Presentation of Richard Rysyngdom, chaplain, to the chantry founded in the church of All Saints, Oxford, in the diocese of Lincoln, by John Stodley, in the king's gift by reason of the lands and tenements late of Robert Tresulian, knight, being in the king's hands by judgment in Parliament.

Patent Rolls Henry VI 1452-1461

1460 January Raid on Sandwich

Membrane 27d. 30 Oct 1459. Farnham Royal. Commission of array to Richard Wydevyle of Ryvers (54), knight, and the sheriff of Kent in Kent, to resist Richard, duke of York (48), Edward earl of March (17), Richard, earl of Warwick (30), and Richard, earl of Salisbury (59), and their accomplices, leagued in rebellion against the king and crown and allowed by certain persons having the keeping of the town and castle of Calais to enter the same contrary to the king's mandates, and now preparing to arouse congregations and insur rections in the said county; and appointment of the same to arrest all ships and other vessels late of the said earl of Warwick and all the tackling thereof and to keep the same for the king's use. By K.

Membrane 27d. 08 Nov 1459. Commission to John de Clyfford (24) to arrest all lands, possessions and goods of any rebels in Westmoreland, except of those whom the king has taken into his protection. By K.

Membrane 27d. 10 Dec 1459. Coventry. Commission to Richard Wydevyle of Ryvers (54), knight, Thomas Broun, knight, and the mayor of Sandwich to take near Sandwich the muster of the men at arms and archers ordered to go on the safe keeping of the sea in the company of Gervase Clyfton, knight, and to certify the king thereof in Chancery. By K.
Commission to Thomas Kyryell (63), knight, John Cheyne, knight, Thomas Broun, knight, John Seyncler, esquire, and Richard Dalafeld, esquire, to take near Sandwich the muster of the men at arms and archers ordered to go on the safe-keeping of the sea in the company of Richard Wydevyle of Ryvers (54), knight, as above. By K.

Membrane 17d. 09 May 1460. Westminster Palace. Commission to John Chafyn of New Saresbury to take stone-masons, masons, plumbers, smiths, plasterers and all other workmen necessary for the building and repairs of the manor of Claryndon and elsewhere, and to purvey stones, timber, iron, lead, glass, tiles, laths, shingles, boards, nails and all other necessaries therefor, and carriage for the same.

1460 January Raid on Sandwich

Membrane 17d. 08 May 1460. Commission to Thomas Kiriell (64), knight, John Cheyne, knight, Thomas Westminster. Broun, knight, John Fogge, Robert Home and William Hexstall, to take near Sandwich the muster of all men at arms and archers ordered to go with Henry, duke of Exeter (29), on the safe-keeping of the sea to resist the king's rebels and enemies, and to certify the king thereof in Chancery.

Membrane 13d. 23 May 1460. Commission to Osbert Mountford and John Baker, esquires, ordered, Coventry, by advice of the council, to bring 200 men at arms and archers to Henry, duke of Somerset (24), for the safe keeping and defence of the castle and town of Guysnes and to resist the king's rebels and enemies, appointing them to arrest ships and vessels necessary herein and masters and mariners therefor.
Commission to Thomas Thorp, Thomas Kiriell (64), knight, John Cheyne, knight, Thomas Broun, knight, Henry Lowes, esquire, John Scot and Robert Home, to take the muster of the said Osbert Mountfort and John Baker and the said men at arms, and to certify the king thereof in Chancery.

Patent Rolls Edward IV 1461

Patent Rolls Edward IV 1462

17 Jan 1462. Release to William Pemberton, the mayor, and the citizens of Lincoln, Westminster, on account of their impoverishment through the payment of 180l. for the fee farm of the city and through the removal of the staple thence to Boston and other losses, of 100l. yearly which Thomas de Roos, knight, and his ancestors received from the said fee farm of the grant of Edward II., in the king's hands by reason of an act in Parliament at Westminster, 4 November; and grant to them of all lands and possessions in Ingham and Cotes by Ingham, co. Lincoln, which Edward Burton, late mayor, and the citizens acquired from John Helwell, late of Gunby, co. Lincoln, esquire, and which William Tallboys (47), late of Kyme, co. Lincoln, esquire, lately entered into and expelled them from, now in the king's hands by the act aforesaid.

08 Feb 1462. Appointment of Laurence, bishop of Durham (42), the king's kinsman John, earl of Worcester (34), Robert Botell, prior of St. John of Jerusalem in England, John Wenlok of Wenlok, knight, and Master Robert Stillington (42), doctor of laws, keeper of the privy seal, as ambassadors to treat with the king's kinsman John de He, earl of Rosse and lord of the Isles.

26 Jun 1462. Westminster Palace. Licence for the king's kinsman Richard, earl of Warwick and Salisbury (33), to grant castles, manors, lordships, lands, rents and services, of the yearly value of 1,000/., held in chief, although the reversion of the same may belong to the crown on his death without issue, to George, bishop of Exeter, John, earl of Worcester, John Markham, Robert Dauby, Walter Blounte, James Strangwais, Walter Wrottesley, knights, Thomas Witham (42), Thomas Colte, Henry Sotehill (44) and William Kelsy in fee simple to pay his debts and fulfil his will alter his de»th. By K.

26 Jun 1462. Westminster Palace. Appointment of W. archbishop of York, Richard, earl of Warwick (33), John Neville of Muntague, knight, Robert Danby, knight, Robert Constable, knight, the mayor of York, Thomas Wytham (42), Brian Rouclyff, Henry Sotehill (44), Guy Fairefax, John Grenefeld, Richard Pygote, Henry Thwaites, Nicholas Girlyiigton, John Wencelagh, John Thirske, Nicholas Holgate, John Marton, William Bradford and John Shirwode as justices of the survey and custody of the rivers in the county of York pursuant to the statutes of 24 Edward III., 4o Edward III., and 1 Henry IV., concerning the erection of weirs, mills, stanks, pales and kiddles.

12 Jul 1462. Grant in fee simple to the king's servant John Wenlok, knight, lord of Wenlok, of all lordships, manors, lands, rents and services with knight's fees and advowsons late of John Fortescue (68), knight, in the counties of Middlesex and Hertford and elsewhere within the realm and the reversion of the manor of Eburton, co. Gloucester, on the death of Jocosa Grevill alias Beauchampe, widow, belonging to the king by reason of the forfeiture of the said John Fortescue (68). By K.
Vacated by surrender and cancelled, because on 3 February, 8 Edward IV. the king by writ of privy seal ordered Robert, bishop of Bath and Wells (42), chancellor, and Robert Kirkeham, keeper of the rolls of Chancery, to receive the same from the said John, by John Holme.

01 Aug 1462. Westminster Palace. Grant to the king^s uncle William Neville (57), earl of Kent and lord of Fauconberg, and the heirs male of his body of the manors and lordships of Crukerne, Misterton, Glopton, Kyngeston by Yevulchestre, Somerton Erleghy Batheneston and Shekerwike, co. Somerset, Northam, Londay, Slapton, Torrybrian, Clyfton Dertmouth Hardenesse, Norton Daunde by Dertmouth, Aylesbeare and Whympell, co. Devon, and Shevyok, Antony, Portloo, Landulp, Trelowia, Northill, Landrian, Legh Durant, Oldlawitta, Penpol, Elerky and Lanyhorn, co. Cornwall, the boroughs of Crofthull and Portpigham, co. Cornwall, the lordships and manors of Ebryngton, Yeverne Courteney, Maperton, Ramsam, Wroxhale, Childefrome, Tolre Porcorum, Pountknoll, Valet, Clevecombo, Swere, Netherkentcombe and Hasilbeare, co. Dorset, the castle and lordship of Warder, co. Wilts, the lordships and manors of Chellesfelde, Esthall, Faukehnm, Ayssh and Wylmyngtou, co. Kent, and Maunsfelde, Lyndeby and Clypston in Shirwode, co. Nottingham, tho castle and lordships of Horeston and Balsover, co. Derby, the lordships and manor's of Whitle and Warpesden alias Warpelesden, co. Surrey , the manors of Bondeby, co. Lincoln, and Westle, co. Suffolk, all manors, messuages, lands, rents and services late of Antony Nuthill of Holdernesse in the county of York, all burgages, messuages, lands, rents and services late of Thomas Tresham (42), knight, in the town, suburb and fields of Norhampton, the manor of Wavenden, co. Buckingham, and all other lands, rents and services in those places, with all timber and lead, late of the said Thomas Tresham (42) in the town of Norhampton, with advowsons, knights' fees, frandchises, liberties, hundreds, courts leet, views of frank-pledge, fairs, markets, warrens, fisheries, wreck of sea, chattels of felons and fugitives and all other profits, in the king's hands by reason of an act of Parliament at Westminster, 4 November, and all the issues of the same from the first day of the reign. And if he die without male heir of his body the king grants the said lordships and manors of Crukeme, Aylesbcare, Whympell, Torribrian, Ebryngton, Yeverne Courtenay, Shevyok, Antony, Portloo, Landulp, Trelowia, Northll, Landryan, Legh Durant, Oldlawitta, Penpoll, Elerky, Norton, Croftholl, Porpighan and Lavyhome with advowsons and knight's fees to George Neville, bishop of Exeter (30), John Markham, knight, chief Justice of the Bench, Robert Danby, knight, chief justice of the Common Bench, Thomas Witham (42), chancellor of the Exchequer, Thomas Cooke, citizen and alderman of London, Robert Ingleton, John Payntour and Thomas Graveson for twelve years from his death.

04 Aug 1462. Westminster Palace. Commission to Humphrey Bourghchier of Cromwell, Walter Blount and John Greseley, knights, John Bothe, Nicholas Fitzherbert, Nicholas Stathom, John Tunsted, James Hopwode and the sheriff of Derby to arrest in the counties of Derby, Nottingham or York and imprison Richard Ghiitford of Retford, co. Nottingham, and his abettors, who wander about the county of Derby and stir up the king's subjects to rebellion and have imprisoned certain of the king's officers.
The like to Humphrey Bourghchier of Cromwell, Robert Clyfton and Robert Strclley, knights, John Stanhope, Richard Wilughby, Thomas Nevill of Rolleston, William Merynges, Thomas Nevill of Southleverton and the sheriff of Nottingham.
The like to John Neviie of Mountague, Ralph de Graystok, Thomas Lomley, James Strangweys, Robert Constable, John Conyers, John Melton and John Constable, knights, Thomas Wytham (42), John Hastynges, Brian Roclyff, Henry Sothehill, Edmund Fitzwiliiam, William Burgh, Richard Pygot, Nicholas Girlyngton, Ralph Ayssheton, Robert Nevyle, John Thwaytes, Guy Fairefax, William Scargill, Percival Grisaker, William Eland, John Wenslagh, John Vavasour, John Haitfeld, John Grenefeld and the sheriff of York.

20 Aug 1462. Westminster Palace. Grant for life to Thomas Witham (42), from Michaelmas last, for his good service to the king and his father Richard, late duke of York, of 20l. yearly from the fee farm of the town of Scardeburgh and the manor of Walgrave and from 60 acres of land and the issues of the town.

Patent Rolls Edward IV 1463

13 Mar 1463. Westminster Palace. Commission to James Strangways, knight, Thomas Witham (43), chancellor of the Exchequer, Thomas Mouutford, esquire, John Laton, esquire, and Ralph Assheton, esquire, to enquire by oath of good men of the county of York whether Joan Faucombregge, late countess of Kent (56), is an idiot and incapable of the government of herself and her possessions, whether she has alienated any of her lands, and who is her next heir.

24 May 1463. John Richard alias Richardson late of Bysshepcrophill, co. Nottingham, 'husbondman,' for not appearing before the justices of the Bench to answer Robert Stillyngton (43), clerk, touching a debt of 4 marks.

23 Jun 1463. Inspeximus and confirmation to the mayor, bailiffs and burgesses of Clyfton, Dertmuth and Hardenesse of (1) letters patent dated 14 December, 2 Richard II. inspecting and confirming a charter dated at the Tower of London, 14 April, 15 Edward III. [Charter Roll, 15 Edward III. No. 18,] and (2) a charter dated at Westminster, 5 November, 17 Richard II. [Charter Noll, 15-17 Richard II. No. 10]; and grant that the adjoining township of Southtouudertemouth shall henceforth be annexed to the said borough of Cliftondertemouth Hardenasse, in consideration of the fact that the burgesses keep watches against invaders on the confines of the township and beyond at a place called 'Galions Boure' but the inhabitants of the township contribute nothing because they do not enjoy the liberties of the borough. Th« mayor and bailiffs shall have return of writs and execu- tion thereof within the said township and the liberty of the borough, saving always the right of the lord of the fee of the township, and all pleas real and personal and attachments and fines and amercements, and also view of frauk-pledge and all that peitains to it. And they may acquire, in mortmain, after inquisition, lands, tenements, rents and other possessions, not held in chief, to the value of 201. yearly. Witnesses: Th. archbishop of Canterbury (45), W. archbishop of York, G. bishop of Exeter (31), the chancellor, J. bishop of Carlisle, the king's brothers George, duke of Clarence (13), and Richard, duke of Gloucester (10), the king's kinsmen Richard, earl of Warwick (34), and John, earl of Worcester (36), treasurer of England, Robert Styllyngton (43), king's clerk, keeper of the privy seal, and William Hastynges of Hastynges (32), the king's chamberlain, and John Wenlok of Wenlok, knights.

30 Jun 1463. Grant to the king's kinsman John, earl of Worcester (36), and Robert Styllyngton (43), king's clerk, keeper of the privy seal, in repayment of 1938l. 12s. 3d. and 960l. 6s 8d. due to them respectively for certain causes concerning the custody of the sea, of two parts and the third part respectively of all the moneys arising from the subsidies culled 'tonnage' and 'poundage', viz. 3s. from the tun and 12d. from the pound, in the ports of London, Southampton and Sandwich until they be fully satisfied; and grant that during that time they may nominate as often as they please a suitable person to the treasurer of England for appointment as one of the collectors in each of the said ports.

Patent Rolls Edward IV 1464

15 Mar 1464. Grant to John Walbrond, prebendary of Cerdestoke alias Cherdestoke in the cathedral of Salisbury, of a prebend within the free chapel of St. Stephen within the king's palace of Westminster, on an exchange of benefices with Robert Stillyngton (44). By K. Mandate in pursuance to the dean of the said free chapel.

02 Jul 1464. Grant to John Scot (41), knight, controller of the king's household, or his executors after his death of all moneys arising from the subsidy called 'tonnage and poundage,'viz, the 3s. in the tun and the 12d. in the pound, in the port of the city of London at the hands of the collectors immediately after the full repayment of 1938l. 12s. 3d. to the king's kinsman John, earl of Worcester (37), and 960l. 6s. iid. to Robert Styllington (44), king's clerk, keeper of the privy seal, from the said subsidy in the ports of London, Southampton and Sandwich, as granted to them by letters patent dated 30 June, 3 Edward IV., until he shall be fully satisfied of the sum of 256l. 3s. 6d. in which the king is indebted to him for having prepared divers ships in the port of Sandwich at the king's command and taken them to the north with victuals and soldiers on the defence of the realm. And until he be thus fully satisfied he shall ns often as he pleases nominate a suitable person to the treasurer of England to be appointed one of the collectors of the said subsidy. By K.

03 Sep 1664. Penley. Grant to the kiug's servitor Thomas Witham, chancellor of the Exchequer, of tbe custody of the body of Katharine Metcalf, late the wife of Edmund Metcalf, who has been an idiot from her birth, and of all her lands and tenements in the county of York and in Kingeston on Hull, to hold during her idiotcy without rendering anything to the king but finding a competent sustenance for her and supporting all charges. By K.

26 Sep 1664. Reading. Grant to Thomas Metcalf and Miles Metcalf, brothers of Edmund Metcalf, for their good service to the king, the king's father Richard, late duke of York, and the king's uncle Richard, late earl of Salisbury, of the custody of the body of Katharine Metcalf, late the wife of the said Edmund, and of all her lands and tenements in the county of York and in Kingeston on Hull, to hold during her idiotcy without rendering anything to the king, but finding a competent sustenance for her and supporting all charges, in the same manner as the same was granted to Thomas Witham, chancellor of the Exchequer, by letters patent, surrendered.

Patent Rolls Edward IV 1465

20 Jan 1465. Grant to Master Robert Stillyngton (45), king's clerk, keeper of the privy Westminster, seal, by mainprise of John Brewester of London, 'gentilman,' and Thomas Wode of Farnham, co. Essex, 'gentilman,' of the custody of all the temporalities of the bishopric of Bath and Wells, in the king's hands by the death of Thomas, late bishop, so long as they remain in the king's hands, rendering as much as may be agreed upon between him and the treasurer before Midsummer and supporting all charges, and also all advowsons belonging to the king by reason of the said temporalities. By K.

17 Mar 1465. Grant to the king's kinsman Ralph, lord of Graystok (51), knight, and the, heirs male of his body of the manors and lordships of Storthwayte, Garton and Melburne, co. York, with their members, worth 60/. yearly, and the advowson or patronage of the priory of Kirkeham, co. York, worth nothings and the manor of Ravensthorp, co. York, worth 35/. yearly, the custody of which was granted by letters patent dated 5 November, 1 Edward IV. to Robert Danby and Thomas Wytham (45), chancellor of the Exchequer, for 20 years from Michaelmas then last past at a rent of 26/. 13s, 4d. yearly, with a toft and a bovate of land in Boltby, co. York, late of John son of William de la Boure, worth 2^. yearly, and the said 26/. 13^. 4d. and all issues and arrears of the above premises from 3 March before the said 5 November, and pardon to the said Ralph, Robert and Thomas of all accounts for the same. By p.s. Vacated by surrender and cancelled because the king granted the above I to him and the heirs male of his body by other letters patent on 30 November, 8 Edward IV.

16 Nov 1465. Westminster Palace. Licence for Thomas Witham (45), esquire, and his executors to found a perpetual chantry of one chaplain to celebrate divine service daily at the altar of Holy Trinity and St. Giles in a church or chapel newly built by him at Corneburgh, co. York, for the good estate of the king and the said Thomas and Agnes his wife and for their souls after death and the souls of the king's father Richard, duke of York, Richard, earl of Salisbury, and Alice his wife and the relatives and benefactors of the said Thomas and Agnes and all for whom the said Thomas is in any way bound to pray, to be called the chantry of Thomas Witham, esquire; and for the alienation in mortmain to the said chaplain by the said Thomas and Agnes and their executors and assigns of lands, rents, services and possessions, not held in chief, to the value of 10 marks yeaiiy.
By E. and for lOOs, paid in the hanaper.

Patent Rolls Edward IV 1466

29 Jan 1466. Mandate to the escheator in the county of Somerset for the restitution of the temporalities of the bishopric of Bath and Wells to Master Robert Styllyngton (46), whom the pope has appointed bishop in the place of Thomas, late bishop, deceased, and who has renounced everything prejudicial to the king and his crown. [Foedera.] By p.s. The like to the escheators in the following counties :— Middlesex. Oxford and Berks. Gloucester. Southampton. Writ de intendendo in pursuance to the tenants.

17 Mar 1466. General pardon to Robert Stillyngton (46), bishop of Bath and Wells, dean of Westminster, the king's free chapel of St. Martin le Grand, London, and keeper of the privy seal, of all provisions of apostolic letters or bulls and all other offences committed by him before 13 January. By p.s.

24 Sep 1466. Licence for the king's sister Anne, duchess of Exeter (27), to grant the manors of Rachfonl, Lye, Pakeleshnm and Folncsse, co. Essex, Ardyngton, co. Berks, Barford St. Martin, co. Wilts, and Thorpwatcrvyle, Aldwynkle, Achirch, Chelveston and Cnldeote, co. Northampton, with all other lands, rents, reversions and services of her tenants iu the towns and manors aforesaid, held in chief, to the king's kinsman Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury (48), Robert, bishop of Bath and Wells (46), John, duke of Norfolk (41), John, duke of Suffolk (23), William, earl of Arundel (48), Henry, earl of Essex (62), Richard, earl Ryvers (61), Antony Widevill, lord of Scales and Newselles (26), John Say, knight, Thomas Colt, Thomas Decoue and Robert Isham, esquires, and their heirs and assigns. By K.
Grant to the said archbishop and others and their heirs and assigns of all the king's-estate and title in the manors of Wodham Ferreres and other lands in the same town, co. Essex, and the manors of Newebotell and Brynton and the advowson of the church there and other lands in the same town, co. Northampton, which the king holds in the title and possession of his consort Elizabeth, queen of England, with advowsons, knights' fees, rents and services. By K.

Patent Rolls Edward IV 1476

04 Dec 1476. Protection for William Shore, citizen and mercer of London, and his servants with all his lands, goods and possessions in England and elsewhere. By p.s.

Around Dec 1476 Edward IV King England 1442-1483 (34) began an affair with Elizabeth "Jane Shore" Lambert 1445-1527 (31). See Patent Rolls Edward IV 1476.

Patent Rolls Richard III 1483

23 Oct 1483. Leicester. Precept to the sheriff of Devon to issue a proclamation (English) denouncing Thomas Dorset, late marquess of Dorset (28), who holds the unshameful and mischievous woman called Shore's wife (38) in adultery, Sir William Noreys, Sir William Knevet, Sir Thomas Bourghchier of Barnes, Sir George Broun, knights, John Cheyne, John Noreis, Walter Hungerford, John Russh and John Harecourt of Staunton, who have assembled the people by the comfort of the great rebel the late duke of Bukyngham (29) and bishops of Ely and Salisbury, and offering rewards for their capture and pardon for all who withdraw from them. Foedera. By K.
The like to the sheriffs, mayors and bailiffs in the following counties, cities and towns :- Cornwall. Surrey and Sussex. Coventry. Salop. Kent. Bath. Wilts. Middlesex. Winchester. Somerset and Dorset. Hereford. Southampton. Stafford. Gloucester. Town of Devizes. Southampton. London. New Sarum. Oxford and Berks. Bristol. Bridgewater. The like to the king's kinsman William, earl of Arundel, constable of Dover castle and warden of the Cinque Ports. Commission to John Scrope of Bolton, knight, Edward Redmayn, Halnath Malyverer and Peter Saynabon to arrest and imprison all rebels in the counties of Devon and Cornwall, to take their castles, lordships, manors, lands, chattels and possessions into the king's hands and to enquire into the value and receive the issues of the same, and to certify thereon to the king and council.
The like to the following :- John Zouche of Zouche, knight, Richard Potyer, Richard Tyllys and John Cutte, in the counties of Somerset and Dorset. John Rogger, Richard Danby and Robert Kerre, in the counties of Southampton and Wilts. Francis, viscount Lovell, Richard Harcourt, knight, William Catesby, esquire of the body, and Edward Fraunk, in the counties of Oxford and Berks.