Samuel Pepys to John Evelyn

Samuel Pepys to John Evelyn is in Samuel Pepys Letters.

27 Apr 1655.
Sir (34),.
From a letter this day come to my hand from a Shipp of ours (the little Guift) that in a Conflict with a Hollander on the Irish Coast (wherein shoe though much over matched hath acquitted her selfe very well) hath had severall Men wounded, who are putt on shoare for care at Galloway, give me leave to aske you whether any Provision for sick and wounded men is made in Ireland, not with respect to theis Men only, but to the future ocasions in Generall which wee may Probably have of useing it there. You will Pardon this enquiry from one that hath soe little Right to offer you trouble as.
Your humble servant.
S:P (22).
Source: NMM Letter-Book 8, 199.