A summary. Most commonly used for dates but calendars can apply to anything. For example. the Parliamentary Rolls were, over time, translated, edited and summarised into Calendars organised by type and reign.

Calendars of Parliamentary Rolls


Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England

Flower of History by Matthew of Westminster

John of Fordun's Chronicle of the Scottish Nation

Hall's Chronicle

Or to give it its full name, The Union of the Two Noble and Illustre Families of Lancastre and Yorke, was first published in 1548. It was written by Edward Hall Author 1496-1548.

Wriothesley's Chronicle

Mémoires de Philippe de Commynes


Diary of Caroline Girle 1736 1817

Samuel Pepy's Diary

John Reresby's Diary

John Evelyn's Diary

Roger Whitley's Diary

Source British History Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711.
Edited by Michael Stevens and Honor Lewington. Diary of a Cheshire gentleman, Whig Member of Parliament for Chester in 1689-97 and landholder in Wales, covering a period in which he steered a difficult political course. Michael Stevens' transcription is published by permission of the Bodleian Library.

Latin Sources


Paston Letters

Letters of Horace Walpole Earl of Orford Volume 1

The Manuscripts of His Grace the Duke of Rutland

Original Letters Illustrative of English History

The Letter Books of Amias Paulet Keeper of Mary queen of Scots Published 1874

Letters of Royal And Illustrious Ladies of Great Britain Volume 1

Letters of Royal And Illustrious Ladies of Great Britain Volume 2

Samuel Pepys Letters

Letters from Sir Robert Cecil to Sir George Carew