The Chronicles of Froissart Folio 1r

The Chronicles of Froissart Folio 1r is in The Chronicles of Froissart.

Here begin the chronicles as recorded by master Jehan Froissart, which speak of the recent wars between France, England, Scotland, Spain, and Brittany, the first chapter of which refers to the cause thereof and the names of the lords who were involved in these affairs.

In order that the honourable deeds and ventures accomplished by arms, which took place during the wars between France and England, might be aptly documented and commended to lasting memory, so that courageous men might follow such examples to inspire them to good, it is my wish to undertake to record this glorious history, which will be divided into four parts.

But before I begin, I entreat the Saviour of the whole world, who created all things from nothing, that he may create and instil in me such exceptional insight and understanding that I may continue and persevere with this book which I have begun, in such a way that all those, men and women, who read it, see it, or hear it read, may take enjoyment and pleasure in it, and that I may prove worthy of their esteem.