Witt Without Mony

Witt Without Mony is in Jacobean and Restoration Plays.

Samuel Pepys' Diary 22 April 1663. 22 Apr 1663. Up betimes and to my office very busy all the morning there, entering things into my Book Manuscript, which pleases me very much.
So to the Change, and so to my uncle Wight's, by invitation, whither my father, wife, and Ashwell came, where we had but a poor dinner, and not well dressed; besides, the very sight of my aunt's hands and greasy manner of carving, did almost turn my stomach.
After dinner by coach to the King's Playhouse, where we saw but part of "Witt Without Mony", which I do not like much, but coming late put me out of tune, and it costing me four half-crowns for myself and company.
So, the play done, home, and I to my office a while and so home, where my father (who is so very melancholy) and we played at cards, and so to supper and to bed.