Tudor Books, Diary of Edward VI Volume 2

Diary of Edward VI Volume 2 is in Diary of Edward VI.

Literary Remains Of King Edward The Sixth.

Edited From His Autograph Manuscripts, With Historical Notes, And A Biographical Memoir, By John Gouge Nichols, F.S.A.

Volume The Second.

Printed For The Roxburgh Club.

London: J. B. Nichols And Sons, 25, Parliament Street. Mdccclvii.

Advertisment. In this Volume is comprised the whole of the King's Journal, together with his Essays on Political subjects, and such State Papers as are stUl extant ia his own autograph.

The earlier portion of the Work contains his Letters, sixty-three in number; some specimens of his Orationes, or Declamations, in Latin and Greek; three religious compilations, in French; and the only piece of Poetry that is attributed to his pen. To these will be prefixed a Preface, giving an account of the Manuscripts from which the collection has been formed; and a Biographical Memoir.

An Index to the whole Work will also be added to the Pirst Yolume, which wUl be ready for the Club after the lapse of a few months.

J. G. N.

June 5, 1857.