Biography of Bishop Nicholas Farnham -1257

In 1239 Bishop Nicholas Farnham was elected Bishop of Coventry but he refused the offer.

On 02 Jan 1241 Bishop Nicholas Farnham was elected Bishop of Durham. At first he wanted to decline the office, but Bishop Robert Grosseteste (age 73), Bishop of Lincoln persuaded him to accept.

On 26 May 1241 or 09 Jun 1241 Bishop Nicholas Farnham was consecrated Bishop of Durham.

Chronica Majora. The confirmation of Master Nicholas of Farnhamy in the bishopric of Durham

On the 9th of June, in this year. Master Nicholas of Farnham, bishop elect of Durham, was consecrated bishop of that see in St. Oswald's church [Map] at Gloucester, by Walter, archbishop of York (age 61), in the presence of the king (age 33) and queen (age 18), with numerous bishops and abbats. But inasmuch as a question had been mooted concerning his profession, amongst some who wished to excite discord, the said Nicholas refused to claim a liberty that was not his due, or to show himself insolent or recalcitrant; he therefore, at his consecration, in public, before all the prelates and nobles, and in the presence of his metropolitan, the said Archbishop Walter, solemnly and distinctly made his profession in a loud voice, according to custom, as follows; "I Nicholas, bishop elect of the church of Durham, acknowledge canonical subjection, reverence, and obedience to the church of York, and to you, father Walter, its archbishop, and this I subscribe with my own hand." He then immediately, in the presence of all assembled, marked the sign of the cross in ink at the head of the charter, and delivered the same to the archbishop to be kept in his possession in his treasury.

On 02 Feb 1249 Bishop Nicholas Farnham resigned as Bishop of Durham.

In 1257 Bishop Nicholas Farnham died. He was buried at Durham Cathedral [Map].