Biography of Frederick Hall 1860-1948

Frederick Hall 1860-1948 is in Painters.

On 06 Feb 1860 Frederick Hall was born at Stillington, Hambleton.

Between 1879 and 1881 Frederick Hall (age 20) studied at Lincoln School of Art.

1881. Frederick Hall (age 20). The Judgement Porch [Map] at Lincoln Cathedral [Map].

Before 1885 Frederick Hall (age 24) established a Newlyn studio by 1885 following a visit there the previous year. The number of former associates he found working there possibly encouraged him. It could be said that the Newlyn School was founded in Antwerp in the early 1880’s as the artists who formed the backbone of the group had formed friendships during their time in the Academy. Hall studied there under Verlat in 1882 and 1883 and developed a friendship with Norman Garstin. He shared lodgings with Walter Osborne. Fellow students at the Academy were Nathaniel Hill and Joseph Malachy Kavanagh.

1886. Frederick Hall (age 25). In The Fields.

1887. Frederick Hall (age 26). One for Sorrow.

1887. Frederick Hall (age 26). Farmyard with Goats.

1887. Frederick Hall (age 26). Primrose Day. The portrayal of rural life in a remote English village. The painting almost certainly depicts Primrose Day, celebrated on the 19th April to commemorate Disraeli who regarded the flower as his favourite.

In or after 1887. Frederick Hall (age 26). Horses Watering.

Around 1935. Frederick Hall (age 74). Preparing for Sheep Washing.

On 21 Aug 1948 Frederick Hall (age 88) died.