Biography of George Gower 1540-1596

George Gower 1540-1596 is in Painters.

Around 1540 George Gower was born.

In 1573 George Gower (age 33). Portrait of Elizabeth Lyttelton (age 25).

Elizabeth Lyttelton: Around 1548 she was born to John Lyttelton of Frankley and Bridget Packington at Willoughby-on-the-Wolds, Nottinghamshire. In 1563 Francis Willoughby and she were married. In 1594 Elizabeth Lyttelton died.

Around 1574 George Gower (age 34). Portrait of Elizabeth Cornwallis (age 33).

Elizabeth Cornwallis: In 1541 she was born to Thomas Cornwallis and Anne Jerningham. Before 07 May 1567 Thomas Kitson and she were married. He the son of Thomas Kitson and Margaret Donnington Countess Bath. On 28 Apr 1581 the marriage of William Bourchier 3rd Earl Bath and Mary Cornwallis Countess Bath was annulled. A letter of Sir Thomas Cornwallis, dat. Brome, 10 June 1601, states "By deposition of 10 witnesses, it was most manifestly proved in the Arches, that the marriage was lawfully, clearly, and honestly compassed," that the Earl's mother "did by great means attempt to corrupt the then Judge of that Court ... but not prevailing that way, all course of law was then broken, for they appealed to the Delegates, slne gravamlne ... who thereupon proceeded in so violent a course as the like hath not been heard of .... Her adversaries effected the end of their desire ; and yet the Commissioners' Sentence was with this corrective, viz. leaving the Earl to his own conscience." (Hist. MSS. Com., Hatfield MSS., Part xi, p. 223). This Mary was a legatee, 25 June 1601, in the will of Sir Thomas Kitson, her sister's husband, who mentions her said marriage, and that it afterwards proved most unfortunate and to her great hindrance. W. Lewyn, also, speaks of this Earl as having "made an untimely marriage by night with the da. of Sir Thomas Cornwallys, which was undone and the Earl since married to another, the da. (as I think) of the late Earl of Bedford." (Letter to Lord Cobham, 29 May 1596). V.G. In 1628 Elizabeth Cornwallis died.

Around 1574 George Gower (age 34). Portrait of Charles Somerset. Armorial top left quarterly 1&4 Beaufort Arms with a yellow band top and bottom 2 Herbert Arms 3 Woodville Arms. The attribution here possibly incorrect since Charles Somerset was born in 1587 ie before the 1574 date when painted. A possible subject is William Somerset 3rd Earl of Worcester (age 48) who has the same armoiral in another

Charles Somerset: he was appointed Knight of the Bath. In 1587 he was born to Edward Somerset 4th Earl of Worcester and Elizabeth Hastings Countess of Worcester. In 1665 Charles Somerset died.

Around 1575 George Gower (age 35). Portrait of Philip Howard 20th Earl of Arundel (age 17).

Around 1577 George Gower (age 37). Portrait of Richard Drake (age 42). The heraldic escutcheon shows seven quarters as follows:

1: Drake of Ash Arms. Drake of Ash in the parish of Musbury, Devon.

2: Argent, on a chief gules three cinquefoils of the first; Billet of Ash.

3: Gules, on a fess argent two mullets sable; Hamton of Rockbere and Ash.

4: Ermine, on a chief indented sable three crosslets fitchee or; Orwey of Orwey and Ash.

5: Barry of seven argent and sable.

6: Azure, six lions rampant argent crowned Gules, 3, 2, 1; Forde of Forde.

7: Argent, two chevrons sable (Esse/Ash of Ash); Esse or Ash of Ash.

In 1579 George Gower (age 39). The Plimton Sieve Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (age 45).

In 1579 George Gower (age 39). Self-Portrait.

In 1581 George Gower (age 41) was appointed Serjeant to Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (age 47).

Around 1582 George Gower (age 42). Portrait of Mary Cornwallis Countess Bath.

Mary Cornwallis Countess Bath: she was born to Thomas Cornwallis and Anne Jerningham. On 15 Dec 1578 William Bourchier 3rd Earl Bath and she were married. The marriage, apparently, taking place secretly at night. She by marriage Countess Bath. In 1627 Mary Cornwallis Countess Bath died.

Before 1596 George Gower (age 56). Portrait of Lettice Knollys Countess Essex (age 52) with the Knollys Arms with Elephant Crest on her right.

Before 1596 George Gower (age 56). Portrait of Elizabeth Knollys (age 46) with Elephant Crest the Knollys Arms on her right.

Elizabeth Knollys: Thomas Leighton and she were married. On 15 Jun 1549 she was born to Francis Knollys and Catherine Carey. Around 1605 Elizabeth Knollys died.

In 1596 George Gower (age 56) died.