Biography of Thomas Bateman 1821-1861

Thomas Bateman 1821-1861 is in Antiquaries.

On or before 08 Nov 1821, the date he was baptised, Thomas Bateman was born to William Bateman (age 34) in Rowsley [Map].

In 1835 [his father] William Bateman (age 48) died.

Section I Tumuli 1843. Section I Barrows Opened by Mr Thomas Bateman (age 21) in 1843.

Section I Tumuli 1844. Section I Barrows Opened by Mr Thomas Bateman (age 22) in 1844.

Thomas Bateman 1845. Section I Barrows Opened by Mr Thomas Bateman (age 23) in 1845.

Thomas Bateman 1846. Section I Barrows Opened by Mr Thomas Bateman (age 24) in 1846.

On 02 Aug 1847 Thomas Bateman (age 25) and Sarah Parker (age 23) were married at All Saint's Church, Bakewell, Derbyshire [Map].

Vestiges of the Antiquities of Derbyshire. Vestiges of the Antiquities of Derbyshire, and the Sepuchral Usages of its Inhabitants, from the Most Remote Ages to the Reformation. By Thomas Bateman (age 26). Member of the British Archæological Association; Assisted by Stephen Glover, Author of the 'History of Derbyshire', etc.

What want these outlaws (conquerors should have),

But History's purchased page to call them great,

A wider space, an ornamental grave?

Their hopes were not less warm, their souls were full as brave.

LONDON. John Russell Smith. 4, Old Compton Street, Soho Square, MDCCCXLVIII.

Journal of the British Archaeological Association Volume 7 1851. Remarks on Barrows opened near Bakewell by Thomas Bateman (age 29)

Ten Years' Digging. Ten Years' Diggings In Celtic & Saxon Grave Hills, In The Counties Of Derby, Stafford, And York, From 1848 To 1868. With Notices Of Some Former Discoveries Hitherto Unpublished, And Remarks On The Crania And Pottery From The Mounds. Thomas Bateman (age 39), Local Secretary For Derbyshire Of The Society Of Antiquaries; Fellow Of The Ethnnological Society, Etc. London: George Allen 4; Sons, 44 4; 45, Rathbone Place, W. Published 1861.

To Lady Adeliza Elizabeth Gertrude Norman (age 50), Whose Liberal And Enlightened Assistance Has Encouraged Our Researches, This Volume Is Gratefully And Respectfully Inscribed By The Author.

On 28 Aug 1861 Thomas Bateman (age 39) died.

After 28 Aug 1861 Thomas Bateman (age 39) was buried in unconsecrated ground at his request at Middleton-by-Youlgreave [Map].

In 1866 [his former wife] Sarah Parker (age 42) died.

William Borlase. Coming further South the combined researches of Sir R. C. Hoare and Thomas Bateman, Esq., tabulated by Sir John Lubbock, show that out of some 500 interments explored with care, only thirty-seven were extended, while 112 were contracted, the rest being burnt.

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Family Trees of Thomas Bateman 1821-1861

Paternal Family Tree: Batemans of Middleton

Ancestors of Thomas Bateman 1821-1861

Great x 1 Grandfather: Richard Bateman

GrandFather: Thomas Bateman

Great x 1 Grandmother: Elizabeth Leek

Father: William Bateman

Great x 1 Grandfather: Arthur Clegg of Manchester

GrandMother: Rebekah Clegg

Thomas Bateman