Biography of Thomas Cornwallis -1604

Paternal Family Tree: Cornwallis

Thomas Cornwallis was born to John Cornwallis.

On or after 20 Mar 1534, the date of the settlement, [his future brother-in-law] George Jerningham (age 19) and Ella Spelman (age 14) were married. They had six sons and four daughters.

In 1540 Thomas Cornwallis and Anne Jerningham (age 23) were married.

In 1541 [his daughter] Elizabeth Cornwallis was born to Thomas Cornwallis and [his wife] Anne Jerningham (age 24).

In 1544 [his father] John Cornwallis (age 54) died.

In or before 1549 [his brother-in-law] John Jerningham (age 31) and Catherine Brooke (age 23) were married. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

Around 1549 [his son] William Cornwallis was born to Thomas Cornwallis and [his wife] Anne Jerningham (age 32).

Around 1552 [his daughter] Alice Cornwallis was born to Thomas Cornwallis and [his wife] Anne Jerningham (age 35).

On 25 Dec 1557 Thomas Cornwallis was appointed Comptroller of the Household.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 25 Dec 1557. The xxv day of Desember wher dyvers [courtiers] was removyd unto he-her [higher] rommys; as ser Edward Hastynges (age 36), master of the quen's hors, was mad lord chamburlayn; and ser Thomas Cornwalles comptroller; ser Hare Jarnyngham (age 45) the master of the hors; and ser Hare Benefeld (age 48) fee-chamburlayn and captayn of the gard.

In Jan 1559 [his brother-in-law] George Jerningham (age 44) died.

On 11 Jan 1564 Richard Southwell (age 61) died at Windham Manor, Norfolk. His will of 24 Jul 1561, to which he had added a codicil on the day of his death, was proved on 22 June by Norfolk, Thomas Cornwallis and Thomas aka Francis Gawdy (age 36). He bequeathed over 10,000 sheep to members of his family and left his personal armour to his 'cousin and friend' Henry Bedingfield (age 55) and other armour to the young 4th Duke of Norfolk (age 27), whom he named an executor

Before 07 May 1567 [his son-in-law] Thomas Kitson (age 26) and [his daughter] Elizabeth Cornwallis (age 26) were married. He the son of Thomas Kitson and Margaret Donnington Countess Bath.

In 1574 [his son-in-law] Richard Southwell of Spixworth (age 21) and [his daughter] Alice Cornwallis (age 22) were married.

On 15 Dec 1578 [his son-in-law] William Bourchier 3rd Earl Bath (age 21) and [his daughter] Mary Cornwallis Countess Bath were married. The marriage, apparently, taking place secretly at night. She by marriage Countess Bath.

In 1581 [his wife] Anne Jerningham (age 64) died.

On 28 Apr 1581 the marriage of [his son-in-law] William Bourchier 3rd Earl Bath (age 23) and [his daughter] Mary Cornwallis Countess Bath was annulled. A letter of Sir Thomas Cornwallis, dat. Brome, 10 June 1601, states "By deposition of 10 witnesses, it was most manifestly proved in the Arches, that the marriage was lawfully, clearly, and honestly compassed," that the Earl's mother "did by great means attempt to corrupt the then Judge of that Court ... but not prevailing that way, all course of law was then broken, for they appealed to the Delegates, slne gravamlne ... who thereupon proceeded in so violent a course as the like hath not been heard of .... Her adversaries effected the end of their desire ; and yet the Commissioners' Sentence was with this corrective, viz. leaving the Earl to his own conscience." (Hist. MSS. Com., Hatfield MSS., Part xi, p. 223). This Mary was a legatee, 25 June 1601, in the will of Sir Thomas Kitson (age 40), her [his daughter] sister's (age 40) husband, who mentions her said marriage, and that it afterwards proved most unfortunate and to her great hindrance. W. Lewyn, also, speaks of this Earl as having "made an untimely marriage by night with the da. of Sir Thomas Cornwallys, which was undone and the Earl since married to another, the da. (as I think) of the late Earl of Bedford (age 54)." (Letter to Lord Cobham, 29 May 1596). V.G.

In 1592 [his former brother-in-law] John Jerningham (age 74) died.

On 24 Dec 1604 Thomas Cornwallis died.

[his daughter] Mary Cornwallis Countess Bath was born to Thomas Cornwallis and Anne Jerningham.

Royal Descendants of Thomas Cornwallis -1604

Queen Consort Camilla Shand x 2

Diana Spencer Princess Wales x 5