Culture, Rivers and River Systems in England and Wales, Humber Estuary, River Trent

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River Trent is in Humber Estuary.

Evelyn's Diary. 14 Aug 1654. Went by Newark-on-Trent [Map], a brave town and garrison. Next, by Wharton House, belonging to the Lord Chaworth, a handsome seat; then by Home, a noble place belonging to the Marquis of Dorchester (age 48), and passed the famous River Trent, which divides the South from the North of England; and so lay that night at Nottingham [Map].

In Sep 1678 Humphrey Ferrers (age 25) drowned in the River Trent.

Gunthorpe Bridge [Map] is a bridge over the River Trent which replaced a ferry which operated until 1875. The original bridge opened in 1875. It was built largely in iron. The current bridge was built in 1927 400 metres upstream from the old one.

Gunthorpe Lock [Map] is a lock and weir on the River Trent.

Stoke Ferry Shelford [Map] is a former crossing point on the River Trent that gives its name to Shelford [Map].

Bishton Hall [Map] is located 150m north of the River Trent.

St Michael and All Angels Church Colwich, Staffordshire [Map] with a view of the River Trent from the churchyard.