Alabaster Monument

Alabaster Monument is in Church Monuments.

After 01 Sep 1414 William Ros 6th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 44) was buried at Belvoir Priory [Map]. At the dissolution of the monasteries his monument was moved to the Chancel of St Mary the Virgin Church, Bottesford, Leicestershire [Map] on the right side of the High Altar. Alabaster Monument of the Camail and Jupon Period. Possibly Sutton and Prentys.

Detail of the Ros Family Peacock Crest surmounting his Great Helm.

Detail of decorated Orle and Vervelle Cover.

Detail of Lancastrian Esses Collar and face. Note the twisted moustache that is frequently seen on Sutton and Prentys monuments. The fixing of the Esses Collar to the Camail using a small trefoil.

On 30 May 1499 John Cheney 1st Baron Cheyne (age 57) died. Fluted Period. Alabaster Monument at Salisbury Cathedral [Map].

Fluted armour typified by having no headwear, being clean shaven, a breastplate in two pieces and the neck protected by a Standard. Damaged angel, its head removed, holding the cushion on which his head rests. He wearing a Lancastrian Esses Collar with large Esses. Ringed fingers.

Detail of the heavily graffitied Shoulder Garter.

Detail of the heavily graffitied Leg Garter and Poleyn.

Mutilated Lion at his feet with its head missing. The figure beneath his right foot appears to be a Bedesman. That beneath his left foot may be the remains of the means by which a bedesman was originally fixed to the foot. What appears to be a birds foot lying across the lions body is the tail of the lion.

On 13 Mar 1518 Thomas Babington of Dethick (age 69) died at Ashover, Derbyshire [Map]. He was buried at All Saints Church, Ashover, Derbyshire [Map].

Monument to Thomas Babington of Dethick (age 69) and Editha Fitzherbert. Excellent painted alabaster monument of the Fluted Period with the colours much refreshed. Carved by Harpur and Moorecock of Burton on Trent. Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings. The monument was probably erected shortly after Edith died. Thomas's will requests the tomb not be disturbed when dies:

I will my body be buryed in my parish church of Ashover, nere by wif Edith, it it fortune me to deceas within xx. myles of the same. And ells in such place as shalbe thought by them that shalbe wt me at the tyme of my diceas; But I will not that the Tombe which I have made in the Church of Ashover be broken or hurt for my carkas, but that it be leyde nere the same, and over that place that I shall lye in, a stone with a scripture after myne executors and supervisour myndis or the more parte of them to be leyde."

Thomas Babington of Dethick: Around 1449 he was born to John Babington and Isabel Bradbourne. Before 1476 Thomas Babington of Dethick and Editha Fitzherbert were married.

Editha Fitzherbert: Around 1457 she was born to Ralph Fitzherbert and Elizabeth Marshall at Norbury, Derbyshire. In 1511 Editha Fitzherbert died at Ashover, Staffordshire.

She wearing a Gabled Headress with long lappets.

He in civilian clothes with a purse (aka scrip aka gypciere) hanging from his belt.

The chest tomb of exceptional quality with the fifteen weepers under crocketed canopies broadly undamaged. The weepers on the sides are believed to represent Thomas and Editha's children, possibly fourteen, and their respective spouses. The chest tomb now abuts the south wall of the chancel meaning only three sides visible.

Thomas Babington of Dethick (age 69) and Editha Fitzherbert with Saints Catherine and Thomas of Canterbury in the centre.

In or after 1526. St Mary's Church, Ruabon [Map]. Monument [Map] to John ap Ellis Eyton. Alabaster Monument. Lancastrian Esses Collar. Possibly Harpur and Moorecock of Burton on Trent.

John ap Ellis Eyton: In 1526 he died.

Detail of his head. Categorised as Fluted Period. Note the absence of headwear, his being clean shaven and the Standard protecting the neck all of which define the Fluted Period.

Before it was damaged this was a dog chewing at the hem of her dress; also indicative of Harpur and Moorecock of Burton on Trent.

She wearing a Gabled Headress.

Tudor Roses on his sword pommel.

A curious lion at his feet. Unlikely the carver had ever seen a lion.

Detail of the orle, mantling and what remains of the crest on his Great Helm. Difficult to tell what it was originally.

Detail of his head with a short haircut and beard. He wearing a circlet, possibly coronet. His head resting on a Great Helm with Peacock in Pride ie with its feathers displayed.

Detail of his Leg Garter, Shoulder Garter and his Knots and Encircled Shields Collar Livery Collar.

Her feet on a Griffin. His feet resting on a Unicorn, with its horn missing.

His Mitten Gauntlets with the cloven-hooved foot of the Unicorn visible.

Detail of his Great Helm with Cap of Maintenance and the Manners Peacock in Pride ie with its feathers displayed.

Detail of the panels of the chest.

Detail of her dress with fastenings, heart locket, hands crasped in prayer.

After 17 Sep 1563. Alabaster Monument to Henry Manners 2nd Earl of Rutland (deceased) and Margaret Neville Countess Rutland at St Mary the Virgin Church, Bottesford, Leicestershire [Map].

Monument an unusual Table Tomb with their effigies beneath surmounted by effigies of their children. The table may once have been raised in the same way as the one at St Lawrence's Church, Snarford [Map] to Thomas St Paul which may be by the same carver.

His arms showing quarterly: 1&4: Manners Augmented Arms.
2nd: Top Row: Ros Arms, Roet Arms, Trusbutt [or Belvoir], Bottom Row: Todeni [Albini ancient], Daubeney Arms, Badlesmere Arms.
3rd Quarterly: 1 Thomas Holland 2nd Earl Kent 1350 1397 Arms, 2 Tiptoft Arms, 3 Vaux ArmsPowys Arms aka Charlton.

Her arms. Quartered 1&4 Neville Arms, 2 Thomas Holland 2nd Earl Kent 1350 1397 Arms, 4 Neville Ancient Arms.

Detail of his Leg Garter.

Peacock in Pride ie with its feathers displayed.

Detail of their children.

Detail of the corner of the pediment on which the arms are displayed decorated with fruit and detail of one of the legs of the table.

Detail of his armour, in his right hand a prayer-book, his left hand clutching his sword.

Detail of the St George Pendant Pendant signifying his being a Knight of the Order of the Garter.

Detail of the Unicorn on which his feet rest and Lion on which her feet rest.

The Manners Peacock Crest.

Detail of the Heart locket on her necklace and his St George Pendant.

After 1588. St Peter's Church, Shelford [Map]. Alabaster Monument to Anne Rawson (age 73). Carved by Richard and Gabriel Royley of Burton upon Trent.

The quartered Stanhope Arms impaled with Rawson Arms: Gules, a four square castle in perspective with as many towers and cupolas one at each angle or standing in water azure.

Detail of her Bongrace.

After 1603. Church of St John the Baptist, Ashley [Map]. Monument to Gilbert Gerard and Anne Ratclyffe (deceased). A large alabaster rib-vaulted canopy with round arches at either end and obelisks above over two recumbent effigies.

Gilbert Gerard: Around 1534 he was born to James Gerard of Astley and Margaret Holcroft at Sudbury, Lancashire. In or before 1555 Gilbert Gerard and Anne Ratclyffe were married. On 04 Feb 1593 Gilbert Gerard died at Ashley, Staffordshire.

Anne Ratclyffe: Around 1539 she was born to Thomas Ratclyffe at Winmarleigh, Garstang. After 1603 she died at Chew Magna, Somerset.