Cadaver Tombs

Cadaver Tombs is in Church Monument Details.

On 25 or 26 Jan 1431 Bishop Richard Fleming (age 46) died. He was buried at Lincoln Cathedral [Map] where he has a Chantrey Chapel with an effigy above and cadaver beneath.

Bishop Richard Fleming: Around 1385 he was born. On 20 Nov 1419 Bishop Richard Fleming was nominated by papal provision to be Bishop of Lincoln. On 28 Apr 1420 Bishop Richard Fleming was consecrated Bishop of Lincoln by by Martin V in Florence.


In or after 1481. Memorial brass to John Brigge of Salle (deceased) in Church of St Peter and St Paul, Salle [Map]. He appears as a Cadaver. The inscription reads "Here lyth John Brigge under this marbil ston, Whos sowle our lorde ihu have mercy upon, For in this world worthily he lyved many a day, And here his bodi ys beryed and cowched under clay, So frendis fre whatever ye be pray for me I you pray, As ye me se in soche degree so schall ye be anothir day."

John Brigge of Salle: Before 1454 he was born to John Atte Brigge. In 1481 he died.

After 1549. Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. Cadaver Cenotaph to Abbot John Wakeman. The Cadaver unusual for the detail of worms and mice.

Abbot John Wakeman: On 27 Apr 1534 he was appointed Abbot Tewkesury Abbey. In 1549 he died.