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South England West is in Prehistoric British Isles.

South England West Causewayed Enclosures

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Hembury Causewayed Enclosure is also in South England West Causewayed Enclosures.

Hembury Causewayed Enclosure [Map] is a Causewayed Enclosure located in south-east Devon. It was excavated by Dorothy Liddell between 1930 and 1935.

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Liddell's excavations, 1930-35: Neolithic occupation is represented by an east to west causewayed ditch across the centre of the site; south of this was an "extensive habitation site" with numerous cooking pits (which produced a radiocarbon date of circa 3240 BC). A Neolithic ditch underlay the Iron Age defensive works by the ne entrance, and a dwelling hut (hut circle) was excavated by the west entrance. Finds included pottery (similar to Windmill Hill Pottery) both "local" and "imported", numerous flints and charred grain.

Hembury Ware pottery is generally characterised by round bottomed bowls with lug handles. It is named after its type site Hembury Causewayed Enclosure [Map].