Biography of John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale 1616-1682

Paternal Family Tree: Maitland

On 24 May 1616 John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale was born to John Maitland 1st Earl Lauderdale at Lethington.

On 14 Mar 1624 [his father] John Maitland 1st Earl Lauderdale was created 1st Earl Lauderdale.

On 18 Jan 1645 [his father] John Maitland 1st Earl Lauderdale died. His son John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 28) succeeded 2nd Earl Lauderdale.

Around 1648 Lionel Tollemache 3rd Baronet (age 23) and [his future wife] Elizabeth Murray Duchess Lauderdale (age 21) were married. She the daughter of William Murray 1st Earl Dysart (age 48).

In Dec 1655 William Murray 1st Earl Dysart (age 55) died. His daughter [his future wife] Elizabeth Murray Duchess Lauderdale (age 29) succeeded 2nd Countess Dysart.

Pepy's Diary. 31 Dec 1660. That being done I went to my Lord's (age 35), where I found him private at cards with my Lord Lauderdale (age 44) and some persons of honour. So Mr. Shepley and I over to Harper's, and there drank a pot or two, and so parted. My boy taking a cat home with him from my Lord's, which Sarah had given him for my wife (age 20) we being much troubled with mice.

Before 05 Aug 1661 Cornelius Johnson (age 67). Portrait of Thomas Hales 3rd Baronet and John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 45). Ham House, Richmond, Surrey.

Thomas Hales 3rd Baronet: Around 1695 he was born to Thomas Hales 2nd Baronet. On 07 Jan 1748 Thomas Hales 2nd Baronet died. His son Thomas Hales 3rd Baronet succeeded 3rd Baronet Hales of Beakesbourne in Kent. On 06 Oct 1762 Thomas Hales 3rd Baronet died. His son Thomas Hales 4th Baronet succeeded 4th Baronet Hales of Beakesbourne in Kent.

Evelyn's Diary. 30 Apr 1663. Came his Majesty (age 32) to honor my poor villa with his presence, viewing the gardens, and even every room of the house, and was pleased to take a small refreshment. There were with him the Duke of Richmond (age 24), Earl of St. Alban's (age 58), Lord Lauderdale (age 46), and several persons of quality.

Pepy's Diary. 01 Feb 1664. Thence with Alderman Maynell by his coach to the 'Change [Map], and there with several people busy, and so home to dinner, and took my wife out immediately to the King's Theatre [Map], it being a new month, and once a month I may go, and there saw "The Indian Queen" acted; which indeed is a most pleasant show, and beyond my expectation; the play good, but spoiled with the ryme, which breaks the sense. But above my expectation most, the eldest Marshall did do her part most excellently well as I ever heard woman in my life; but her voice not so sweet as Ianthe's (age 27); but, however, we came home mightily contented. Here we met Mr. Pickering (age 46) and his mistress, Mrs. Doll Wilde (age 31); he tells me that the business runs high between the Chancellor (age 54) and my Lord Bristoll (age 51) against the Parliament; and that my Lord Lauderdale (age 47) and Cooper (age 42) open high against the Chancellor (age 54); which I am sorry for.

Pepy's Diary. 22 Feb 1664. This evening came Mr. Alsopp the King's brewer, with whom I spent an houre talking and bewailing the posture of things at present; the King (age 33) led away by half-a-dozen men, that none of his serious servants and friends can come at him. These are Lauderdale (age 47), Buckingham (age 36), Hamilton, Fitz-Harding (age 34) (to whom he hath, it seems, given £2,000 per annum in the best part of the King's estate); and that that the old Duke of Buckingham could never get of the King (age 33). Progers is another, and Sir H. Bennett (age 46). He loves not the Queen (age 25) at all, but is rather sullen to her; and she, by all reports, incapable of children. He is so fond of the Duke of Monmouth (age 14), that every body admires it; and he says the Duke hath said, that he would be the death of any man that says the King (age 33) was not married to his mother: though Alsopp says, it is well known that she was a common whore before the King (age 33) lay with her. But it seems, he says, that the King (age 33) is mighty kind to these his bastard children; and at this day will go at midnight to my Baroness Castlemaine's (age 23) nurses, and take the child and dance it in his arms: that he is not likely to have his tables up again in his house1, for the crew that are about him will not have him come to common view again, but keep him obscurely among themselves. He hath this night, it seems, ordered that the Hall (which there is a ball to be in to-night before the King (age 33)) be guarded, as the Queen-Mother's (age 54) is, by his Horse Guards; whereas heretofore they were by the Lord Chamberlain or Steward, and their people. But it is feared they will reduce all to the soldiery, and all other places taken away; and what is worst of all, that he will alter the present militia, and bring all to a flying army.

Note 1. The tables at which the King (age 33) dined in public.-B.

Pepy's Diary. 22 Feb 1664. That my Lord Lauderdale (age 47), being Middleton's (age 56) enemy, and one that scorns the Chancellor (age 55) even to open affronts before the King (age 33), hath got the whole power of Scotland into his hand; whereas the other day he was in a fair way to have had his whole estate, and honour, and life, voted away from him.

Pepy's Diary. 02 Mar 1664. This morning Mr. Burgby, one of the writing clerks belonging to the Council, was with me about business, a knowing man, he complains how most of the Lords of the Council do look after themselves and their own ends, and none the publique, unless Sir Edward Nicholas (age 70). Sir G. Carteret (age 54) is diligent, but all for his own ends and profit. My Lord Privy Seale (age 58), a destroyer of every body's business, and do no good at all to the publique. The Archbishop of Canterbury (age 65) speaks very little, nor do much, being now come to the highest pitch that he can expect. He tells me, he believes that things will go very high against the Chancellor (age 55) by Digby (age 51), and that bad things will be proved. Talks much of his neglecting the King (age 33); and making the King (age 33) to trot every day to him, when he is well enough to go to visit his cozen Chief-Justice Hide (age 69), but not to the Council or King. He commends my Lord of Ormond (age 53) mightily in Ireland; but cries out cruelly of Sir G. Lane (age 44) for his corruption; and that he hath done my Lord great dishonour by selling of places here, which are now all taken away, and the poor wretches ready to starve. That nobody almost understands or judges of business better than the King (age 33), if he would not be guilty of his father's fault to be doubtfull of himself, and easily be removed from his own opinion. That my Lord Lauderdale (age 47) is never from the King's care nor council, and that he is a most cunning fellow. Upon the whole, that he finds things go very bad every where; and even in the Council nobody minds the publique.

Evelyn's Diary. 04 Mar 1664. Came to dine with me the Earl of Lauderdale (age 47), his Majesty's (age 33) great favorite, and Secretary of Scotland; the Earl of Teviot (age 38); my Lord Viscount Brouncker (age 53), President of the Royal Society; Dr. Wilkins (age 50), Dean of Ripon; Sir Robert Murray (age 56), and Mr. Hooke (age 28), Curator to the Society.

Around 1665 Peter Lely (age 46). Portrait of John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 48).

In 1666 [his son-in-law] John Hay 2nd Marquess Teviotdale (age 21) and [his daughter] Mary Maitland Marchioness Teviotdale were married. She the daughter of John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 49) and Anne Home (age 54). He the son of John Hay 1st Marquess Teviotdale (age 40) and Jean Scott Marchioness Teviotdale.

Pepy's Diary. 28 Jul 1666. Thence with my Lord to his coach-house, and there put in his six horses into his coach, and he and I alone to Highgate. All the way going and coming I learning of him the principles of Optickes, and what it is that makes an object seem less or bigger and how much distance do lessen an object, and that it is not the eye at all, or any rule in optiques, that can tell distance, but it is only an act of reason comparing of one mark with another, which did both please and inform me mightily. Being come thither we went to my Lord Lauderdale's (age 50) house to speake with him, about getting a man at Leith to joyne with one we employ to buy some prize goods for the King (age 36); we find (him) and his [his future wife] lady (age 54) and some Scotch people at supper. Pretty odd company; though my Lord Bruncker (age 46) tells me, my Lord Lauderdale (age 50) is a man of mighty good reason and judgement. But at supper there played one of their servants upon the viallin some Scotch tunes only; several, and the best of their country, as they seemed to esteem them, by their praising and admiring them: but, Lord! the strangest ayre that ever I heard in my life, and all of one cast. But strange to hear my Lord Lauderdale (age 50) say himself that he had rather hear a cat mew, than the best musique in the world; and the better the musique, the more sicke it makes him; and that of all instruments, he hates the lute most, and next to that, the baggpipe.

Pepy's Diary. 25 Nov 1666. Here staid till the Council rose, walking in the gallery. All the talke being of Scotland, where the highest report, I perceive, runs but upon three or four hundred in armes; but they believe that it will grow more, and do seem to apprehend it much, as if the King of France (age 28) had a hand in it. My Lord Lauderdale (age 50) do make nothing of it, it seems, and people do censure him for it, he from the beginning saying that there was nothing in it, whereas it do appear to be a pure rebellion; but no persons of quality being in it, all do hope that it cannot amount to much. Here I saw Mrs. Stewart (age 19) this afternoon, methought the beautifullest creature that ever I saw in my life, more than ever I thought her so, often as I have seen her; and I begin to think do exceed my Baroness Castlemayne (age 25), at least now.

Pepy's Diary. 01 May 1667. Thence away to the King's playhouse, by agreement met Sir W. Pen (age 46), and saw "Love in a Maze" but a sorry play: only Lacy's (age 52) clowne's part, which he did most admirably indeed; and I am glad to find the rogue at liberty again. Here was but little, and that ordinary, company. We sat at the upper bench next the boxes; and I find it do pretty well, and have the advantage of seeing and hearing the great people, which may be pleasant when there is good store. Now was only Prince Rupert (age 47) and my Lord Lauderdale (age 50), and my Lord, the naming of whom puts me in mind of my seeing, at Sir Robert Viner's (age 36), two or three great silver flagons, made with inscriptions as gifts of the King (age 36) to such and such persons of quality as did stay in town the late great plague, for the keeping things in order in the town, which is a handsome thing. But here was neither Hart (age 41), Nell (age 17), nor Knipp; therefore, the play was not likely to please me.

Pepy's Diary. 19 Jun 1667. While we were discoursing over our publique misfortunes, I am called in to a large Committee of the Council: present the Duke of Albemarle (age 58), Anglesey (age 52), Arlington (age 49), Ashly (age 45), Carteret (age 57), Duncomb (age 44), Coventry (age 39), Ingram (age 52), Clifford (age 36), Lauderdale (age 51), Morrice (age 64), Manchester (age 65), Craven (age 59), Carlisle (age 38), Bridgewater (age 44).

Around 1670 Jacob Huysmans (age 37). Portrait of John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 53).

Evelyn's Diary. 26 May 1671. The Earl of Bristol's (age 58) house in Queen's Street was taken for the Commissioners of Trade and Plantations, and furnished with rich hangings of the King's (age 40). It consisted of seven rooms on a floor, with a long gallery, gardens, etc. This day we met the Duke of Buckingham (age 43), Earl of Lauderdale (age 55), Lord Culpeper, Sir George Carteret (age 61), Vice-Chamberlain, and myself, had the oaths given us by the Earl of Sandwich (age 45), our President. It was to advise and counsel his Majesty (age 40), to the best of our abilities, for the well-governing of his Foreign Plantations, etc., the form very little differing from that given to the Privy Council. We then took our places at the Board in the Council-Chamber, a very large room furnished with atlases, maps, charts, globes, etc. Then came the Lord Keeper, Sir Orlando Bridgeman (age 65), Earl of Arlington (age 53), Secretary of State, Lord Ashley, Mr. Treasurer (age 40), Sir John Trevor (age 34), the other Secretary, Sir John Duncomb (age 49), Lord Allington (age 31), Mr. Grey, son to the Lord Grey, Mr. Henry Broncher, Sir Humphrey Winch (age 49), Sir John Finch, Mr. Waller (age 65), and Colonel Titus (age 48), of the bedchamber, with Mr. Slingsby, Secretary to the Council, and two Clerks of the Council, who had all been sworn some days before. Being all set, our Patent was read, and then the additional Patent, in which was recited this new establishment; then, was delivered to each a copy of the Patent, and of instructions: after which, we proceeded to business.

In Dec 1671 John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 55) and Anne Home (age 59) were married. She the daughter of Alexander Home 1st Earl of Home and Mary Dudley Countess Home. He the son of John Maitland 1st Earl Lauderdale.

Before 1672 [his wife] Anne Home (age 60) died at Paris [Map].

In 1672 John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 55) and Elizabeth Murray Duchess Lauderdale (age 45) were married. She the daughter of William Murray 1st Earl Dysart. He the son of John Maitland 1st Earl Lauderdale.

On 02 May 1672 John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 55) was created 1st Duke Lauderdale, 1st Earl March Unknown Creation. [his wife] Elizabeth Murray Duchess Lauderdale (age 45) by marriage Duchess Lauderdale.

On 03 Jun 1672 John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 56) was appointed 472nd Knight of the Garter by King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 42).

On 25 Jun 1674 John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 58) was created 1st Earl Guildford, 1st Baron Petersham. [his wife] Elizabeth Murray Duchess Lauderdale (age 47) by marriage Countess Guildford.

Around 1675 Peter Lely (age 56). Portrait of John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 58) and [his wife] Elizabeth Murray Duchess Lauderdale (age 48).

Evelyn's Diary. 27 Jun 1675. At Ely House, I went to the consecration of my worthy friend, the learned Dr. Barlow (age 51), Warden of Queen's College, Oxford, now made Bishop of Lincoln. After it succeeded a magnificent feast, where were the Duke of Ormond (age 64), Earl of Lauderdale (age 59), the Lord Treasurer (age 43), Lord Keeper, etc.

On 12 Mar 1678 Archibald Campbell 1st Duke Argyll (age 19) and [his step-daughter] Elizabeth Tollemache Duchess Argyll (age 18) were married. She the daughter of Lionel Tollemache 3rd Baronet and Elizabeth Murray Duchess Lauderdale (age 51). He the son of Archibald Campbell 9th Earl Argyll (age 49) and Mary Stewart Countess Argyll.

Evelyn's Diary. 27 Aug 1678. After dinner I walked to Ham, to see the house and garden of the Duke of Lauderdale (age 62), which is indeed inferior to few of the best villas in Italy itself; the house furnished like a great Prince's; the parterres, flower-gardens, orangeries, groves, avenues, courts, statues, perspectives, fountains, aviaries, and all this at the banks of the sweetest river in the world, must needs be admirable.

Evelyn's Diary. 06 Jul 1679. Now were there papers, speeches, and libels, publicly cried in the streets against the Dukes of York (age 45) and Lauderdale (age 63), etc., obnoxious to the Parliament, with too much and indeed too shameful a liberty; but the people and Parliament had gotten head by reason of the vices of the great ones.

On 30 Sep 1680 [his step-son] Lionel Tollemache 3rd Earl Dysart (age 31) and Grace Wilbraham Countess Dysart (age 19) were married. She by marriage Countess Dysart. He the son of Lionel Tollemache 3rd Baronet and Elizabeth Murray Duchess Lauderdale (age 54).

Before 07 Dec 1680 Peter Lely (age 62). Portrait of John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 64) wearing his Garter Robes.

On 24 Aug 1682 John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 66) died. His brother [his brother] Charles Maitland 3rd Earl Lauderdale succeeded 3rd Earl Lauderdale. Earl Guildford extinct.

On 05 Jun 1698 [his former wife] Elizabeth Murray Duchess Lauderdale (age 71) died at Ham House, Richmond, Surrey. She was buried at Church of St Peter Petersham, Surrey. Her son [his former step-son] Lionel Tollemache 3rd Earl Dysart (age 49) succeeded 3rd Earl Dysart.

[his daughter] Mary Maitland Marchioness Teviotdale was born to John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale and Anne Home .

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