Europe, British Isles, North-West Wales aka Gwynedd, Anglesey, Beaumaris

Beaumaris, Anglesey is in Anglesey.

On 07 Sep 1450 Richard Plantagenet 3rd Duke of York (age 38) landed at Beaumaris, Anglesey.

On 26 Jan 1547 Richard Bulkeley of Beaumaris (age 46) died. He was buried at Beaumaris, Anglesey.

On 28 Jun 1621 Richard Bulkeley (age 88) died at Beaumaris, Anglesey. He was buried at Beaumaris, Anglesey.

On 16 Oct 1688 Robert Bulkeley 2nd Viscount Bulkeley died at Beaumaris, Anglesey. His son Richard Bulkeley 3rd Viscount Bulkeley succeeded 3rd Viscount Bulkeley of Cashel in Tipperary. Elizabeth White Viscountess Bulkeley by marriage Viscountess Bulkeley of Cashel in Tipperary.

In 1689 and 1681 William Williams 1st Baronet (age 47) was elected MP Beaumaris.

In 1690 Thomas Bulkeley (age 57) was elected MP Beaumaris.

On 31 Aug 1704 Richard Bulkeley 3rd Viscount Bulkeley was buried at Beaumaris, Anglesey.

On 18 Apr 1707 Richard Bulkeley 5th Viscount Bulkeley was baptised at Beaumaris, Anglesey.

In 1784 Hugh Fortescue 1st Earl Fortescue (age 30) was elected MP Beaumaris.

In 1796 Thomas Wynn 1st Baron Newborough (age 60) was elected MP Beaumaris.

In 1847 General George Augustus Frederick Paget (age 28) was elected MP Beaumaris which seat he held until 1857.

In 1857 William Owen Stanley (age 54) was elected MP Beaumaris.

On 29 Dec 1873 Oswald Mosley 5th Baronet was born to Oswald Mosley 4th Baronet (age 25) at Beaumaris, Anglesey.

Archaeologia Volume 29 Section X. The following account of Edward's marriage is taken from MS. Lansd. 210. The date of this occurrence is unfortunately not known, nor have I been able to supply the deficiency:—

In thys same yer kyng Edward sent hys trusty frende, the Erle of Warwyk, and other imbasseturs into France to conclowde a maryage for hym with the lady Bona, that was syster to the French quene, a lady of excelent bewté, wech he concludyd in the kynges name, the wech besenys afterward dyd cawse cevylle war and moch meschef; for Kyng Edward had changyd hys mende, or the Erle cam whom agayn, and was maryed to the lady Elsabyth Gray, dawter to Rycharde Lord Revers, woch was maryd befor to Ser John Gray, knight, by whom she had ij. cheldren, Thomas and Richard."

It will be recollected that Queen Margaret visited France to obtain succour for King Henry. The following very curious narrative, which is taken from MS. Lambeth, 448, throws great light on the way Edward was made acquainted with her designs:—

Blyssyt be God! diverse of owre adversaryes be owrethrowyn, and we undyrstond the prevyte and fals ymaginacions of the French party. Also ther is oon callyt John Worby, of Mortlond, a spye, in the county of Herteford, servaunt to Sere John Russel, in the county of Wyscetre, takyn be the Lord Suthwell, and the seid a spye ther takyn, hath confessyt that Kyng Herry, late Kyng of England, in dede but not in ryth, and sche that was Queyn Margarete hys wyf, and Edward hyr son, the duk of Brytayn, Edward the Duk of Burgoyn, Syr Wylliam Taylbos, the Lord Roos, Sir Richard Tunstall, Thomas Ormond, Sir W. Catisby, Thomas Fytze Harry—thes lordes and knytes be in Scotlond with the Scottes. The Duk of Excetre, Erl of Penbrok, the Baron of Burford, John Ayne—thes schal lond at Bumeryes be the appoyment of Robert Gald, Captene of the Duk of Burgoyne. Duk Herry of Calabere, the Lord Hungyrford, the Lord Mortone, the Duk of Somersete, with lx. m1. men of Spayn, thes schal londyn in the coost of Norfolk and Suffolk. The Lord Lewys, the Duk of Spayne, Herry the Dolfyn of Franch, Ser John Fosbrew, Ser John Russel of Wycetre, Ser Thomas Burtayn, the erlys brothere of Denschyre, Ser Thomas Cornwaylys; thes lordes and knytes schal londyn at Sanewych by the appoyment. Than comyng after thes lordes and knytes byfore wryten to assiste them with al the powre possibille they may make; the Kyng of Fraunce with a c. m'; the Kyng of Denmarke with xx. m1; the Kyng of Aragon 1. m'; the Kyng of Slavern with xx. M!; the Kyng of Cesyl with xxv. m'; the Kyng of Portyngale with x. m'; the whych be appoyntyt to enter the reme of Inglond.

Europe, British Isles, North-West Wales aka Gwynedd, Anglesey, Beaumaris, Baron Hill

In 1618 Richard Bulkeley (age 85) built at Baron Hill, Beaumaris.

Europe, British Isles, North-West Wales aka Gwynedd, Anglesey, Beaumaris Castle [Map]

In 1440 William Bulkeley (age 22) was appointed Constable of Beaumaris Castle.

In Mar 1449 Eleanor Cobham Duchess of Gloucester (age 49) was imprisoned at the Beaumaris Castle [Map].

On 07 Jul 1452 Eleanor Cobham Duchess of Gloucester (age 52) died at Beaumaris Castle [Map].

The Welsh Castles and Towns of Edward I comprise a number of castles, some with associated planned towns, commissioned as a means of containing the Welsh. They included, from east to west, Flint Castle [Map], Rhuddlan, Conwy Castle [Map], Beaumaris Castle [Map], Caernarfon Castle [Map], Harlech Castle [Map] and Aberystwyth Castle [Map]. Those not on the coast include Chirk Castle [Map], Denbigh Castle and Town Walls and Builth Castle [Map]. Arguably, Holt Castle [Map] and Criccieth Castle [Map] should be included.