1350-1359-Winchelsea and Poitiers

Battle of Winchelsea

On 29 Aug 1350 the English fleet defeated a Castilian fleet at Winchelsea during the Battle of Winchelsea. Around twenty Castilian ships were captured; several were sunk. For the English Edward III King England and his son Edward "Black Prince" Plantagenet Prince Wales, James Audley, Henry Scrope 1st Baron Scrope Masham, Henry of Grosmont 1st Duke Lancaster and John Sully fought.

Statute of Labourers

In 1351 the Statute of Labourers was a futher attempt by Parliament to constraing worker's wages following the Black Death. In practice, the Statute was poorly enforced and caused considerable resentment, ultimately being one of the causes of the Peasant's Revolt.

Treason Act

In 1351 the Treason Act defined Treason for the first time: High Treason and Petty Treason, and the associated penalties. Hanging, drawing an quartering for men, burning for women.

Statute of Provisors

In 1351 the Statute of Provisors attempted to constrain the appointment of benefices to aliens ie non-English who are not subject to English Laws.

Battle of the Thirty

On 26 Mar 1351 thirty English and thirty French knights fought in an arranged battle at Guillac known as Battle of the Thirty. Hugh Calveley fought, was captured and ransomed.

Statute of Praemunire

In 1353 the Statute of Praemunire attempted to constrain the power of Rome over the sovereignty of England.

Battle of Bordeaux

On 13 Jan 1356 Edward "Black Prince" Plantagenet Prince Wales and Ralph Basset 3rd Baron Basset Drayton fought at Bordeaux during the Battle of Bordeaux.

Edward Balliol surrenders his claim to be King Scotland

Battle of Poitiers

On 19 Sep 1356 the army of Edward "Black Prince" Plantagenet Prince Wales defeated the French and Scottish army led by John "The Good" II King France at the Battle of Poitiers. John "The Good" II King France was captured.
The the English army included: James Audley, Thomas Beauchamp 11th Earl Warwick, Bartholomew "The Younger" Burghesh 2nd Baron Burghesh, Reginald Cobham 1st Baron Cobham Sternborough, Edward Despencer 1st Baron Despencer, 3rd Baron Burghesh, Ralph Ferrers, William Scrope, William Montagu 2nd Earl Salisbury, Walter Paveley 4th Baron Burghesh, Robert Ufford 1st Earl Suffolk, William Ufford 2nd Earl Suffolk, John Vere 7th Earl Oxford, John Willoughby 3rd Baron Willoughby Eresby, Thomas Arderne, Enion Sais Brecon, John Chandos, Richard Pembridge, Jean Grailly and John Sully. Hugh Courtenay 10th Earl Devon protected the baggage train. .
he French and Scottish army included: John "The Good" II King France, Philip "Bold" Valois-Burgundy II Duke Burgundy, Jean Bourbon I Count La Marche, Archibald "Grim" Douglas 3rd Earl Douglas, John "sans Terre" Artois 1st Count Eu; all captured.
Guichard Angle 1st Earl Huntingdon and William Douglas 1st Earl Douglas fought. Peter Bourbon Duke Bourbon was killed. .

34th Parliament Edward III

Funeral of William Greystoke