Biography of John Dutton


Before 05 Oct 1594 John Dutton was born to William Dutton.

On 05 Oct 1594 John Dutton was baptised.

Before 26 Nov 1638 Lucy Dutton Countess Downe was born to John Dutton and Elizabeth Bayntun.

On 14 Jan 1657 John Dutton died.

After 1657. Church of Saint Mary Magdalene. Monument to John Dutton. Sculpted by Thomas Burman. A shrouded upright effigy in white marble within a round-headed niche flanked by black marble columns with Corinthian capitals and scrolled pediment with the Sherborne arms at the centre, above. Inscription plaques either side. Inscription to John Dutton below.

John Dutton and Anne King were married.

John Dutton and Elizabeth Bayntun were married.

Family Trees

Paternal Family Tree: Dutton


Father: William Dutton

GrandFather: Thomas Dutton

Great GrandFather: William Dutton

Great x 2 GrandFather: Ralph Dutton

Great x 3 GrandFather: Richard Dutton