History of Guernsey

Guernsey is in Channel Islands.

In 1398 John Cobham 3rd Baron Cobham 1321-1408 (77) exiled at Guernsey.

Chronicle of Gregory 1459. 12 Oct 1459. The Erle of Saulysbury (59), the Erle of Warwycke (30), the Erle of Marche (17), Syr John Wenlocke (59), alle thes come unto Devynschyre to Syr John Denham, and alle thes by the conveynge of Syr John Denham; and they bought a smalle vesselle in that contray, an they were conveyde unto Garnesey, ande from Garnesaye unto Calys, for fere of dethe that they sayde was ymagenyde by the kyng and hys lordys, and of hyr owne housolde mayny for hyr dystruccyon, the counselle and con of King Harry the VI. Thes lordys departyd owte of Ingelonde on Synt Edwarde ys evyn, Synt Edwarde bothe kynge and confessoure, the xij day of Octobera, and they taryd at Calys xxxvj wekys. But the Erle of Warwycke (30) come unto Sondewyche, and there he toke the Lord Ryvers (54) with hys ladye (44), the lady and Duchyes of Bedfordeb and brought hem to Calys, for he was commaundyd to have londyd at C[a]]ys by the kynge, but he was brought there sonner then hym lekyd.

a. This is really the date of the breaking up of their camp at Ludlow, not of their leaving England.

b. Jaquetta (44), widow of the Regent Bedford (70). She was the daughter of Peter of Luxemburg, Count of St. Pol (69), and soon after her first husband's death married Sir Richard Woodville (54), who was created Baron Rivers by Henry VI. in 1448, and Earl Rivers by Edward IV. (who was his son-in law) in 1466.

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1528 June Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic Henry VIII August 1527. 30 Jun 1528. Le Grand, III. 143. 1440. Du Bellay to Montmorency.

Such conversations as he has had with Wolsey (55) he has pretty well foreseen. Will not presume to say things are going wrong, but if they go on, you will not gain much. I protest, if I have not my recall, I will go without it; and whoever would whip me, not being my master, shall find I fear less 100 deaths than one dishonor. Job would have lost patiencc in my place. Whatever you have done, I hear from Richard d'Albene that he has not a crown, and I am sure if my man had one, he has given it him. He would have spent 1,000 crowns in nine months in that stupid way;—a good thing to resolve me, seeing I had assigned all my property to bankers and bull-brokers before my departure.

News has arrived that Campeggio is coming. Dr. Stephen will be soon at Lyons, who is coming to prepare his lodging; "et puis en dancera qui pourra." The young lady (27) is still with her father. The King (37) keeps moving about for fear of the plague. Many of his people have died of it in three or four hours. Of those you know there are only Poowits, Carey and Cotton (Compton) (46) dead; but Feuguillem, the marquis [Dorset] (51), my lord William, Bron (Brown), Careu, Bryan [Tuke], who is now of the Chamber, Nourriz (Norris), Walop, Chesney, Quinston (Kingston), Paget, and those of the Chamber generally, all but one, have been or are attacked. Yesterday some of them were said to be dead. The King (37) shuts himself up quite alone. It is the same with Wolsey (55). After all, those who are not exposed to the air do not die. Of 40,000 attacked in London, only 2,000 are dead; but if a man only put his hand out of bed during twenty-four hours, it becomes as stiff as a pane of glass. So they do need patience; but I would sooner endure that than what is inflicted on me, for it does not last so long. But, with your aid, or even without it, I mean to be off. After my protests for the last four months, no one will be able to blame me. Let those who have the charge look to it. Moreover, in choosing the persons, you had better not send an Italian, for Wolsey (55) will not have one. Some days ago he told me he would not trust them for their partiality; besides, a man who speaks Latin is required, and he has often been in terrible difficulty for want of it; but you have plenty of bishops and others who will do. In any case, don't send a man who will not spend money, else matters will not mend. I do not speak without reason.

As Wolsey told me he would cause the money of the contribution to be paid to me for you, I spoke to a merchant that it might be paid you at Lyons. Let me know how much is due to you at the end of July, if, as I suppose, it begins on the first day of this month.

Wolsey is informed of great overtures made by the Emperor to the Venetians and duke of Bari, which he thinks they will accept, and that the Duke's ambassador had yielded to the Emperor the investiture of Milan, pretending he had been forced to do so.

The King and Wolsey wish a confirmation by France of the privileges of the isles of Grenesay (Guernsey),—a sort of neutrality which they obtained long ago from the Pope. Such a confirmation was made by Louis XI. London, 30 June.

P.S.—There have died at Wolsey's house the brother of the earl of Derby and a nephew of the duke of Norfolk; and the Cardinal has stolen away with a very few people, letting no one know whither he has gone. The King has at last stopped twenty miles from here, at a house built by Wolsey, finding removals useless. I hear he has made his will, and taken the sacraments, for fear of sudden death. However, he is not ill. I have not written this with my own hand, as you do not read it easily when I write hastily.

Around 1590 based on a work of around 1520.Unknown Painter. French. Portrait of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey 1473-1530. Around 1534 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Drawing of Queen Anne Boleyn of England. The attribution is contentious. Around 1580 based on a work of around 1534.Unknown Painter. Portrait of Queen Anne Boleyn of England. 1536 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Portrait of King Henry VIII of England and Ireland 1491-1547. 1540 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Miniature portrait of King Henry VIII of England and Ireland 1491-1547. Around 1525 Unknown Painter. Netherlands. Portrait of King Henry VIII of England and Ireland 1491-1547. Around 1527 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Portrait of Brian Tuke Secretary -1545.

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Around Aug 1561 Leonard Chamberlain 1504-1561 (57) died at Guernsey.

Diary of Henry Machyn October 1561. 30 Oct 1561. The xxx day of October was mad for the berehyng of ser Reynold Chamburlayn (57) knyght and capten of Garnsey a standard and a pennon and a cote armur and a target, sword, and mantyll, helmet and crest, and a (blank) dosen of skochyons of armes, the wyche he had iiij wyffes and (unfinished)

In 1662 General John Lambert 1619-1684 (42) was imprisoned in Guernsey. In 1667 General John Lambert 1619-1684 (47) was transferred to Drake's Island Plymouth Sound. In Mar 1684 General John Lambert 1619-1684 (64) died at Drake's Island Plymouth Sound. He was buried in St Andrew's Church Plymouth.

Around 1652. Robert Walker Painter 1599-1658. Portrait of General John Lambert 1619-1684.

Diary of Samuel Pepys 30 June 1665. 30 Jun 1665. Up and to White Hall, to the Duke of Albemarle (56), who I find at Secretary Bennet's (47), there being now no other great Statesman, I think, but my Chancellor (56), in towne. I received several commands from them; among others, to provide some bread and cheese for the garrison at Guernsey, which they promised to see me paid for.

So to the 'Change, and home to dinner. In the afternoon I down to Woolwich and after me my wife and Mercer, whom I led to Mr. Sheldon's to see his house, and I find it a very pretty place for them to be at.

So I back again, walking both forward and backward, and left my wife to come by water. I straight to White Hall, late, to Secretary Bennet's (47) to give him an account of the business I received from him to-day, and there staid weary and sleepy till past 12 at night. Then writ my mind to him, and so back by water and in the dark and against tide shot the bridge, groping with their pole for the way, which troubled me before I got through.

So home, about one or two o'clock in the morning, my family at a great losse what was become of me. To supper, and to bed.

Thus this book of two years ends. Myself and family in good health, consisting of myself and wife, Mercer, her woman, Mary, Alice, and Susan our maids, and Tom my boy. In a sickly time of the plague growing on. Having upon my hands the troublesome care of the Treasury of Tangier, with great sums drawn upon me, and nothing to pay them with: also the business of the office great. Consideration of removing my wife to Woolwich; she lately busy in learning to paint, with great pleasure and successe. All other things well; especially a new interest I am making, by a match in hand between the eldest son of Sir G. Carteret (55), and my Lady Jemimah Montage. The Duke of Yorke (31) gone down to the fleete, but all suppose not with intent to stay there, as it is not fit, all men conceive, he should.

Before 03 Jan 1670  Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of George Monck 1st Duke Albemarle 1608-1670. Before 03 Jan 1670 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of George Monck 1st Duke Albemarle 1608-1670 in his Garter Robes. Around 1676 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of Henry Bennet 1st Earl Arlington 1618-1685 wearing his Garter Robes. Before 07 Dec 1680 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of Henry Bennet 1st Earl Arlington 1618-1685. Around 1643. William Dobson Painter 1611-1646. Portrait of Edward Hyde 1st Earl Clarendon 1609-1674. Before 04 Jan 1674 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of Edward Hyde 1st Earl Clarendon 1609-1674. Before 1694 John Michael Wright 1617-1694. Portrait of King James II when Duke of York. Around 1666 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of King James II and Anne Hyde Queen Consort England 1637-1671. See Diary of Samuel Pepys 24 March 1666. Before 04 Jan 1674 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of King James II wearing his Garter Robes. Around 1672 Henri Gascar Painter 1635-1701. Portrait of King James II.

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On 03 Jan 1672 Elizabeth Carteret 1585-1672 (87) died at Guernsey.

Castle Cornet Guernsey

In Aug 1597 Walter St John -1597 drowned at Castle Cornet Guernsey.

In 1672 Elizabeth Montagu Baroness Hatton 1612-1672 (59) died at Castle Cornet Guernsey after lightning struck a powder magazine.

St Peter Port Guernsey

In Apr 1533 Edouard Carteret 1476-1533 (57) died at St Peter Port Guernsey.