Ermine Street

Ermine Street is in Roman Roads.

Ermine Street is number 2 in 'Roman Roads of Britain' by Ivan D Margary.

Around 50AD. Ancaster was the junction of Ermine Street and King Street. During the Romano-British period, the Romans built a roadside settlement on the site of a

Hibaldstow Roman Fort was a Roman legionary 'roadside fort' on Ermine Street founded around 80AD which continued in use into the late fourth century.

Braughing was a small Roman Town at the junction of Ermine Street and Stane Street to Colchester. There was a planned street grid where thatched timber buildings, which lasted until about AD 60, were constructed. Not long afterwards substantial masonry structures were also constructed, including an L-shaped building with bath suite which was still in use in the 4th century. Coins of Tasciovanus (c. 20BC - AD10) are known from the site [2] identifying an associated with the Catuvellauni. The final Roman coin evidence from the site is associated with Arcadius (AD383 - 408).

Caxton Gibbet is the location of a gibbet on a small knoll on Ermine Street in Cambridgeshire.

Durobrivae was a Roman fortified garrison town at Water Newton where Ermine Street crossed the River Nene in the territory of the Corieltauvi.

Fox Owmby was a small Roman settlement on Ermine Street.

Ermine Street 2a London to Braughing

Ermine Street 2b Braughing to Durobrivae

Ermine Street 2b Braughing to Durobrivae. From Braughing Ermine Street continues north through Buntingford. 1.6km north of Buntingford the road make a change of alignment before heading to Royston where it again changes aligment before passing through Caxton Gibbet, Durovigutum, Huntingdon, Great Stukeley, Alconbury and Sawtry, Chesterton before reaching Durobrivae.

Ermine Street 2c Durobrivae to Lincoln

Ermine Street 2c Durobrivae to Lincoln. From Durobrivae Ermine Street crosses the River Welland at Stamford then continues through Great Casterton, Colsterworth, Ancaster. Continuing on a new alignment Ermine Street passes east of Navenby meeting the Fosse Way at Bracebridge with both roads continuing together to Lindum Colonia aka Lincoln.

Ermine Street 2d Lincoln to Winterton

Ermine Street 2d Lincoln to Winterton. Ermine Street left Lincoln through Bailgate and travelled north past Fox Owmby, Caenby Corner, Hibaldstow Roman Fort, Appeby to Winteringham where a ferry across the Humber Estuary to Petuaria.

Ermine Street 2e Brough to York

Ermine Street 2e Brough to York. Having crossed the Humber Estuary to Petuaria Ermine Street continues north past South Newbald, Shiptonthorpe, Barmby. Ermine Street then follows either, or both of two routes. The first, Kexby Bridge to Eboracum. The second route suggests Ermine Street may have continued to Durham via Wilberfoss, Stamford Bridge after whic it turned left for Eboracum.