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On 19 Mar 1286 Alexander III King Scotland 1241-1286 (44) died at Kinghorn Ness. His granddaughter Margaret "Maid of Norway" I Queen Scotland 1283-1290 (2) succeeded I King Scotland: Sverre Disputed.

On 21 Oct 1314 Geoffrey Geneville 1st Baron Geneville 1226-1314 (88) died at Trim County Meath. He was buried at Black Friary, Trim, County Meath. His granddaughter Joan Geneville Baroness Mortimer Wigmore 2nd Baroness Geneville 1286-1356 (28) succeeded 2nd Baron Geneville.

On 10 Jan 1408 John Cobham 3rd Baron Cobham 1321-1408 (87) died at Cooling Castle. His granddaughter Joan Pole 4th Baroness Cobham -1434 succeeded 4th Baron Cobham.

On 18 May 1445 William Ferrers 5th Baron Ferrers Groby 1372-1445 (73) died at Woodham Ferrers. His granddaughter Elizabeth Ferrers 6th Baroness Ferrers Groby 1419-1483 (26) succeeded 6th Baron Ferrers Groby. Edward Grey Baron Ferrers Groby 1415-1457 (30) by marriage Baron Ferrers Groby.

On 02 Oct 1446 Robert Poynings 4th Baron Poynings 1382-1446 (63) died at Orléans. His granddaughter Eleanor Poynings Countess Northumberland 1422-1480 (24) succeeded 5th Baron Poynings 1C 1337

On 05 Jan 1458 Thomas Dacre 6th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1387-1458 (70) died. On 05 Jan 1458 His granddaughter Joan Dacre 7th Baroness Dacre Gilsland 1433-1486 (25) succeeded 7th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1C 1321.

On 01 Jun 1487 Ralph Greystoke 5th Baron Greystoke 1414-1487 (73) died. His granddaughter Elizabeth Greystoke 6th Baroness Greystoke Baroness Dacre Gilsland 1471-1516 (15) succeeded 6th Baron Greystoke.

On 10 Nov 1521 Robert Willoughby 2nd Baron Willoughby Broke 10th Baron Latimer 1472-1521 (49) died at Bere Ferrers. He was buried at St Andrew's Church Bere Ferrers. His granddaughter Elizabeth Willoughby 11th Baroness Latimer 3rd Baroness Willoughby Broke 1512-1562 (9) succeeded 11th Baron Latimer, 3rd Baron Willoughby Broke.

Around 1551 John Stewart 3rd Earl Buchan 1498-1551 (53) died. His granddaughter Christina Stewart 4th Countess Buchan 1548-1580 (3) succeeded 4th Earl Buchan 3C 1469.

On 27 Aug 1566 Thomas Griffin 11th Baron Latimer Braybrooke 1496-1566 died. His granddaughter Mary Griffin 12th Baroness Braybrooke 1545-1633 (21) succeeded 10th Baron Latimer Braybrooke.

On 23 Jun 1643 Edward Dudley 5th Baron Dudley 1567-1643 (75) died. His granddaughter Frances Sutton 6th Baroness Dudley 1611-1697 (31) succeeded 6th Baron Dudley. Humble Ward 1st Baron Ward of Birmingham Baron Dudley 1614-1670 (29) by marriage Baron Dudley. Humble Ward 1st Baron Ward of Birmingham Baron Dudley 1614-1670 (29) by marriage Baron Dudley.

In 1697 Anne Wentworth 7th Baroness Wentworth Baroness Lovelace -1697 died. Her granddaughter Martha Lovelace 8th Baroness Wentworth 1667-1745 (30) succeeded 8th Baron Wentworth. Henry Johnson Baron Wentworth 1661-1719 (35) by marriage Baron Wentworth.

On 25 Dec 1717 Robert Shirley 1st Earl Ferrers 1650-1717 (67) died. His granddaughter Elizabeth Shirley Countess Northampton 1694-1741 (23) succeeded 14th Baron Ferrers Chartley.

Around 1671 John Michael Wright Painter 1617-1694. Portrait of Robert Shirley 1st Earl Ferrers 1650-1717.Before 23 Dec 1739 John Vanderbank Painter 1694-1739. Portrait of Elizabeth Shirley Countess Northampton 1694-1741.

On 05 Jun 1740 Henry Grey 1st Duke Kent 1671-1740 (69) died without surviving male issue. Duke Kent 1C 1710, Marquess Kent and Earl Kent 8C 1465 extinct. His granddaughter Jemima Campbell 2nd Marchioness Grey 1723-1797 (16) succeeded 2nd Marquess Grey.

1741. Allan Ramsay Painter 1713-1784. Portrait of Jemima Campbell 2nd Marchioness Grey 1723-1797.

On 03 Oct 1831 Thomas Stapleton 12th Baron Despencer 1766-1831 (64) died. His granddaughter Mary Stapleton Viscountess Falmouth 13th Baroness Despencer 1822-1891 (9) succeeded 13th Baron Despencer 1C 1264 or 1295