Powdered Wig

Powdered Wig is in Church Monument Details.

On 15 Jul 1699 Thomas Coventry 1st Earl Coventry 1629-1699 (70) died. His son Thomas Coventry 2nd Earl Coventry 1662-1710 (37) succeeded 2nd Earl Coventry, 6th Baron Coventry. Anne Somerset Countess Coventry 1673-1763 (25) by marriage Countess Coventry. He was buried in St Mary Magdalene's Church Croome D'Abitot.
Monument in St Mary the Virgin Church Elmley. The Monument was commissioned by his second wife (29) but rejected by his son. She was, apparently, somewhat imaginative in describing her provenance to the point that the second Earl (37), son of the first Earl's first wife, refused to have the monument erected over his father's remains.
High quality. Monument including a white marble figure elbow reclining on a deep chest in front of a lengthy inscription and under an arch crowned with armorial bearings. Large sub-figures flank the chest and the armorial bearings. Earl's coronet. Signed by William Stanton Sculptor 1639-1705 (60). Powdered Wig. Heeled Shoes. Buckled Shoes.

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Around 1675 Mary Beale aka Cradock Painter 1633-1699. Portrait of Thomas Coventry 1st Earl Coventry 1629-1699.

After 1708. All Saints Church Maiden Bradley. Monument to Edward Seymour 4th Baronet Seymour 1633-1708. Sculpted by John Michael Rysbrack 1694-1770; white marble reclining figure in front of tablet with pediment with cherubs, scrolled pediment with arms over. Powdered Wig. Heeled Shoes. Buckled Shoes.

In 1753 Andrea Soldi Painter 1703-1771. Portrait of John Michael Rysbrack 1694-1770.In 1728 John Vanderbank Painter 1694-1739. Portrait of John Michael Rysbrack 1694-1770.

On 05 Jul 1714 Robert Shirley 1692-1714 (21) died of smallpox. Monument in Holy Trinity Church Staunton Harold. Elbow Reclining Figure. Powdered Wig. Heeled Shoes. Possibly by John Michael Rysbrack 1694-1770 (20).

1720. Church of St Rumbold Stoke Doyle. Monument to Edward Ward Judge 1638-1714 (82) sculpted by John Michael Rysbrack 1694-1770 (25) in 1720 and was erected in 1725 during the rebuilding of the church. Elbow Reclining Figure in Judges's Robes. Ionic columns with Pediment. Arms at top being Ward impaled with his wife's Elizabeth Papillon 1658- (61); her arms having three butterflies being a pun on her surname Papillon. Powdered Wig. Heeled Shoes. Buckled Shoes.

On 19 Aug 1721 Thomas Deacon High Sheriff 1651-1721 (70) died. He was buried at Peterborough Cathedral. Powdered Wig. Hand On Skull. Elbow Reclining Figure. Heeled Shoes. Sculpted by Robert Taylor Sculptor Architect 1714-1788 (7).