Roger Whitley's Diary

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Roger Whitley's Diary. Source British History Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711.

Edited by Michael Stevens and Honor Lewington. Diary of a Cheshire gentleman, Whig Member of Parliament for Chester in 1689-97 and landholder in Wales, covering a period in which he steered a difficult political course. Michael Stevens' transcription is published by permission of the Bodleian Library.

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 January

01 Jan 1690: Wednesday (new yeares day) I took phisick; Tovey came (past 10) to see me; I dined at home with Biddolph, Thomas &c; Lady Wood supt with us.

02 Jan 1690. Thursday, went to Parliment, sate till past 7; supt with 2 Mainwarings, Hales & Harris at Nag's Head; then went to another roome where was Wood, Titus, Gilmore, Coling, Maxwell, Cooper & Russell, parted past 10.

03 Jan 1690. Friday, went to Parliment; dined with G.Mainwaring (47) & Kirby at the Bell; went with G.Mainwaring (47) to his wine coopers in Roode Lane; had some sherry & other wine; then called on Mr Meade; stayd awhile; went then to the Sunne in Milk Streete; there was 2 Mainwarings, Hannibal Baskerville 1597-1668 (92), Baroby, Herle, Minshall & another Manchester man; parted past 9.

04 Jan 1690. Satorday, went to Parliment; dined at Prior's Winehouse with 2 Mainwarings, Dousdale & Burrage; Bromley came to us before & after dinner; I left them together, went to Committe; called at the Rummer Tavern (neare Lockets) at my retorne for Roger, he went home with me; stayd neare an houer &c; I stayd at home all night.

05 Jan 1690. Sonday, was not at church; dined at home with Mainwaring, his brother, my brother & Minshall; in the evening my sonne (39) & his wife came to see us; past 6, I went to Woods; went with him to Nag's Head; there was also Mainwaring & Cooper; we parted before 9; came home.

06 Jan 1690. Monday, I dined at home with brother & daughters; in the evening Beversham came to see me; went in my coach to the end of Suffolk Streete; I went to Lord Macclesfeild (31); Thomson was with him; did not speake to me; went away; then Atwood came but stayd not; I stayd neare ½ houer; then went to Edisbury's lodging; his cosen, Sir John Wynne & another with him; I went then to Mr Halles of Lincolnes Inne; gave him my papers & 2 guineys; then went to the Nag's Head; there was Wood, Coling, Harris, Hales & 2 or 3 more & Mainwaring; parted past 9.

07 Jan 1690. Tuesday, went to Parliment; dined at Prior's Winehouse with Mainwaring, Borage & Blake; came home about 6; Mr Thomas came & supt; parted neare 8.

08 Jan 1690. Wednesday, went to Parliment dined at Prior's Winehouse with 2 Mainwarings, Andrews, Hussey &c; went to the Committe; called on Roger at the Rummer Tavern, parted past 9.

09 Jan 1690. Thursday, went to Parliment dined at Prior's Winehouse with 2 Mainwarings, Andrews, Guyse, sollicitor &c; went to Committe, then (with 2 Mainwarings) to the Castle in Fleet Streete; there was Dashwood, Lewes, Thomas & my sonne (39); afterwards came Edisbury; we parted past 10.

10 Jan 1690. Friday, went to Parliment, sate till 9 at night; went with 2 Mainwarings & Smith to Nag's Head; supt there; Wood came to us, then we went to another roome where was Maxwell, Rogers, Gilmore, Coling & Partridge; parted about 12.

11 Jan 1690. Satorday, went to Parliment; dined at home with my sonne (39), daughters & Thomas; about 4 went to the Sunne in Westminster (with my sonne (39)), there we met Humfreys at the doore, we went up to Lownds & another with him (I know not his name); I left them past 6; went to Halles at Lincolns Inne; then home (past 8); there was Lady Wood & daughters; they went before 9.

12 Jan 1690. Sonday, was not at church; Mainwaring & his brother & mine dined with us; in the evening came Mrs Fenwick also another man about money Roger owes them, Wood, his Lady, daughter, G.Mainwaring (47) & Thomas supt with us; parted about 9.

13 Jan 1690. Monday, went to Parliment; dined at Prior's Winehouse with G. Mainwaring (47), Foly, 2 Harleys, Blake, Montague & 3 other Members (I know not theire names) went to the Commite & to the Cellar (to Roger) past 7; stayd till neare 9; then went home.

14 Jan 1690. Tuesday, went to Parliment dined at home with brother, Roger, Thomas &c; went to Committe; then home with Sir John Guise (36), Smith; Dutton walked with Mainwaring; Sir Scroope How came to us; then G.Mainwaring (47) wee parted past 11.

15 Jan 1690. Wednesday, went to Parliment; dined at home; went to Committe, then to Fenick (at the Mewes) with Mainwaring; found Roger there; G.Mainwaring (47) came to us; parted about 10.

16 Jan 1690. Thursday, went to Parliment dined at Prior's Winehouse with 2 Mainwarings & Stratford; went to Committe (till past 9) then to the Cellar with 2 Mainwarings; parted neare 11.

17 Jan 1690. Friday, went to Parliment; dined at Prior's Winehouse with 2 Mainwarings went to Committe; then to the Globe in Chancery Lane; there was Halles & 2 Mainwarings parted past 10.

18 Jan 1690. Satorday, went to Parliment; dined at home with sonne (39), Thomas, Morgan & daughters; Roger & Mainwaring came after dinner; I went to Committe past 4; retorned home past 7:

19 Jan 1690. Sonday, I took phisick; 2 Mainwarings brother Peter, Morgan, Roger, Baroby & his frind (a minister) dined with us; in the evening came Wood, his Lady, daughters & G.Mainwaring (47) supt, parted past 9.

20 Jan 1690. Monday, 2 men came to me about copper oare & one Nicolls about money Roger owes his son in law (a corne chandler); went to Parliment, sate till neare 6; went home with Mainwaring supt, stayd within all night.

21 Jan 1690. Tuesday, went to Parliment sate till 5; supt with G. Mainwaring (47) at Nag's Head; there was also Mainwaring, Wood, Titus, Gilmore, Coling, Rogers, Maxwell, Craven, Harris & 2 more, parted past 9.

22 Jan 1690. Wednesday, went to Parliment dined (past 3) at Lockets with 2 Mainwarings Lawton, Conwey, & 2 other Gentlemen (strangers to me) after dinner came Coll: Darcy & another officer; I left them neare 6; came home.

23 Jan 1690. Thursday, went to Parliment; dined (or supt) past 5, at the Castle in Holborne with 2 Mainwarings then came Minshall, my sonne (39), Dashwood, Thomas, Lewes, Monteage &c; parted past 9.

24 Jan 1690. Friday, went to Parliment; dined at home with daughters & Thomas; went to Committe's; they did not sit; then went to Goslin's about my tooth, then to Nag's Head; there was Wood, Maxwell, Harris, Partridge & another; then came Mainwaring then G.Mainwaring (47) parted past 9; Roger came to the next roome but stayd not.; parted paast 9.

25 Jan 1690. Satorday, went to Goslin's; had my tooth filed; then went to Parliment & home (neare 5) to dinner; with Mainwaring stayd at home all night.

26 Jan 1690. Sonday, was not at church, dined at home with 2 Mainwarings, Roger & brother William Mainwaring came but did not dine; in the evening I went to Nag's Head; there was Wood, Maxwell, 2 Mainwarings parted about 9.

27 Jan 1690. Monday, went to Parliment; were Prorogued about 12; dined at home with Colt, Wynne, & 2 Mainwarings; went about 7 to Nag's Head; there was Harris, Maxwell, Rogers, Coling, Craven &c; parted past 9.

28 Jan 1690. Tuesday, went to Lord Delamer (38) (with G.Mainwaring (47)) then to the Treasurer of Chambers office; spoke with Hall about my warrants; he hath them all together (being 5 & the summe 336:6:6) I went to Lord Shrewsbury's office, spoke with Vernon about the Mayor of Chester's having Pooles Armes; went with G.Mainwaring (47) & Elwyn to London; then to Mosier; then to [fo. 114r] Jan: the Sunne with the spectacle maker; there were 2 Radfords; gave them a bottle of wine; I dined at Pontacks with Mainwaring my sonne (39) & 2 Edisbury's; went (with 2 Mainwarings) to the Post office. there was Wildman & his sonne (39); then to the Sunne Taverne; there were 2 Edisbury's, my sonne (39), Dashwood, 2 Mainwarings, Hannibal Baskerville 1597-1668 (92), Monteage & another (the 2 last went first) Mainwaring & I left them neare 8, went to Nag's Head; there was Wood, Titus, Harris, Craven, Maxwell, Partridge &c; parted past 9; found Biddolph at home.

Before 1694 Godfrey Kneller 1646-1723. Portrait of Henry Booth 1st Earl Warrington 1652-1694.

29 Jan 1690. Wednesday, Mainwaring went to meete Crew at Dunstable; I dined at home with Biddolph, Roger, & Thomas; went in the evening to Woods, saw Lady & daughters; called on Biddolph in Holborne; went to Bishop of Chester; Kidder was with him; stayd awhile; called on Baroby, went to the printer; there was Biddolph, Baroby, Dashwood, G.Mainwaring (47) Gerard & Wade; parted past 9, came home.

30 Jan 1690. Thursday, Jarrat came about money for Rogers watch; I dined at home; Biddolph & I went to Nag's Head about 7; there was Wood, Biddolph, G.Mainwaring (47) Maxfeild, Coling.

31 Jan 1690. Friday, I dined at Ship in Gratious Streete with Biddolph, 2 Mainwarings, 2 sons, daughters, Morgan, Minshall &c; went about 6 to a Quakers Taverne in Cornehill; there was Dashwood, Lewes, Thomas, Smith, Morgan, Mainwaring, my sonne (39) &c; parted past 9.

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 February

01 Feb 1690. Satorday, Wood, Lady, daughters, Edisbury, Mrs Shakerly dined with us with Biddolph; Mainwaring, sonnes, daughter &c; parted betimes; I stayd at home all day.

02 Feb 1690. Sonday, was not at church, dined at home with Minshall, brother, Arderne, Roger &c; stayd at home all day; G.Mainwaring (47) came at night, supt, parted past 9.

03 Feb 1690. Monday, went to Westminster, dined at Woods (with my family); after dinner came Titus; we parted presently; I went to Mosiers & to Crowne Taverne; there was Biddolph; Lewes, Dashwood, Thomas, Smith, my sonne (39), 2 Mainwarings, Nevet &c; we parted past 9.

04 Feb 1690. Tuesday, Barington came about his bills; I went to Toll about Chester money; I dined at home with Biddolph, Mainwaring, his brother, my 2 sons; brother, Morgan, Thomas &c; about 3, I went to Sir R: Gwynn; he was at dinner with Colt, Owens, Rud, Rawley, & severall others; I dranck a glasse of wine; stayd ½ houer; my daughters called me; went to Sir Robert Cottons; he & daughters & sonne (39) were at home; 2 other gentlemen with them, with musick books & instruments on the table; went then to cosen Fairefax; saw him & Lady; then called on Mrs Shakerly; they brought me home; Jones came & settled accounts: I took him in my coach to Nag's Head; there we parted; I went up to Wood, Maxfeild, Cooper & another; then came Biddolph, Mainwaring & Coling; we parted neare 10.

05 Feb 1690. Wednesday, I went to Lord Delamer (38) then to Lord Macclesfeild (31), then to Wood, to Pigeon, to Hall at the Treasurer of Chamber's office; walked in Whitehall an houer; spoke with severall acquaintance there; came home past 12; dined with Biddolph, Mainwaring, 2 sons, brother, Morgan, William Morgan &c; went about 7 to St Albans Taverne; there was Wood, Colt, Biddolph, Mainwaring, Bedisford came about 9. we parted at 10.

Before 1694 Godfrey Kneller 1646-1723. Portrait of Henry Booth 1st Earl Warrington 1652-1694.

06 Feb 1690. Thursday, severall people came to take leave of us (Tovey, Kent, Kenrick, brother &c). we took 3 coaches, set out past 8; stayd awhile at the Greene Man in Barnet; dined at Bull in St Albans; lay at the Sugar Loaf (the Crowne being full) at Dunstable.

07 Feb 1690. Friday, set out about 8; called at Woborne (stayd not); that morning Alderman Mainwaring & Houseman overtook us; dined at the Swan in Newport; lay at the Rose & Crowne in Northampton:

08 Feb 1690. Satorday, set out at 8, called at the Ale House on the hill neare the windmill; dined at Creek; lay at the Star in Coventry; there we met Major Daniell, D. Minshall & Mr Lawton from Ireland; supt together.

09 Feb 1690. Sonday, we continued all day at Coventry; Mr Mat: Price came to see me about 5; stayd not.

10 Feb 1690. Monday, we set out past 8; dined at the Harp; there Biddolph parted with us; severall frinds from Lichfeild meeting him there; he went with them to Lichfeild; we lay that night at the 4 Crosses.

11 Feb 1690. Tuesday, we set out past 8; dined at the Swan in Newport; lay at Whitchurch (at the Red Lyon) that night; there Mr Cotton, Mr Taylor, Captain Mainwaring, Goldsmith, Delves, Savage, &c. met us; (the 3 first retorned that night after supper) one Eddows & another townesman came to see G.Mainwaring (47). I left them past 9.

12 Feb 1690. Wednesday, cosen Brereton (the widdow) came to visit us; we set out about 9; called at Hampton Post; there parted with G.Mainwaring (47) (he went to Chester) we called at Utkington; did not alight; saw Sir John, his lady, Mrs Hurlestone, &c. at the Gates; dranck wine, &c. came to Peele before 6; Hardware met us at Tarporly, or Utkinton, brought us home; where we found my 2 sisters,&c. the Stage coach went to Chester that night.

13 Feb 1690. Thursday, I took phisick; Mainwaring went to a meeting of Deputy Lieutenants at Middlewich; G.Mainwaring (47) & Mr Hunt sent a man with a letter about the next Election at Chester; the 2 other London coachmen went to Chester about 10 of the clock; I sent Huson to Chester for my Plate & to waite on the Mayor, &c. after dinner came Mr Gerard, stayd not long; Mainwaring retorned at night.

14 Feb 1690. Friday, dined at home, Angell, Anderson & Ely with us; after dinner came Grantham, &c. Mainwaring went to Chester, stayd all night..

15 Feb 1690. Satorday, I went to Chester, light at Wrights, went to the Penthouse; there was the Mayor & severall Aldermen, Sheriffe,&c. saw my sister, dined with G.Mainwaring (47) there was Streete, Mainwaring Farington, the women, &c. Johnson & severall others came to us; about 4, I went with G.Mainwaring (47) to visit Mr Booth; then to the Sunne; there was 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Edwards, Lloyd, 2 Andersons, Wright, Sparks, Croxon, Murrey, Farington, Deane, &c. about 7, we went (many of us) to Jacksons, there came Warburton, Taylor, &c. we parted past 10; lay at Angells.

16 Feb 1690. Sonday, I went twice to Parish church; dined with Mainwaring at Angells; after evening sermon, went home with the Mayor; there were 2 Mainwarings Streete, severall Aldermen & Sheriffe Partington; I moved, that if the Parliament writ did not come tomorrow, before the rising of the Court; that the Court might be kept in being by short ajournemts; seeing that the messenger promised at London (as Cotton writes) to deliver it on Satorday & Sir Michael Biddolph writes from Lichfeild that they had theire writ on Friday & the messenger told them there that he would be at Chester on Satorday & we might reasonably conclude that the messenger would be with us in a few houers; not that we desired a spedy Election (by surprise) but to be possessed of the writ & then to ajourne to a convenient day for the Election but the Sherffe would not consent to it; I went that evening to the Sunne with 2 Mainwarings, Streete & Robert Anderson; parted about 10.

17 Feb 1690. Monday, went to G.Mainwaring (47) there saw Mr Henry; then to the Penthouse (met Broadnax in the streete but stayd not long with him) then to the Penthouse; went with the Mayor, Aldermen & Sheriffs, to theire Court (in the Common Hall) the Sheriffe ajourned the County Court past 11 (it struck 12 at the Mayors after we brought him home) before the Sheriffe ajourned, Streete moved him agen to ajourne the writ till the next day in expectation of it; but he refused & the ajournment is to that day month (the 17th of March, 2 days before the meeting of the Parliament) he sayd (not here but in his discourses elsewhere) that Sir Thomas Grosvenor & Leeming, being absent, & they intending to stand, that there would be a surprise on them if the Court were not ajourned for a long tyme, &c. I dined with the Mayor; with Mainwaring, Sir G.St.George, & officer of his, severall Aldermen, & Sheriffs, Taylor; parted past 3; visited Hancock (2 Mainwarings with me) went then to Angells, G.Mainwaring's (47) & Jacksons; there came severall Aldermen, Warburton, &c. to us: Mainwaring & I took coach past 5, camer to Peele before 8.

18 Feb 1690. Tuesday, I sent Houseman to Chester; to look after goods by the carryer; Mainwaring went towards Denington (in the morning) Traverse dined with me, parted about 2; in the evening came Har: Parry, stayd all night, &c. Mrs Hardware came in the evening stayd an houer, &c. 2 Borlocks & Jordan came in the evening to see me.

19 Feb 1690. Wednesday, Huson came in the morning; Parry stayd all day; Smith of Bumbery & his wife dined with us; Crew came past 3, stayd till 5.

20 Feb 1690. Thursday, Parry went away, about 10; Delves came from Shotwick; & retorned; Dobs & Yates (2 Chestermen) came to see me after dinner; I gave them a bottle of ale, & left them..

21 Feb 1690. Friday, one Potter of Chester dined with us; parted about 3. daughter Mainwaring went that morning towards Peover.

22 Feb 1690. Satorday, I went to Chester (sister Sidney with me, I left her there) I light at Wrights; went to Hunts, found Sir William Aston, & Sir John Crew there; we went together to Angells; I went to the Penthouse, there was the Mayor, Sir Thomas Grosvenor, severall Aldermen, Sheriffe Wynne, &c. I called on Aston & Crew, at Angells; went in my coach to Wrights, dined there with G.Mainwaring (47), Governor, Warburton, & a High Constable of Werrall; Alderman Wright, Streete, & Lloyd came, but did not dine with us; Jackson brought us wine, Mr Griffith, & then Sheriffe Randle Batho came, just as we were parting; I went away (alone) before 5, came home about 7.

23 Feb 1690. Sonday, stayd at home all day; no company.

24 Feb 1690. Monday, carpenters & Gray came to work; Wolfe & 2 Bennetts from Hatherton; old Bennett dined with the servants; the other with me; they went about 3; the tenant of Alvanley (that hath taken Shotwick) came about 3, stayd ½ houer; no more company that night.

25 Feb 1690. Tuesday, Mrs Done dined with my sister & Charlotte. I did not see her, having taken phisick;. at night my sonne (39) & Morgan came from London.

26 Feb 1690. Wednesday, my sonne (39) & Morgan went towards Aston: (about 11) after dinner Huxley & Gardiner came to speake with my sonne (39) about money; I gave them a bottle of beere & left them; about 5 Mr Lleeke came; then Mainwaring my daughter & Swetnam with them from Peover.

27 Feb 1690. Thursday, Lleek went away abouit 10; Hughes & another slater came about work; Farington, Jackson, Sparks, Pemberton, Peck, G.Mainwaring (47), Streete, Murray, Crew, Hardware, Gerard, &c. dined with us; they parted about 6; Swetnam stayd all night.

28 Feb 1690. Friday, Mainwaring & Swetnam dined, then went to Tarporly; retorned at night with Mr Lee.

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 March

01 Mar 1690. Satorday, Traverse & Hardwar came to Peele; swore the Assessors; Mainwaring & Lee went with me in coach to Chester; the rest on horseback; we lighted at Wrights; went to the Penthouse; dined at Jackson's with Crew, G.Mainwaring (47) Streete, Gleg, my sonne (39), Morgan went to visit the Governor in the Castle; severall others came in whilest we were with him; went to the Ship Taverne; there was Crew, 2 Mainwarings Lee, his sonne (39), Gleg, Deane, Farington; Hunt, Mercer, Streete, &c. I left them, went to the Sunne with Farington, Mercer, &c. there came to us Streete, 2 Mainwarings, Murray, my sonne (39), Richard Wright, &c. we parted before 10.

02 Mar 1690. Sonday, went twice to Parish church; dined at Angells with my sonne (39); went to the Mayor in the Penthouse; after evening sermon, to Talbott, to visit Coney & those that came from London about my copper oare; then to Jacksons to give them a bottle of sack; then to Andersons (with G.Mainwaring (47) & Streete) then to G.Mainwaring's (47) where we supt with Mainwaring, Gleg, sonne (39), &c. Johnson came to us, but went before supper; we parted about 10.

03 Mar 1690. Monday, I went to the Penthouse, where was Examination of Words, wich Grosvenor sayd against the King (59),&c. then went to Talbotts to speake with Coney, &c. before he went to Dysert; then to the Common Hall to the Crown Moote, &c. then to Angells, where I & G.Mainwaring (47) dined; then to Jacksons with G.Mainwaring (47). Streete came to us, & Wright, Thomas Griffith, Crosse, a stranger (from Dublin),&c. I left them at 5, went home.

Around 1642. William Dobson Painter 1611-1646. Portrait of the future King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685. Before 1691. John Riley Painter 1646-1691. Portrait of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685. Around 1665 John Greenhill Painter 1644-1676. Portrait of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685 in his Garter Robes. Around 1661 John Michael Wright 1617-1694. Portrait of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685 in his coronation robes. Before 11 Jul 1671 Adriaen Hanneman Painter 1603-1671. Portrait of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685. 1675. Hendrick Danckerts Painter 1625-1680. Portrait of Royal Gardener John Rose presenting a pineappel to King Charles II

04 Mar 1690. Tuesday, Mainwaring went to Edisbury's; Angell dined with us; retorned past 3; my sonne (39) & Morgan came about 2; stayd all night, &c. Sir William Aston sent a servant to excuse his not dining with us the next day; Mr Savage came, & stayd all night.

05 Mar 1690. Wednesday, Crew sent a servant with a letter to Mainwaring. my sonne (39), & Morgan went away towards Wales about 12, before dinner; Savage went in the afternoone: about 2 a man came with a letter from Mr Jackson about Mr Poultney's Bill; Mainwaring retorned about 7.

06 Mar 1690. Thursday, a man came with a letter from Sir William Aston to Mainwaring. Traverse dined with us; went with Mainwaring about ½ past 3 to meete Crew at the Deanes in Kelsall; retorned late, past 10.

07 Mar 1690. Friday, 2 Gentlemen came from Shenton to speake with sister Anne, I conceive about some businesse relating to Mr Needham; Richard Lightfoote came to me to treate about a lease for some ground at Lach; Mainwaring dined at home, Nat. Lee came after, did eate something; went away with Mainwaring (past 3) Mainwaring went to Peover, Hardware came as they went, stayd but awhile; Huson retorned from Dysert, about 9.

08 Mar 1690. Satorday, Booth that informed against Grosvenor,came to complaine that he was threatened that they would have eares, &c. I told him, whilest he swore truth for the King (59) he need not feare; I bid the Butler stand by,&c took notice what I sayd; I left him; at his going away he met me againe, neare the Dyatts; I still advised to speake truth & that would protect him; he told me that G;Harvey, though he appeared against: him; yet had given him up his bonds & discharged him, many yeares agoe; that when he went from him he went into the King Charles his service; that after Harvey had delivered his bonds & received 2 li to be frinds he had imployed him severall times to work under him; at last he would not pay him his wages; Booth sued him & recovered it; which had incensed Harvey against: him, &c. I still charged him to speake nothing but truth; soe he went presently back to Chester; I dined at home; in the evening came Bidolph & 3 servants: then Conen & 2 other men that came from London & had bin at Dysert;,&c. stayd all night.

09 Mar 1690. Sonday, Bidolph & the 3 Londoners dined with us; Bidolph & I went to church after dinner; then to the Vicars with Traverse, Hardware & Grantham; then home past 5.,&c. my sonne (39) & Morgan came that evening.

10 Mar 1690. Monday, Sir William Aston, daughter & Offley; Crew & Sherwood & Angell dined with us; Mercer dined with Huson in the buttry; Davenport came about brasse for the well; Morgan went to Chester about 8; the 3 Londoners went about 10; my sonne (39), Angell & Mercer about 4; Aston & his company neare 5; Crew & Sherwood past 6.

11 Mar 1690. Tuesday, dined at home with Bidolph. about 3 we went to Chester; alighted at Angells, went to the Sunne, there was G.Mainwaring (47), Johnson, Deane, Murray, Streete, Farington, Mercer (Vicars came in, but stayd not) & severall others; we all parted at 10; we lay at Angells; he was abroad that night.

12 Mar 1690. Wednesday, (being the fast) I went twice to the Parish church; we had onely Prayers in the morning; about 2 I went to the Penthouse & with the Mayor to church; Mr Thomas preached; about 5 I went to G.Mainwaring's (47); supt there with Bidolph, Streete, Farington, &c. after supper came Johnson, Murray, Mercer & some others; then came my sonne (39) & Morgan we parted before 10; Dr Angell came home that night.

13 Mar 1690. Thursday, about 9 I met G.Mainwaring (47), Johnson, Murray, Gates at Gerards; there came severall people (Griffith, the Carpenters & severall others) offering to vote for me & G.Mainwaring (47) if we would get them made free & those that wanted money desired to borrow it & would pay it againe or work it out; but G.Mainwaring (47) & I refused to meddle in the matter; soe I left them, went to Dr Fog, & with him, to the Quire, then to the Mayor in the Penthouse; the elder Sheriffe, Shakerly, Leeming, Ince, Wilcocks, Wilson, Allen, 2 Bennetts, Williamson & Mr Thomas was present; they made about 37 freemen that morninG. Alderman Edwards, Wynne, & Hand were present; they objected against: severall that were made free; one being very old & in a capacity of being made free for 40 yeares together; Edwards asked him how he came to desire his freedome now; he sayd he wanted money before but now a frind lent it him; many old & severall under age were made free; I and Alderman Mainwaring would not be prsent at making any free nor give any countenance to it; we onely came to move the Mayor & the Sheriffes that a pole might be in the Norgate streete, a spatious place, and not on the Roadee; & gave many reasons for it; they sayed: they would consider it; we left them there; went to the Talbot, dined there with Bidolph, Streete, Mainwaring, Morgan, Wright, &c. after dinner came Croughton, Sheriffe Randle Batho, Edwards, Hand, Farington, Pugh, Kinaston, Wright, Salisbury, &c. ( Mrs Harleston & Mrs Wright came to speake with me in another roome; also Mr Glasier & another, in another roome, they stayd not long) we all parted about 5; Bidolph & my sonne (39) went home with me in my coach.

14 Mar 1690. Friday, I took phisick, sent Houseman to Chester about 11; in the evening Mainwaring retorned late; his sisters came about 6;.

15 Mar 1690. Satorday, Bidolph & I went to Chester, also Mainwaring & my sonne (39); I went to the Penthouse to speake with the Mayor & Sheriffe about the Election; they were busy making new freemen, Grosvenor and Leeming with them; I would not stay to see any made; we dined at Streetes; went in the evening to the Sunne; many frinds with us; parted before 10.

16 Mar 1690. Sonday, went twice to church, dined at Angells with Bidolph, sonne (39), &c. went to the Penthouse at 2; to church with the Mayor; them with him to the Penthouse; then to Gerards; severall frinds came to us, Mainwaring, G.Mainwaring (47), Streete, Johnson, Nat. Booth, &c. parted before 9.

17 Mar 1690. Monday, went to the Penthouse about 8; then with the Mayor, Sheriffes, Grosvenor, Leeming, G.Mainwaring (47) & some Aldermen & many freemen to the Towne Hall; the Sheriffe opened the writ; some few poled there; G;Mainwaring & I protested against: the new freemen; we disowned the practice & if any should give us theire votes we disowned them; Sheriffe Randle Batho also protested against them; I & Mr Booth objected against Hugh Grosvenor's pole as not being a freeman; onely made Alderman by the new Charter; the Sheriffe would take his pole & very insolently told us we disputed the pole; bid us be silent or goe out of Court; then he ajourned the Court to RoodeDee; there we poled in cold & wett till 6 at night; he had a minde to shut up the pole; we opposed it; having severall in the crowde that called out to be poled; the noise & confusion was great; the Sheriffe then ajourned the Court till 9 on Tuesday; Sheriffe Randle Batho declared he ajorned the pole till then; Grosvenor & Leeming went first; G.Mainwaring (47) & I after them (all carryed in chaires) went to the Sunne taverne, where we supt; many frinds with us; parted about 10.

18 Mar 1690. Tuesday, I went to G.Mainwaring's (47); then to Booths, here Sheriffe Randle Batho & many frinds were; then went together to Roode Dee; after us came the other Sheriffe, Grosvenor, Leeming, Lord Cholmely &c; the Court was opened by Proclamation in the usual manner; my sonne (39) & neare 30 (old interl) freemen demanded the pole; Sheriffe Partington denyed it (Sheriffe Randle Batho for it) protested against shutting up the books & declaring till all were poled; Grosvenor & Leeming brought Pemberton (the madman, & one more with an intent to pole & endeavord to bring others but could not & seeing our Party considerable & more coming on (18 of which demanded the pole under their hands) but Sheriffe Partington would not yield to it; shut up the books; declared the pole in favour of Grosvenor & Leeming; Sheriffe Randle Batho declared for me & G.Mainwaring (47) orderd Parry (onder Towne Clarke) to publish it; Partington commanded Constables to put him downe & carry him to prison (but they did not), then Randle Batho got up himselfe & desired Mainwaring to publish me, & G.Mainwaring (47) duly chose & that he would retorne us; then Partington & ye other Party left the Court (I think without ajournment:) went to the Penthouse; Randle Batho & we stayd; the books were cast up, & closed; Proclamation made; we were carryed up in chaires (with great nombers of people) dined at the Sunne, Randle Batho, severall Aldermen, &c. with us; they sealed our Indentures; went to the Penthouse to annexe them to the writ; Partington refused it; soe did the Seale Keeper; we sent it away to the Clark of the Crowne by Morgan Whitley; we dined there about 2, parted about 5; went with Streete to Shire Hall; poled, went to the Sunne (many frinds there) parted at 9.

19 Mar 1690. Wednesday, dined at Feathers went (about 2 to the Sunne; here were severall cittisens going to pole for Mainwaring). about 6 to visit the Mayor (G.Mainwaring (47) with me) then to the Governor; then to Hunt (Duckenfeild came to us) then to the Feathers, then to Angells about 9.

20 Mar 1690. Thursday, went to (lady Calverly's; took leave of Cotton; then to interl) the Harpe & Crowne; there was Streete, Lloyd, Bellot, Mainwaring, G.Mainwaring (47); & severall people gave informacion of bribes, threats, irregularityes in the election; went thence about one; took leave at Angells; dined at Ephraim Bennets (in Forest Streete) Sheriffe Randle Batho, Deane, Johnson, Robinson, Pemberton, Bidolph G.Mainwaring (47) & severall with us; some also came after dinner; I left them ½ past 5; came home, Bidolph & sister Anne with me; my daughters & cosen Mainwarings in the other coach; Mainwaring & Swetnam came late.

21 Mar 1690. Friday, I sent John Nixon with letters to G.Mainwaring (47); Comberbach (Jordan came to work interl) & Norbery; Bidolph, Mainwaring, Swetnam, &c. dined with us; also Jackson; after dinner came Crew & Sherwood; then Gerard & the Schoolemaster & Thomas Griffith & 2 Chestermen about money, to Mainwaring also John Hussey, &c. they parted betimes; Crew,&c. about 6; about 7 came G.Mainwaring (47) & Norbery & my sonne (39); they stayd all night.

22 Mar 1690. Satorday, Bidolph, Mainwaring & G.Mainwaring (47) & my sonne (39) went towards Elmehurst & London; Swetnam towards Lancashire; Norbery went to Chester before 11; Huson & Houseman past 12; cosen Mainwarings & 3 Gransons towards Peover about 1; about 6 cosen Whitley of Aston came to see us.

23 Mar 1690. Sonday, I was not at church; cosen Whitley dined with us; in the evening the Curate of Sutton came to desire my contribution; having but a small living & teaching the boys of the Parish; he stayd not ½ houer.

24 Mar 1690. Monday, I sent Huson to Chester; cosen Whitley retorned about 3; no company after that day.

25 Mar 1690. Tuesday, about one o'clock a man came from Lleeke with a letter to Huson about the copper oare; he retorned after dinner; Huson went to Chester to pay for the expences at the election; Hardwar came to see me in the evening; stayd ½ houer.

26 Mar 1690. Wednesday, William Minshall & his nephew Wright cald past 2; dranck a glasse of wine, stayd an houer; then came the Parson of Sutton & one Woodcock with him to procure something from me towards the Parsons maintenance, having but 11 li a yeare; they went in ½ houer; Pratchet came to take his leave, having left his master; Sir John Crew & Sir William Aston sent to see us; in the evening the Deane sent his servant with a letter: of complement wishing me a good journey.

27 Mar 1690. Thursday, no company all day.

28 Mar 1690. Friday, Mr Hocknell came about 11; Mr Thomas soone after; both dined with us; about one I went to Chester; light at the Talbot; saw Alderman Wright, Bonnell & another with him; went to Angells, Mrs Mainwarings, Mr Booths, Jackson's & then to Charles Griffiths; there came to me Farington, Comberbach, Parry, Randle Batho, Johnson, Deane, Traves, Murray, Hall, Croughton, Streete, Lloyd, &c. I brought a bottle of sack, & sherry from home, had 2 bottles of claret from Jacksons; we parted past 6; came home about 8.

29 Mar 1690. Satorday, my daughters & Sidney dined at Utkinton, met Lady Delamer there from London; retorned about 4.

30 Mar 1690. I went to church after noone; a stranger preached; after sermon I went with the Sheriffe, his brother & Traverse to the Greyhound, stayd there an houer; about 7, Morgan came from London.

31 Mar 1690. Monday, Davenport the wyerman came about some work; then came Farington, Span, Burrows, Mercer & Jackson; then Angell; they all dined with me (but Davenport) bowled, went back in the evening; & Morgan went with them; Roger Brereton came in the afternoone & stayd all night.

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 April

01 Apr 1690. Tuesday, Wakefeild the plasterer (& a laborer) came to worke; Finchet brought the rent of Kelsall; after dinner came John Hussey the Peover gardner with some money for Morgan Whitley but stayd not; also a man of Tarvyn for money for curing? Harison's head; & Mrs Hardware to visit my daughters.

02 Apr 1690. Wednesday, no company that day.

03 Apr 1690. Thursday, the Sheriffs Bayly brought me a Summons to be of the Grand Jury; about 10 came Morgan for money Hussey left for him; went againe about 12; about 5, Crew & Sherrard came to see us; went againe before 7; one Anker & yong Grantham came about buying some cowes; Wakefeild was not well, I brought him in & gave him a glasse of sack; a woman came from Mancote to see daughter ill: her mother nursed her.

04 Apr 1690. Friday, was at home all day, no company, &c. took phisick..

05 Apr 1690. Satorday, went to Chester, lighted at Wrights, went to the Penthouse, demanded my Armes of the Mayor; he ordered the delivery of them; met the Governor at the doore of the Talbot; had a short discourse with him in the streete; went to Angells & cosen Mainwarings; then to Charles Griffiths; dined there with Streete, Parry, Comberbach, Jones of Lleece, Morgan,&c. after dinner came Lloyd & Edwards; then Ephraim Bennet(Jones & Comberbach & Parry interl); Streete went first, the rest stayd till I went, neare 7.

06 Apr 1690. Sonday, was not at church; Morgan came at night

07 Apr 1690. Monday, the molecatcher came; Morgan: stayd all night.

08 Apr 1690. Tuesday, Morgan went (about 8) to Chester; Thomas & Teale dined with us; retorned at 3; the Sheriffe came about 6; Hardware about 6; went about 5; Glasiers man brought a latter, retorned about 6.

09 Apr 1690. Wednesday, Mr Thomas sent his man with a letter to borrow money; I sent him 2 guineys; one Grice, & another came about changing lifes in Bellis, his lease at Shordley; Harry Siddall brought me a fatt oxe from Sir William Aston; brought it home; the tenant: of Avanly came to desire my carte to carry some corne to Shotwick.

10 Apr 1690. Thursday, Burges (the woodman) was with us to discourse of Shotwick wood; Delves, &c. & the tenant of Avanly came againe about sending his corne to Shotwick; Huson went about 12 to Shotwick, Chester, &c. Mr Streete came about 12 about the lands Mr Jones would sell near Northop; dined, & retorned past 2; about 3 came Glasier, Lloyd & Cratchley about Mr Glasiers debt; proposes to sell the land; they went back about 5; past 7 Gerard came to see me; stayd not.

11 Apr 1690. Friday, Crew, Gleg, his wife & sister dined with us; Crew went past 3; the rest before 5.

12 Apr 1690. Satorday, Huson went to Chester; Houseman to Namptwich to meete the Judges & conduct them to Peele; Hussey & the coachman came from Peover; Morgan from Chester; he went to meete the Judge; about 4 came Gerard to see me; & the Sheriffe of Flint to speake with the Judge; about 8 came Judge Trenchard, Hopkins; William Minshall, &c. stayd all night.

13 Apr 1690. Sonday, we were not at church; Scranmore, Sir John Morgan the Sheriffe, Streete, Cumberbach, Crew, Dick Minshall. cosen Whitley, severall others dined with us; the Deane came about 5; supt, went about 11; but I left them at 10.

14 Apr 1690. Monday, Sherrard, Ned Morgan, Angell, G.Booth, Llee,&c. dined with us; past 2, came the Sheriffe & severall with him; also the Deane; about 3, the Judge, Sheriffe,&c. went to Chester; Hocknell & some others stayd till 4; the Deane & cosen Whitley till past 5; the Sheriffe of Flint went about 6, in the morning.

15 Apr 1690. Tuesday, I went to Chester, lighted at Wrights, met Lee there; went with him to Angells; then to the Judges, dined with them & Duckenfeild, Williams, Crew, Captain of the Guard, Lee, Hopkins, Oliver, &c. past 3 they went to the Court; I called on Ned Burrows, then on Mrs Mainwaring; thither came Mrs Kenrick, Mrs Hunt & another woman; also D. Minshall; he & I went to Jacksons; there was Wright, Farington, Kynaston, Lawton, Lee, & some other officers that came with recruites, &c. I left them past 6; called at Ephraim Bennets; there were severall soldyers & horses apointed to quarter there; but they, having no accommodacion, were persuaded to remove; Sir John Crew alighted there, stayd awhile with Bolland, &c. we went away past 7; Sir John in my coach; we parted on Gibbet Heath; I came home about 9.

16 Apr 1690. Wednesday, the fast day, I was not at church; no company that day; but a button moldman.

17 Apr 1690. Thursday, I took phisick, kept within all day; Huson went to Chester, & Shotwick..

18 Apr 1690. Friday, I received the Sacrament (being Good Friday) with daughters, sisters, &c. at Tarvyn; Monsieur Scranmore sent his gentleman to invite me to dine with him next day..

19 Apr 1690. Satorday, I went to Chester, alighted at Wrights; saw him & Lee of Darnehall; Robinson came to me about some money he pretends due to him & another about money owing Mr Lewes Williams; Lee & I went to Angells, then to the Judges; dined with them at Scranmore's; with Crew, Sir Jos: Allen, Hopkins, Streete, &c. went with Streete (past 3) to Mrs Mainwarings; then to Jacksons; there was Kinaston, Johnson, Pemberton, Minshall; Colonel Langston came late; I left them neare 7; was awhile (about 5) with Sir William Aston & Mr Booth in the dining roome; where they were about the militia businesse; Morgan Whitley went home with me in my coach; Alban Gray spoke with me at Jackson's; but stayd not.

20 Apr 1690. Sonday, was not at church.

21 Apr 1690. Monday, Jordan came to speake about work; afterwards Alban Gray came to me about making brick, & dined with us; & the churchwarden about a Parish ley; Morgan, Huson, & Gray went to Chester about 3.

22 Apr 1690. Tuesday, a man brought me a letter from Mr Gasiour about the morgaged land.

23 Apr 1690. Wednesday, no company, nor businesse; had a letter from Crew & Lee to meete on Friday at Northop.

24 Apr 1690. Thursday, one Mr Bruen (a lame Gentleman, & poore) came to Peele; I found him in my kitchen, (I suppose) expecting some charity; he & Davenport, the wyerman, dined in the buttry, &c. Hardware sate with me an houer in the evening.

25 Apr 1690. Friday, a man brought me a letter from Mr Leeke, & retorned presently with an answer; about 5 in the afternoone Mr Tomkinson's brother (& another with him) brought me a letter from Mr Tomkinson desiring me to recommend his brother to the Commissioners of Excise for an imploymt; I promised to write to Mainwaring & my sonne (39); & they retorned about 6.

26 Apr 1690. Satorday, no company, or businesse.

27 Apr 1690. Sonday, I took phisicke; Morgan came in the evening; afterwards D. Minshall; stayd all night; I left them past 10. Huson retorned from Wales.

28 Apr 1690. Monday, Huson went to Alrey & Wrexam; Minshall & Morgan dined; about 5 came Nat. Booth; went (with them) to Chester, past 6; Grice came about a tenement at Shorley, retorned againe presently.

29 Apr 1690. Tuesday, a man came about shearing the sheep; another man from Chester about a tenement in Mouldsworth; Sir John Crew, his lady, Cockaine & his wife, Church, Mrs Offley, her 2 sons & Mrs Aston dined with us, went away about 6.

30 Apr 1690. Wednesday, Mr Jones & Streete came about 11, to offer lands at Northop, to sell; they dined with us; went about 3. Morgan came at night.

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 May

01 May 1690. Thursday, Mr Salisbury brought me a periwig, dined, & went before 3; Morgan went about 8 towards Wales; Huson about 10, to Shotwick; about 3, Mr Jones his man brought a letter from his Master & Streete about the lands to be sold at Northop:

02 May 1690. Friday, Dr Angell dined with us; went about 5.

03 May 1690. Satorday, I went to Chester, visited Scranmore & Anderson & Angell; dined with G.Mainwaring (47) there was Crew, Sir William Russell, Palmer, 2 other Captaines Morgan, Bedisford & Minshall, &c. after dinner came Scranmore, then Angell; I left them past 4; visited Booth; went to Jacksons, discoursed Hunt awhile in the streete; Hall Bingley, Salisbury, came after me to Jacksons, dranck a glasse of wine, left us; then came Minshall, Richard Wright, Farington, Lloyd, Hardware, &c. I left them before 7, Morgan went home with me. I found Sir Michael Bidolph (36) at Peele.

04 May 1690. Sonday, was not at church; William Minshall came about one, stayd till neare 6.

05 May 1690. Monday, Grice came about the lease in Shorley, retorned past 11. Lightfoote (& Lawrison) came about a lease at Lach; dined, & went about 2; Dick Minshall came about 5; Judge Burton's man with his Master's debenter; & Jackson about 7; they all stayd all night.

06 May 1690. Tuesday, Huson went to Chester with Burton's man; Bidolph, Morgan, Minshall, Jackson, his wife, &c. dined with us; about 4 came Crew, & Sherrard, then Angell; Crew & Sherrard went before 7; the rest stayd all night.

07 May 1690. Wednesday, Huson came back from Chester, &c. Hardware came in the afternoone to see Bidolph.

08 May 1690. Thursday, Jackson & his wife went home; I went with Bidolph & Minshall about 3 to Tarvyn; there was Crew, Lee, Gleg, Aldersey, &c. about the militia; we parted about 5: 9. Friday, Scranmore & G.Mainwaring (47) came to dine with us (daughter Mainwaring went to Utkinton, & Charlotte & sisters to Mrs Williams funerall at Chester) Jackson, yong Henthorne, G.Mainwaring's (47) cosen,&c. dined with us; Salisbury came with a periwig to Bidolph they all went about 6; Henthorne about 4; Minshall & Morgan stayd all night.

10 May 1690. Satorday, dined at home; with Bidolph, Minshall & Morgan went to Chester about 2; visited the Bishop; went to Quire service; Fog & another Gentleman came to the Bishop whilest we were with him; we left him about 5; went to Jacksons; there was Taylor, Wright, his sonne (39), Bell. Shales, Murray, Parry, G.Mainwaring (47),&c. Bidolph & I left them past 7; came home.

11 May 1690. Sonday, went to church in the afternoone with Bidolph daughters, &c. Morgan came at night.

12 May 1690. Monday, Bidolph took phisick; Hardwar came to visit him in the evening, Morgan went to Chester, past 6.

13 May 1690. Tuesday, Huson went to Wales to the Receipte; Bidolph & Hardwar to Mr Lee's; Edisbury's man brought me a letter about Roger's debt; one Britaine of Chester & his daughter dined with us.

14 May 169014. Wednesday, Bidolph I, daughters, &c. dined at home; no company, nor businesse.

15 May 1690. Thursday, Peter Bostock came about work; Kat: Calvert came to see us; Bidolph & I went towards Chester, about 10 Hoole & his daughter came to see us; we alighted at Wrights, went to G.Mainwaring's (47): dined there with Scranmore, Streete, 2 Lees, Minshall, Frith, Shales, &c. Crew came past 3, left us past 4; I left them past 5, visited Hunt, there was Sherrard; I went thence to the Sunne; there was Deane, Murray, 2 Anderson's, G.Mainwaring (47), Lee, Minshall, Johnson, Bidolph,&c. Bidolph & I went thence past 7; called at the Golden Lyon on Sir William Aston; he was at supper with Hunt, Brook, & 3 or 4 more; we left them presently. went home.

16 May 1690. Friday, Bidolph & I dined at home; after dinner came Kelsall the minister, another Kelsall & Whitley; they stayd above an houer; Bidolph went to meete Minshall at Trafford, brought him with him at night; Sefton came about carrying coales; stayd an houer.

17 May 1690. Satorday, Bidolph & Minshall dined with us & Jackson; they went to fish in the afternoone; Jackson went back at 7.

18 May 1690. Sonday, I was not at church; Bidolph & Minshall dined with us; Hardwar & his wife came with daughters & Bidolph from church; went away before supper.

19 May 1690. Monday, Jackson sent word that Scranmore woud dine with us; which he did & brought Shales, Newport & Jackson with him; Mr Gleg also came from Dodington; also Angell dined with us; they all went away in the evening; & Minshall also.

20 May 1690. Tuesday, I sent my coach to Chester to bring Mrs Mainwaring to dinner; G.Mainwaring (47) his wife & daughter; Deane, Murray, Pemberton, Edwards, Fernaught, with 3 Londoners, Crew, Mackworth, Hardwar, his wife, &c. dined with us; parted about 6 or 7, &c. my carts, &c. brought 16 loade of coales.

21 May 1690. Wednesday, the fast day, I was at home all day; Huson retorned at night from the Receipte in Wales: 22. Thursday, Bidolph went to the forest to fish about 11; with Houseman, & Bills; Randle Foster came to work in the little house by the well; about 5 the carts retorned with coales; severall of the men that I hyred (as 2 Seftons, Mouldsdale, &c.) came up to me in the Hall; I gave them some ale & a bottle of wine.

23 May 1690. Friday, Huson went to the Receipte at Tarvyn; Houseman to Chester; Vernon to Staffordshire;,&c. Foster came to work, &c. Jordan also came in the evening about work; Nat. Booth's man came with a letter about 4; Mr Lee came to see us from Lady Warrington; he supt with us, stayd all night; Morgan came about 10.

24 May 1690. Satorday, Lee went about 9; Morgan & Huson went to Tarvyn, & Chester, &c. Fletcher came in the evening.

25 May 1690. Sonday, I was not at church: Morgan & Huson came to Peele at night; I discoursed Harry Syddall about Clares removing to Moldsworth & his going in the morning with Huson to buy a fat oxe at Aston.

26 May 1690. Monday, Bostock & his men & Foster came to work; Mr Traverse came to see us & Savage to daughter Mainwaring; they dined with us, Bidolph Angell & Morgan daughters & sister Anne went (about 3) to Utkington; retorned about 7; Angell about 5; Traverse supt with us;.

27 May 1690. Tuesday, Traverse, Morgan & one Lenox (a Chester Barber) dined with us; he went about 4; Bidolph, Morgan & Traverse went a shooting; Scranmore sent his man to invite me & Bidolph to dine with him tomorrow; about 7 Bowyer of Sandwich called to see Charlotte's mayde, but would not alight; Traverse came back with Bidolph & Morgan; did stay till past 10; I left them.

28 May 1690. Wednesday, Morgan & Huson went to Chester past 8; Bidolph & I went after them past 9; went to visit G.Mainwaring (47) & Angell; dined with Scranmore; there was Shomberg, Newport, Cuffe, Warburton; the Bishop, Fog, Streete, Bidolph Mainwaring & Compton,&c. parted past 3, went to the Quire, then to the Bishop: then to Jacksons; the Keeper spoke with me about the paling; at Jacksons was Cuffe, Streete, Wright, Mnshull, Scranmore, Farington, &c. I left them past 7; called at Ephrahim Bennets; dranck at the doore (in the coach). Fox drank with me; we stayd not, went home [fo. 118v] May: 29. Thursday, my daughters & sister Anne went to dine with Lady Aston; I & Sidney dined at home; past 4 came the Parson of Barrow with severall of his parishoners having bin theire Perambulation to the Bounds of the Parish, they had a bottle of wine, beere, &c. & went past 5; Morgan came from Chester about 10; Huson & Thomas Hughes about 11.

30 May 1690. Friday, Partridge (a Chester gardiner) Thomas Hughes, Morgan & Bidolph dined with us; the first went away past 2; Morgan past 6; the cooper of Frodsam came about buying wood; a man with wine from Badely; Fletcher came to work.

31 May 1690. Satorday, Huson & Hughes went to Chester; no company all day.

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 June

01 Jun 1690. Sonday, I was not at church; about 5, Scranmore, Count Nossaw & severall of the Dutch officers came to Peele with Morgan & Minshall; they went about 7; the 2 last stayd all night.

02 Jun 1690. Monday, Fletcher, Holland, Foster, Barker, Jordan;,&c. came to work; Philips of Barrow dined; Bidolph & Minshall went to shoote in the forest; Scranmore, & Solmes men went after them; Sir John Mainwaring retorned from London in the evening; Hussy came from Peover; Hardware & his wife to visit us & Traverse supt with us;,&c.

03 Jun 1690. Tuesday, Mainwaring Bidolph & Minshall went to Chester about 11; Coxon & Johnson came to me from Shotwick; 2 Barrowmen about carrying of coales; Huson went to Chester in the afternoone; Bidolph & Mainwaring retorned past 9; Huson about one.

04 Jun 1690. Wednesday, dined at home with Mainwaring & Bidolph; took phisick, came downe in the afternoone; about 4 came 2 Lady Bellots & daughters; then the Bishop, Fogg & Angell; they all went about 6; Morgan came in afternoone; Huson past 10; Gerard came about 6, stayd an houer.

05 Jun 1690. Thursday, Captaine Warburton came past 7; I did not see him; he went with Mainwaring & Bidolph to the forest to shoote, &c. Mr Fronteene & 2 other of the King's servants: dined with us; after dinner came Crew & Sherard; then an officer of Dragoons; then 2 other Dutchmen about quarters; Mainwaring Bidolph & Warburton came about 4; Fronteene & the rest went betimes; Crew, Sherard, Warburton past 7; Morgan went to Namptwich.

06 Jun 1690. Friday, Bidolph & Mainwaring dined at home; some of the King's officers came to prepare the house, &c. & provision for the King; Golding the cook came to visit us; Bidolph & Bills, &c. went to shoote; Mainwaring went to Chester; severall people came with provisions; the Gentleman Usher & 2 other King's servants with him supt, stayd all night; soe did some of the rest; my sonne (39), his wife & children came from London & Jack Whitley & his wife; they went with Fowler & his coach to Chester; my sonne (39) wife & children lay at Mr Traverse's; Roger came from London late at night, lay here;.

07 Jun 1690. Satorday, severall of the King's servants came to provide for him; viz: Mr Isaack, Lambe, Clarke, Fronteene, &c. neare 2 o'clock the King (39) came, with Lord: Portland (40), Scarborow (40); Overkirk (50), Solmes, Scranmore, Zulestein, &c. Dutch & English, the Bishop: & severall of the clergy, &c. the King (39) went to dine, past 2; had severall of his noblemen & gentry to dine with him; he also commanded the Bishop: & me to sitt downe; Lord Warrington (38) came when we were at dinner; sate downe; we were 13 or 14 at table; his Majesty (39) did me the honor to drink to me; after dinner he talked with me a long while at the window; then retired, writ letters, &c. Sir Thomas Delves (59) & severall gentlemen of the County dined with Mr Isack (who had tables provided in the Kilne) & the rest of the King's servants, officers of the Guards, &c. were provided for in one place or other; the King (39) walked in the gardens, to the stables in the evening; discoursed often very obligingly with me after he came in; retired to his chamber; had some new layd eggs to his supper; went to bed before 11. in the afternoone the County gentlemen, clergy, cittisens of Chester & Recorder (who were sent to [fo. 119r] know his Majesty's (39): pleasure about coming to Chester) kissed his hand; & in the evening my daughters, grandchildren, aunts &c; when he walked in the garden he gathered cherryes & seemed well pleased, &c. there was a good supper prepared in the Kilne for those that would eate, besides many of the King's great officers & servants; Lord Warrington (38), Sir Rowland Gwynn (32) & others lay in the house; I went to bed (weary) before 11 o'clock; Lord Brandon (31) lay at Mr Hardwares, also Mr Row.

Around 1680 Willem Wissing Painter 1656-1687. Portrait of King William III of England, Scotland and Ireland 1650-1702 wearing his Garter Collar. Around 1700 Godfrey Kneller 1646-1723. Portrait of Henry de Nassau Lord Overkirk 1640-1708. Before 1694 Godfrey Kneller 1646-1723. Portrait of Henry Booth 1st Earl Warrington 1652-1694.

08 Jun 1690. Sonday, (Whitsonday) his Majesty (39) went from Peele to Chester; (Portland (40), Scarborough (40) & Warrington (38) in the coach with him interl); I, Bidolph & one of his servants followed the Guards, &c.( the Mayor, Aldermen met him at Boughton, the Livery & Bearers in the streete interl); he went directly to the Cathedral, sate in the Bishops seate; the Bishop (57) attended him as Clarke of the Closet; then preached; after sermon took coach immediately at the church doore, soe to dinner at Geaton, &c. I had 2 pockets picked in the church & severall others besides myselfe; the Mayor invited me but I refused him; I, Bidolph & G.Mainwaring (47) dined with Streete; severall came here to us; Bellot & I went thence to visit Sir Thomas Delves (37), &c. I left Bellot there; went to Jacksons; there were Bidolph, Streete, G.Mainwaring (47), my 2 sons, Warburton, Wright, Governor (but he stayd not), Colonel Harman, another officer,&c. I and Bidolph & Roger left them past 7; came home neare 9; found Mr Offley there, he stayd all night.

09 Jun 1690. Monday, Bidolph, Offley, &c. dined with us; Offley went to Utkington in the afternoone; retorned past 9, &c. the 2 Husseys went away about 5.

10 Jun 1690. Tuesday, 2 men came to see one of the mayds; they complained that they had theire horses in the field & had lost theire bridles; Foster came to be payd for his work; one Briscoe of Chester & his wife came to see the house, dranck a glasse of wine & would not stay dinner; Offley, Bidolph, Roger,&c dined with us; supt.

11 Jun 1690. Wednesday, a messenger came from Sir Thomas Delves (37) to let us know his lady was not well, soe could not dine with us; but would call to morrow; Bidolph Offley & Roger dined with us; there came 2 men to speake with him about Boudlers money, stayd not, &c. after dinner came Kelsall; sayed Lord Warrington (38) & Mainwaring would be here about 3; would eate a bitt of meate, &c. but he went away about 5; his Lordship staying late at Chester could not call; Mainwaring came past 8.

12 Jun 1690. Thursday, Nat Boothe came about 9, went about 10; Sir Thomas Delves (37), his lady, cosen Mainwaring, Foster, Forbes, Angell, Lee, &c. dined with us; after diner came Lady Crew, Mrs Offley, Mrs Aston, &c. these stayd till after supper; Delves,&c. went about 5, Angell soone after them; after supper came Sir Rowland Gwynne (32), Mr LeLeck; Roe: Manley; G.Mainwaring (47) stayd all night, soe did Offley & Nat. Lee.

13 Jun 1690. Friday, Sir John, Morgan, Bell, Taylor, &c. dined with us; also Sir Rowland Gwynne (32), LeLeck, Roe & that company; they parted past 5; Roger went about ½ houer after them in order to his going to Ireland; Morgan Whitley & Huson went with him to accompany him to the waterside; Mainwaring & Bidolph went to Cokaine about 6, retorned about 12; cosen Christian Powell & her neece came to see us in the evening; stayd all night; Jordan came in the afternoone to talk of work.

14 Jun 1690. Satorday; we dined at home; no company; past 9 at night cosen Whitley came; I left him past 10 with my sonne (39), Bidolph & Mainwaring.

15 Jun 1690. Sonday, I went to church with daughters, sons, &c. dined at home; stayd at home; in the afternoone most of the rest went to church; sonne (39), Bidolph & Mainwaring retorned past 6; cosen Whitley came not back till past 10.

16 Jun 1690. Monday, after dinner cosen Powell & her neece went away; 2 soldyers from Chester came to desire some drink; I gave them a bottle of ale; then they went away; no more company that day.

17 Jun 1690. Tuesday, Mainwaring, Bidolph & I went to Chester (soe did my sonne (39), his wife, &c.) & cosen Whitley; we dined at Angells; visited G.Mainwaring (47) & his wife; I went to 4 o'clock prayers; then waited on the Bishop; Dr Fog was there; then went to Jacksons; there was 2 Mainwarings Streete, Taylor (awhile) cosen Booth, Basker[ile) [fo. 119v] June. Farington, my sonne (39), Parry, Morgan,&c. we parted past 7; Bidolph & Mainwaring went home with me in the coach.

18 Jun 1690. Wednesday, the fast day, we went to church at one; retorned past 3; dined at 4, Traverse came home with us, stayd till past 10. Huson retorned about 10.

19 Jun 1690. Thursday, Huson went to fetch his wife home; Houseman went to a Cocking at Whitchurch; Mainwaring & Bidolph went to Dedington; Lady Aston, her mother & daughters; & Lady Crew & another gentlewoman dined with us; also Angell & my sister; they all went past 6; sister Angell stayd all night; Charles Griffith came as they went away, dranck but stayd not; my sonne (39) went in the afternoone to Sir John Crew; he, Bidolph & Mainwaring retorned late after I was in bed.

20 Jun 1690. Friday, we dined at home, my sonne (39), Mainwaring & Bidolph went abroad in the afternoone; retorned to supper (they met Crew at Kelsall) Mr Lee came to visit us in the evening from Lord Warrington & his lady; stayd all night; about 5 Yong (the Mr Davyes tenant) came to know if he could get any recompence for damage done to his grasse when the King was here; also for his cart, &c. & asked my opinion about advancing part of his rent upon his landlord & landlady's letters; but I refused to give him any advise in the matter; onely to gratify them if he could doe it with safety.

21 Jun 1690. Satorday; Mr Lee retorned before 9. I did onely see him before he went; there came 2 Ministers (of his acquaintance) to speake with MainwarinG.Mainwaring (47) went to Chester about 11; about 4, I & my sonne (39) went to Tarvyn to the funerall of Mr Lorenson; where, after sermon, we had account of neighbor Grindly (Travise's tenant) being killed by his cart, coming from Chester; Mainwaring & Morgan came from Chester about 9, &c. Bidolph retorned about same tyme from shooting; & Houseman from the Cocking at Whitchurch: 22. Sonday, I went to church in the afternoone with sonne (39), daughters, &c. Huson retorned from Staffordshire; about 10; I spoke to the Coroner (in the churchyard) to be favorable to Joseph as to his brother.

23 Jun 1690. Monday, Mainwaring went early to Badely; & Morgan past 9, to Chester; Huson went about 2 to Shotwick; retorned late, soe did Mainwaring; the Schoole Master of Tarvyn came past 5, to teach Roger Whitley his Book; went againe past 6.

24 Jun 1690. Tuesday, Hooson the coachman, Broster, &c. went to Chester faire; with the wooll & to buy sheep; the husbandmen with brick to Shotwick; in the evening one Mr Crompton came with the coachman to sell me a horse; but I liked him not; he drank a glasse of wine, & went away; about 8 Delves came from Disart.

25 Jun 1690. Wednesday, Delves retorned to Dysert; Huson came from Chester; and went againe (about 11) to Bechin & Wrexam; my sonne (39) went to Chester & Aston; Broster to Chester to sell wooll; Angell dined with us; Furnivall's father & mother came to see her; dined over the kitchen, went in the afternoone; Angell went about 6; Bidolph & Mainwaring went to fish in the forest; retorned about 11. Gerard came with 2 Gentlewomen, to see the garden whiles we were at supper; afterwards I brought them in; gave them a bottle of wine.

26 Jun 1690. Thursday, Mainwaring went to Chester past 10; Joseph came to trimme me; his brother was here also; I advised them together to agree about theire deceased brother's estate;,&c. I dined at home; past one went to Chester with daughters, sister Anne & Bidolph;. lighted at Wrights, went to Jacksons, then to Hunts; then to G.Mainwaring (47) there was Bidolph, Anderton, Captain Grenhylle, &c. then went to Jacksons; there was daughters & sister; then went (with Crosse) to almeshouse, saw the widows, gave them 2: 6 a piece to theire fairings; [fo. 120r] June. went to Johnson's house, saw him & his wife; the little smith came to us; I promised to renew his lease; then retorned (Crosse with me) to Jacksons; there was Bidolph, G.Mainwaring (47), Baroby, Bret, &c. parted about 8; Bidolph & I went home together; daughters & sister in the other coach; a man brought a letter from Mrs Owens about Roger's debt; Mr Tomkinsons brother came this night to serve me.

27 Jun 1690. Friday, dined at home; no company; Bidolph went in the afternoone to fish, & shoote in the forest; retorned late, soe did Mainwaring from Chester.

28 Jun 1690. Satorday, I took phisick; dined below, Mr Greene came to see us (as he pretended) from Sir P: Egerton, his lady, & Madame Conwey; he dined with us, Mainwaring & Bidolph, but left us soone after dinner; my sonne (39) retorned past 9 from Wales.

29 Jun 1690. Sonday, I went to church with sonne (39), daughters, &c. received the Sacrament; went not in the afternoone; Morgan came in the evening;.

30 Jun 1690. Monday, Morgan went to Chester; Huson, Broster, Tomkinson & 3 carts to Dysert; Vernon went to Elmehurst; Hardware came to Mainwaring then Goldsmith came to him; went with him to Chester; 2 men came about taking some land, (Thomas, Jones & his wifes sonne (39)) they dined with us; in the evening, I & my sonne (39) went to meete Crew at Kelsall (Bidolph & Hardwar went before us & left us presently) there was Arderne with Crew; & as we were parting (past 7) came Mainwaring & Goldsmith from Chester; we drank a bottle of ale before the doore & parted; Goldsmith came with us to Peele, stayd all night.

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 July

01 Jul 1690. Tuesday, Jackson came from Chester past 9; Crew came about 10; I left them & Goldsmith there; they dined with my sonne (39), Bidolph & Mainwaring; the 2 last went to Peover about 4; my daughters, sister Sydney & I went to Chester past 11; dined with Angell; I went to the Sunne with G.Mainwaring (47); there was Baroby & Gleg; I left them in ½ houer; went with daughters & sister about 4 towards Ruabon; met brother Robinson & cosen Lloyd at Wrexam; called on cosen Powell, saw her sister, &c. there, stayd ½ houer; went to Ruabon, found my sister indifferent well; Cos Loyd supt with us.

02 Jul 1690. Wednesday, a Frenchman (from Sir John: Wynne) came to visit us about 11; also cosen Lloyd & his wife & one Mrs Wynne; they dined with us; after dinner came Mrs Vaughan (a kinswoman) & Mr Lloyd of PlaceMadock & Thomas Hughes; they stayd till towards evening; cosen Lloyd & his wife supt with us, then went home.

03 Jul 1690. Thursday, I left Ruabon, past 12; called on cosen Powell; did not light; came to Chester about 4; lighted at Angells; there was Doctor, his wife, sister Anne; my sonne (39) & his wife; Streete came thither to us; he, my sonne (39) & I went to Jacksons; the Governor came to us & Sir William Gleg; then Captaine Bub:, another Gentleman, & Bell; I left them presently, went home with my daughters.

04 Jul 1690. Friday, I went to the mill & to the mowers; there came 3 men from Manley to enquire for Morgan about the Poll; I made them drink, they stayd not; Cook of Ashton came to teach Roger, he dined with us; Huson, Delves & Thomkinson retorned from Dysert in the evening; the Clark of Tarvyn came for Tythwooll, &c. I made him drink, he stayd not;

05 Jul 1690. Satorday, Huson, Delves, & Tomkinson went to Chester about 9; Mainwaring, Bidolph & Baroby came from Peover about one; Mainwaring & my daughter went to Peover in the evening; Bidolph, Baroby & I went to Chester (past 2) we alighted at Jacksons; I went to Angells & Hunt; there was Taylor & Huson with us; we discoursed our businesse; I came past 6 to Jacksons; spoke with Gray, Crosse, &c. below; went up to Bidolph, Baroby, Streete, G.Mainwaring (47), Jones, Parry, Farington, Warburton, &c. the Governor came to us & 2 or 3 with him; also Colonel St George, an Irish Lord, &c. they stayd not; Bidolph. Baroby & I went back, past 8, came to Peele about 10.

06 Jul 1690. Sonday, I was not at church; dined with Baroby, Bidolph, sonne (39), Morgan,&c. in the evening we heard great shooting at Highlake; & afterwards heard the Cannon at Chester, & saw a great many Bonfires; which made us hope there was good news from Ireland, & that the King had got Dublyn; soe we, & other neighbors made bonfyres.

07 Jul 1690. Monday, Baroby & Morgan went away about 6; my sonne (39) went to Chester, about 11; Bidolph took phisick; Angell came to see him, dined with us; Crew's man came after dinner to acquainte us that his mother would be buryed tomorrow;.

08 Jul 1690. Tuesday, after dinner, I & Bidolph daughters, &c. went to the funerall of Mrs Crew; there was much company; Mainwaring his wife, &c. retorned from Peover; Lord Warrington & G.Mainwaring (47) came to Peele, supt, & stayd all night.

09 Jul 1690. Wednesday, Lord Warrington & Mainwaring went to Northwich about 10; soone after G.Mainwaring (47) went to Chester; about 3 he sent his boy with the news that King James had quit Ireland; I sent John Nixon with it to Mainwaring at Northwich; John Hough dined with us; went before 3; sonne (39) Thomas retorned from Wales; L: Lloyd with him.

10 Jul 1690. Thursday, Sir John Morgan, his lady, & one Mr Price, & Bell dined with us; also Angell & Mr Cooper & 2 sons; they went about 6; cosen John Whitley, & his wife, came about 11 at night when I was in bed.

11 Jul 1690. Friday, Huson, & Tomkinson went to Shotwick past 9; after dinner Mainwaring & Bidolph went to Utkinton; my sonne (39), Lloyd & Jack Whitley went also abroad; retorned late.

12 Jul 1690. Satorday, Mainwaring, sonne (39), Lloyd, & Jack Whitley went to Chester; all retorned at night (past 10) but Lloyd, he went home.

13 Jul 1690. Sonday, I was not at church; most of the rest were; we had no company.

14 Jul 1690. Monday, in the evening Captaine Ely, Traverse, & another came to Mainwaring,&c. I onely saw them; they went away together (I think, to fish) at same time, Jack Whitley, his wife & sister went back to Chester; Huson & Tomkinson retorned late from Lach, whither they went about 11 in the morning.

15 Jul 1690. Tuesday, Mainwaring, my sonne (39) & Huson went to Namptwich; after dinner sister Angell went to Chester, soe did Bidolph & I; we went to G.Mainwaring's (47); Wright the minister came to us to discourse about his being Chaplaine to the almeshouse; also Crosse & Cotton ( the smith) came about his lease; then we went to Angells, then to Jacksons; there was Bidolph, G.Mainwaring (47), Streete, Gleg, Fernagh, Richard Wright, Taylor, Davyes, one or 2 more; then came the Governor & Bell; we parted presently; a Barber trimmed me there; Bidolph, Morgan & I went home together in the coach; it was past 8 (½ houer) before we left Chester; my sonne (39) came late home from Namptwich & Grantham with him.

16 Jul 1690. Wednesday, the fast day, Tomkinson went to Staffordshire; I went to church with Bidolph, sonne (39), Morgan daughters, &c. about one; dined past 4; no company.

17 Jul 1690. Thursday, Bidolph went to Elmehurst about 10, & Morgan to Chester; Huson retorned from Namptwich; Jackson came past 1; dined in the buttry; Golding the cook came with his father in law, Wood the carryer, Whitby & another dranck beere & ale; stayd 2 houers; my sonne (39) went a setting, about 5.

18 Jul 1690. Friday, Huson went to Shrewsbury about the militia horse, soe to Frodesly; Alban Gray came about 12 to speake with me about work at Chester; dined, went past 3; Tomkinson retorned from Staffordshire about 7.

19 Jul 1690. Satorday, after dinner daughter Mainwaring went to Utkinton & Peover & I & my sonne (39) to Chester, alighted at Wrights, went to the Angells; thence I went to Booth's; there was Fernaugh & 2 others, they stayd not; I discoursed him about sister Whitley's suites; proposed a reference; left him presently; discoursed awhile with Anderson in the streete; went to the Sunne, there met Viccars, Jones, Parry, Murray, & Deane; Murray's brother came to us & the barber to trimme me; I left them past 6; went to Jackson's; there came to me Crosse, Gray, Farington, Bradshaw; then the Governor & Bell; they drank a glasse of wine & left us presently; after, I & sonne (39) took coach (about 8) went home.

20 Jul 1690. Sonday, Traverse dined with us; I went to church in the afternoone; thence with sonne (39) & Traverse to visit Sir John Crew; Cockane came to us; we left them before 7; Traverse supt with us, I went to my chamber at 10.

21 Jul 1690. Monday, Alderman Mainwaring's man brought me 2 Irish letters from my sonne (39); Crosse & Cotton came about sealing Cotton's lease for his house without the Norgate; dined with us; went past 2: daughters & sisters went to Utkinton, retorned at 8; G. Taylor came from Peover with a letter & venison from daughter Mainwaring.

22 Jul 1690. Tuesday, Huson came about 7 from Frodesly; went with Tomkinson to Mold faire about 10; my sonne (39), his wife, children & Sidney went to Chester & Aston past 10; some men came with poll money from Manley (past 11) payed it to Houseman; about 2, Palin & 3 others brought wood from Bechin, they did eate in the buttry, & retorned about 3: 23. Wednesday, Tomkinson retorned from Mold; in the evening Radley came to see me; stayd ½ houer;,&c. in the morning Coles of Lichfeild called for some things for Bidolph, went away in a short tyme.

24 Jul 1690. Thursday, about 9, Mr Jenkinson came from Peover in his way to Chester; stayd ½ houer; Tomkinson & Mosse went to Stone faire to buy sheepe; in the evening a man brought a pike & a sword for my servant Castor to muster for Mr Barneston but I would not let him goe; James Kent came from Peover & retorned agen before morning.

25 Jul 1690. Friday, some women & a yong man came to see Mary Pemberton; 2 of them dined with us in the Compasse; the rest in the buttry; about 4 Mr Smethers brought me a letter from Sir John Crew; he & his lady were then going to Fawsley; Smethers dranck a glasse of ale & retorned; Mawle came from Frodesly, stayd all night; Huson retorned from Mold.

26 Jul 1690. Satorday, (Lee came pay houses?; went to the muster at Tarvyn interl).; I went to Chester, dined at G.Mainwaring's (47) with him, his wife & Knox, &c. went to Hunts; there was Tailor & Huson; I went to the almeshouses & to Jacksons; there G.Mainwaring (47) & I dranke 2 bottles of ale at Crosse's; there was Farington, Wright, G.Mainwaring (47), Fernehaugh, &c. at Jackson's; I went thence past 7; found Lord Warrington, Lee & Mainwaring at home at supper.

27 Jul 1690. Sonday, I went to church with Lord Warrington, Lee, &c. the Vicar & Hardwar dined with us; I went not in the afternoone; Kelsall & Drinkwater were with the Lord at Peele.

28 Jul 1690. Monday, Lord Warrington, Lee & Mainwaring went to Chester; I went after them; we all… [fo. 121v] July: dined with the Governor also Colonel St George, 3 of his officers, Warburton, G.Mainwaring (47) & Streete; past 3, Streete & I left them; went to the almeshouses, then to the Bishop: then to see the new church; then to Jacksons; there was Golding, Browne, Gleg;,&c. I left them about 8, came home, before Warrington.

29 Jul 1690. Tuesday, Lord Warington & Lee left Peele; I went to Chester, past 9; Grantham went with me; I went to the Castle, walked awhile in the Hall with the lawyers; when the Court sate (Lord Warrington, Goldsmith, & Mainwaring being on the Bench) I took the Oaths & Test; then went to the coffee house, & Jacksons; saw the Governor & Knox in both places; the Prince of Denmark's gentleman came to me [at] Jacksons; sayd the Prince desired at my House (if we had roome) or as neare as he could to the King, that he would come to Peele next day; I went immediately home, came there neare 2; found the Bishop, Fog, Streete, Warburton, his wife & sister, Mrs Booth & daughter; Dr Angell, &c. at dinner; our Vicar came after me; the Bishop: & his company went about 5, the rest past 6; then came Walley the Goldsmith about Morgan Whitley's money; but being late, sayed he would come agen to morrow; Savage came late to speake with Mainwaring.

30 Jul 1690. Wednesday, Huson & Jon went to Warrington & Aston to buy a horse & beefe; Cadwallader came with a buck; retorned in the afternoone; the Prince of Denmarks servant & another came to see the house, then went to Mr Hardwar's; soe back to Chester; Walley came when we were at dinner & dined; went away afterwards (& I think the gardner with him) with 400 li for Morgan Whitley; in the evening came Bingly & his sonne (39) (a boy) to visit us; dranck & stayd not; after supper Mainwaring retorned from Chester & Goldsmith with him; they eate cold meate, had a bottle; parted past 11; Syddall & Yong came about selling a cow; I left them with Huson, past 11. Pratchet came from Dedington.

31 Jul 1690. Thursday, Savage came to Mainwaring stayd not long; Goldsmith went away early, and Pratchet after dinner, Mainwaring went to Chester & towards Highlake; son Thomas, his wife, children & Sydney retorned that evening from Wales.

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 August

01 Aug 1690. Friday, I went to Chester (the 2 militia horse with me) alighted at Jacksons; there was Warrington, his sonne (39), Lee, Roger Mainwaring, &c. we dined there, also Jodrell, Bellott, &c. about 3, I went to the Feathers to see Sir Luson Gore, met Edwards & Lloyd in the Rowes; then to Angells, then back to Jacksons; stayd there (with many of the same company) till neare 6; Duckenfeild, Streete, 3 or 4 of the Lees were sometimes with us & yong Roger Mainwaring & Morgan Whitley; the next barber's man trimmed me; I took coach at the Talbot, there was Morgan, Streete, & Swetnam; I came home past 7.

02 Aug 1690. Satorday, Huson went early to Chester (& Shotwick as he promised) about 11 came Sir Robert Cotton, dined with us; also Hoole & his daughter; they all went about 3; I sent Jonathan & Pickring with my 2 militia horse to Chester agen, past 11 o' clock; with order to continue with the troops; but they retorned at night; soe did Mainwaring & my sonne (39); Lee & Morgan with them after supper.

03 Aug 1690. Sonday, I went to church in the morning; Mainwaring & daughters with me; dined at home, Hadwar & wife with us; I stayd at home in the afternoone, the rest went to church; Traves retorned with them & supt; I left them past 10.

04 Aug 1690. Monday, Lee went before I saw him in the morning; about 12 Yates & Holland came from Chester to discourse about slating & plastering; dined, &c. Profitte went to Dysert & Mosse to Shotwick to look at the corne,&c. in both places; my daughters, sisters, &c. went to visit Huson at Burton; Mainwaring, sonne (39) & Morgan went a setting; Palin, & 3 or 4 more, came with wood; did eate and drink; retorned past 4; daughters retorned from Huson's about 8, Mainwaring, sonne (39), Morgan & Traverse after supper; the Postmaster of Chester sent a pacquet to me (past 9) with one enclosed to Lord Warington; Mainwaring took it to send away next morning; I went to my chamber past 10.

05 Aug 1690. Tuesday, about 7 there came a messenger with a letter from Atwood, that he & Lord Brandon would dine with us; Mainwaring went about 7 to Dedington; Angell came about 11; stayd till 5; but we being expectacion of Lord Brandon stayd dinner; Angell eate something in one of the chambers & retorned; neare 4 came Hardwar & Henry, drank a bottle of wine in the Hall; went about 5; Delves came from Shotwick; retorned about 5; James brought me a letter, (that Jackson sent me) from Mr Minshall; we expected Brandon & Atwood till 8 at night before we dined; but neither came nor sent.

06 Aug 1690. Wednesday, after dinner came Radley (Rector of Barrow) to agree about my tithes in his Parish; he stayd till past 6; Mainwaring retorned past 9; Pickering retorned from the Troop for another horse.

07 Aug 1690. Thursday, Pickering & Jonathan went againe to the Troop; Alderman Anderson, his wife & cosen came just as we had dined; we continued at table till they had eaten; we went into the garden & to the well; about 5 they went away.

08 Aug 1690. Friday, Huson went to Shotwick & Brombrow (about 9) & Morgan to Chester; & after dinner Mainwaring & my sonne (39) went a setting; in the evening one Norton came to my sonne (39) from Brandon, to speake with him about the militia of Flint, where he is mustermaster; he stayd all night; I left him before 10, with Mainwaring & my sonne (39).

09 Aug 1690. Satorday, my sonne (39) (& Norton) went to Chester (& soe to Wales) past 11; Mainwaring & I went to Chester after dinner; came to Jacksons past 3; there was sonne (39), Norton, Gleg, Farington, G.Mainwaring (47) Vicars, &c. I went to another roome, was trimmed by Danold; Edwards, Deane, Taylor, Gray, Crosse, Huson came thither to me; after a while I went down agen to the other company; Hunt came to us, I discoursed awhile with him & Taylor in the entry; also with Lightfoote about his lease; Streete & Anderson was also with us; I & Mainwaring left them about 7; went home.

10 Aug 1690. Sonday, I went to church in the afternoone; Mainwaring went to Barrow, Traverse came back with him, supt, I left them together, past 10.

11 Aug 1690. Monday, Lord Warington sent his servant: with letters: to Mainwaring about bayling the prisoners at Chester; Mainwaring went a setting in the sfternoone; Hardwar came to see us past 5, stayd past 6; Barker the carpenter came about work; Pratchet came from Dedington; Huson went to Chester past 2; stayd away all night.

12 Aug 1690. Tuesday, Traverse & Hucknell came about 10; also one Bradshaw about taking land of me; they dined with us (Bradshaw with Huson in the buttry) drank a bottle after dinner & went away about 3, & 4 o'clock; & Prachet retorned (with fruite) to Dedington

13 Aug 1690. Wednesday, Main went to Knotsford, & Huson to Manchester; Mainwarng. retorned late at night, (about 9)

14 Aug 1690. Thursday, Hanson of the Quire & Brock, came to see the butler (about 10) I dranck a glasse of ale to them (having met them in the garden, & left them in the buttry; MainwarinG. & my sonne (39) retorned from Chester past 10; & Huson from Manchester in the afternoone.

15 Aug 1690. Friday, Mainwaring & I went to Chester past 10; also Huson; dined with G.Mainwariing there was Mrs Parker, Mrs Wright, & Mrs Anderson; Streete, Wright, Comberbach, Morgan, Harvey (& severall men & women at a by table) I spoke with Crosse & Wood in the Hall; the barber trimmed me in the parlor; & I Streete left them neare 5; cald at Angells, saw him & my sister; went thence to the almes houses; spoke with the carpenter &c there; spoke with Alderman Anderson at his doore; then went to Jacksons; there came the Governor, Warburton, Alderman Wright, Cockayne, 2 Mainwarings, Morgan Cumberbach &c; Mainwaring & I left them past 7; spoke with Ephraim Bennet & another in the Forest streete about Ephraims businesse; came home before 9.

16 Aug 1690. Satorday, Huson went to Chester about 11; I stayd at home all day.

17 Aug 1690. Sonday, I went to church in the afternoone; Traverse supt with us.

18 Aug 1690. Monday, Warmingham (a shoemaker of Chester) his wife, the Surgeon of the Regiment there & a man from Barrow came to see house & gardens; they dranck a bottle of ale & went away; my tenant Barnet of Shotwick dined with us; went away about 3; Mainwaring went to Chester past 9; retorned about 8.

19 Aug 1690. Tuesday, Jackson & his wife came to see us; dined with us; soe did a man (a carpenter) from Mr Lewes; Mrs Jackson stayd all night. Mainwaring, my sonne (39) & Jackson went a setting about 4; Mainwaring & my sonne (39) retorned to supper; I & daughters visited Mrs Hardware in the evening.

20 Aug 1690. Wednesday, the fast day, we went to church; came in the first sermon; stayd till after the 2nd sermon, &c. came home past 3; Hardwar, his wife, Traves, Gerard & Grantham dined with us; went away about 6 & 7: 21. Thursday, MainwarinG. went to Dunham & Peover about 7; my daughter, 4 girles & servants went to Peover past 2; Tomkinson went to Shotwick.

22 Aug 1690. Friday, Jackson came about 11; Morgan & Lightfoote, after we had dined; the last went about 3; the rest stayd all night; Tomkinson retorned about 3; Hardwar came in the evening; stayd not.

23 Aug 1690. Satorday, Jackson, his wife, Morgan & Huson went to Chester about 9; past one my sonne (39) & I went thither; I met Huson, Crosse & Bostocks at the quarry; Anderson at the woodyard, Jordan &c: at the almeshouses; I went thence to Jacksons; Danold trimmed me; there was Vicars, Lloyd, Morgan, my sonne (39), Plimley, Farington, Jackson, Parry &c: we parted past 6, went home.

24 Aug 1690. Sonday, I went to Church in the afternoone; Travers supt with us; & Morgan; Broster came from Dysert; Tomkinson, Gill & Clare went towards Namptwich.

25 Aug 1690. Monday, the gardner went early with fruite to Denington; retorned at night; soe did Tomkinson, from Namptwich about 5.

26 Aug 1690. Tuesday, went early home to his wife; Tomkinson went after him, (about 10) in order to theire going to Tatenhall, Bechin &c: Broster went about 11 towards Disart; at night came a man from Staffordshire to be husbandman, but I saw him not till morning.

27 Aug 1690. Wednesday, I discoursed the Staffordshire man, he retorned presently; I sent Gill to Frodesly & 2 carts to Shotwick; my sonne (39) & Morgan went past 9 to Peover.

28 Aug 1690. Thursday, no company; my sonne (39) & Morgan retorned from Peover in the evening.

29 Aug 1690. Friday, Morgan went to Chester, Traverse came with my sonne (39) at night, supt.

30 Aug 1690. Satorday, Hardwar dined with us; went soone after dinner; Tomkinson came back from Shotwick, Brombrow.

31 Aug 1690. Sonday, I went to church in the afternoone.

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 September

01 Sep 1690. Monday, after dinner I & my sonne (39) went to Chester, alighted at Jacksons; there was Drinkwater, he took a glasse of wine & left me; Crosse came to give me account of the building, stayd not; Danold trimmed me; then came Farington, then the Governor & another with him; then Mercer & the Commissioner about buying wheate (the Governor & his frind left us) then came Fernagh, Kinaston, Rob. Anderson, Alderman Wright; I left them past 6; called at Ephraim Bennets; there was Fletcher the tanner; we had a tankard of ale & went immediately away; came home about 8.

02 Sep 1690. Tuesday, about 5 came Hardwar & another (stranger to me) with him; past 6, Mainwaring daughter & children retorned from Peover; I sent Nixon in the morning to visit Sir Robert Cotton & the coachman to Chester.

03 Sep 1690. Wednesday, I sent Nixon to welcome Sir John Crew home; Mainwaring,&c. went to visit him in the afternoone; retorned at 8.

04 Sep 1690. Thursday, Mr Richard Warburton & one Bosier came about 12; they dined with us; also Farington, Morgan & Jackson; they went about 7; Morgan stayd all night.

05 Sep 1690. Friday, my sonne (39), his wife, & Sidney went to Chester about 10; Mainwaring & Morgan went after them; whilest we were at dinner Bidolph & Traverse came from Staffordshire; Crews man came to see us; Hardwar came in the evening, went past 6; Mainwaring sonne (39), &c. came about 8, from Chester.

06 Sep 1690. Satorday, Huson went about 10 to Chester; Crew came about 3 (Barker a minister with him) they went about 6.

07 Sep 1690. Sonday, I was not at church; Traverse dined with us.

08 Sep 1690. Monday, I, sonne (39), Bidolph, Mainwaring, daughters, sisters, &c. went to Chester, dined at Jacksons; there Danold trimmed me; the yonger Wilbraham came to me about his fathers money; Gleg came after dinner, stayd not long; I & Bidolph went to Angells; I went thence to G.Mainwaring's (47) saw Mr Bartley; thence I went to the almeshouses; there was Crosse, Mercer, Rummer Tavern, Morris, Pack, Cotton, Jones, 2 Bostocks, 3 Bricklayers; I gave them a dosen of ale at the widdow's; Mr Browne came to us as we were parting; I & Mercer called on Anderson, dranck a tankerd of ale with him & his wife; went thence to Jacksons, met Taylor in the streete, took him with me, discoursed him awhile in the kitchen; also Wilbraham (who payed Crosse 10 li in part of rent) the Governor, Major, Bidolph, Mainwaring my sonne (39), Parry, Morgan,&c. were in the parlor & cosen Whitley (who dined with us); the Governor & Major went presently & we soone after; retorned to Peele about 8.

09 Sep 1690. Tuesday, Huson went to Frodesly; Tomkinson & the carts to Dysert; Morgan (about 11) to Chester; Bolton (& one Smith) from Tatenhall dined with us; went about 3; Sefton of Barrow came abt 5 to recommend a servant: I took phisick; the husbandman & howsekeeper came this evening;.

10 Sep 1690. Wednesday, Mainwaring went to Edisbury's; Bidolph & sonne (39) & Morgan went a setting in afternoone; Traverse came back with them & supt; a man of Whitchurch brought venison from Frodesley.

11 Sep 1690. Thursday, Bidolph Morgan & sonne (39) went a coursing; Traverse came with them home,& dined; after dinner I, sonne (39), Bidolph & Morgan went to Utkington; there was Crew, Church, Damport, Huxley, another (a stranger),&c. we came at 4, parted at 6; came home; Mainwaring came back after I was in bed; the gardner went to Warburton with venison.

12 Sep 1690. Friday, I sent the Smith with venison to Cooper, Johnson & Deane; after dinner, Bidolph & Mainwaring went a setting; Tomkinson retorned from Dysert; Hardwar came & stayd an houer in the evening;.

13 Sep 1690. Satorday, I went to Chester with Bidolph; Nat. Lee went with us; Mainwaring, my sonne (39), & Morgan went before; we dined at Wrights; Warburton with us; Danold trimmed me; Vicars came to us; for a while. I went to the Bishop (Farington with me) about 4; met him on the staires going to the Quire; then I went to Jacksons; there was the Governor, the Ajutant, Warburton, Farington, Kinaston, Streete, &c. we parted before 6; Bidolph & I came home; Mainwaring my sonne (39) & Lee came to Peele after supper; I found at Peele brother Peter's sonne (39) & one Jervas, they came from London; were going for Ireland, &c.

14 Sep 1690. Sonday, I went to church in the afternoone, &c. Cadwallader brought venison, &

15 Sep 1690. Monday, Mainwaring went to Peover early; Anderson, Edwards & Basnet dined with us, retorned about 5; Basnet from Shotwick, & Lady Calveley's tenant (at Lee) dined in the buttry; after dinner Bolton & one Hodskin came from Tatenhall; Basnet stayd all night; the rest went back; brother Peter's sonne (39) & Jarvis went to Chester (about 4) my 2 sisters with them.

16 Sep 1690. Tuesday, Basnet having agreed with Huson went back betimes & Cadwallader retorned to Frodesly.

17 Sep 1690. Wednesday, the fast day; we went to church about 12 & retorned past 3; Traverse supt with us. Mainwaring retorned past 8.

18 Sep 1690. Thursday, G.Mainwaring (47), Deane & Angell dined with us; also Traverse; they retorned in the evening.

19 Sep 1690. Friday, Mainwaring went early a hunting; I, sonne (39), Bidolph & daughters went to christen S: Husons child; there was Gerard, Travers, Grantham, Shard & many more men & women; we dined & parted about 5; my sonne (39) stayd longer, came home with Mainwarng past 8.

20 Sep 1690. Satorday, Bid0lph went towards Elmehurst past 8; Huson & Tomkinson went thither about 7; MainwarinG. & I before 10; we lighted at Wrights, went to Jacksons; was trimmed by Warminham, dined with the Bishop:(I, Mainwaring,:Mainwaring, his Chaplaine & secretary) went past 3 to the almeshouses, then to Anderson; then to the Sunne; there was 2 Mainswarings, Deane, Johnson, Murray, Mercer, Kinaston, Wright, Vicars, Morgan, Parry,&c: parted about 7, Mainwaring & Morgan with me; went home; William Minshall came & stayd.

21 Sep 1690. Sonday, Tomkinson went to Staffordshire; Minshall dined, went after dinner to Chester; Mainwaring, Morgan & I to church.

22 Sep 1690. Monday, Mainwaring went to Chester after dinner; a man [came] with some plants from Aston; Bolton came from Tatenhall about renewing his lease; about 4 came brother Robinson to see us; stayd all night.

23 Sep 1690. Tuesday, Huson went early towards Mold assises; about 9 my sonne (39) & Morgan went after him; after dinner Mainwaring went to Utkington; Traverse & Bonnell dined with us; Grantham came after dinner; brother Robinson stayd all night.

24 Sep 1690. Wednesday, Mainwaring & I went to Chester (Robinson with us, & soe home) we alighted at Jacksons; went to G.Mainwaring's (47) Farington with us; then G.Mainwaring (47) & I went to the Penthouse; Mainwaring came after us; there we found the Mayor, Ince, Anderson, Edwards, Randle Batho, & the officers; I discoursed them about the Election of a new Mayor; & how inconvenient it would be to choose me, &c. then I went with Streete (who came to the Penthouse) to Angells; then to the Sunne; there we dined with 2 Mainwarings, 2 Andersons, Farington, Baroby, Comberbach, Kinaston, Deane, Murray, Randle Batho, &c. after dinner came Hannibal Baskerville 1597-1668 (93), Crosse, &c. then Streete & I went to the almeshouses, Mercer with us; Cotton, Rummer Tavern & Thomas had 3 quarts of ale; then went to Jacksons; there was 2 Mainwarings, Baroby, Hannibal Baskerville 1597-1668 (93), Herle, Cockaine, &c. we parted past 7, came home before 9.

25 Sep 1690. Thursday, Hardwar came about 11; stayd not; Tomkinson retorned from Staffordshire; Lady Allen, her sister & daughters, Angell & my 3 sisters Crew, Ely, G.Mainwaring (47), Streete, Jackson, 2 Griffiths, &c. dined with us; there was also Bradshaw; Chetwood came about 5; they all went before night.

26 Sep 1690. Friday, my sonne (39) & Morgan retorned from Mold & Alrey; Nat. Lee came in the evening & Mr Hussey from Peover.

27 Sep 1690. Satorday, Mainwaring went early towards London; Huson retorned from Alrey; Lee & Morgan went to Chester; I & my sonne (39) after them past 10; we alighted at the Talbot; met Streete & others at the doore; he went with me to Danold the barber, who trimmed me; G.Mainwaring (47) came to us; I went & dined with him; my sonne (39) & Streete & his wife, sister & daughter dined with us; neare 3 I went to Angells, did not stay, went with G.Mainwaring (47) & Streete to meete the Judges; which we did at the Bridge; went after them to the Castle; there was the Sheriffe, Governor, Cotton, Crew, &c. I made the Governor a visit, there was Lord Chomly, Egerton, Warburton, Bell, &c. we drank a glasse of wine (standing) I & the 2 Aldermen left them; they went with me to Jackson's; there was Minshall, Baroby, Nat. Booth, Hannibal Baskerville 1597-1668 (93), my sonne (39), Morgan,&c. Ned Morgan came thither as we were parting, my sonne (39) & I went before 6, came home past 7.

28 Sep 1690. Sonday, I was not at church; no company with us all day.

29 Sep 1690. Monday, Huson, Tomkinson, &c. went to Chester to sell cattle, horses, wooll, &c. Ned the postilion & the kitchenmayd went away; one Cooper came from Shrewsbery about a debt of Rogers; came at 11, dined, & went before 2; a carpenter came from Mr Ellis Lloyd to see our cydermill; went againe before dinner; no other company.

30 Sep 1690. Tuesday, Bolton came about 11 for money for marling; that evening Bidolph came from Elmehurst.

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 October

01 Oct 1690. Wednesday, I, sonne (39), daughters & Bidolph went to Chester; I & sonne (39) dined with the Judges, (severall lawyers & Newport, &c.interl) then I went (past 2) with the tenant of Aston, Bonnell, Grantham, &c. to Bretland, to speake about the tenant (Yong's) businesse; then I met Taylor at Huson's house; walked thence to Jackson's; met Hurst, Deane, Anderton, G.Mainwaring (47) & severall others in the Rowes; at Jackson's were L: Lloyd, Wright, Newport, G.Mainwaring (47), Vicars, Bellot, Lee of Booth, Nat. Lee, Jones, &c. I left them about 6, went home with daughter & Bidolph the keeper came that night with a doe from Frodesly; my 2 sisters came that night to Peele.

02 Oct 1690. Thursday, one Powell & another came about money due from Roger to Boudler; they & the keeper retorned past 12; 2 men came from Yates about Boothe's money; had it & went away; Sefton came from Barrow about recommending a servant & another man thence about his sonne (39) to be my cowman; Salmon & his sonne (39) came about work & a man from Shotwick with venison; Bellot, T. Whitley, & L: Lloyd dined with us; Bellot went about 7; the rest stayd all night; also Ned Morgan & Morgan W:

03 Oct 1690. Friday, Bidolph, Ned Morgan,T: Whitley, Morgan, L: Lloyd dined with us; Grise & another came about sealing a lease, dined in the Hall; a yong man from Barrow (his father with him) came to be hyred, &c. Hardwar & his wife came to see us after noone.

04 Oct 1690. Satorday, my sonne (39), T: Whitley, Lloyd, Ned Morgan & Morgan went to Chester before 10; Huson & Tomkinson before them; Mrs Astrey & the husbandman went to Staffordshire early; John Browne (the cook) came from London about money Roger owes him; dined with us; went away about 2; Swetnam came past 5; stayd all night; my sonne (39) retorned about 9 from Chester.

05 Oct 1690. Sonday, I went to church in the morning; soe did Bidolph, Sydney & Swetnam; Tomkinson went about 9 towards Dysert & to the Audit; Morgan & Huson came in the afternoone to prepare for the Audit; Mosse, Ward & Barber were with me, at night, discoursing of work.

06 Oct 1690. Monday, Huson & Morgan, &c. went towards the Audit; Angell & sister came past 12; stayd all night; also Swetnam.

07 Oct 1690. Tuesday, we had an earthquake (a great one, but of short continuance) about half houer past 7; Angell went (past 10) towards Oulton; Bidolph & Swetnam a larking; past 10, I was served with a summons (by Mrs Lettice Whitley's boy) from Fawlkes, Kenyon, & Acton; to attend theire Reference on the 23rd inst: after dinner my sonne (39) & I went to the funerall of Mrs Radley at Tarvyn, before sermon we went with Sherard & another to the Vicars; Mr Grantham invited us to his house; we dranck a glasse of sack; there was Traverse, the Vicar, Bruen, &c. we stayd ½ houer, came home; Mrs Astrey & John retorned from Staffordshire.

08 Oct 1690. Wednesday, Swetnam went away, 2 men came about taking land; Bidolph went a larking; dined abroad; Traverse came in with my sonne (39), supt, stayd all night; soe did Angell.

09 Oct 1690. Thursday, my sonne (39) went to Chester; retorned about 7; Angell went away about 4; 2 Mrs Hardwares made us a visit in the afternoone.

10 Oct 1690. Friday, Streete sent his man with a letter to persuade me to goe to Chester about election of a Mayor; I did not goe; my sonne (39) went thither about 11; Hardwar came to aske for him & Bidolph they were abroad; he stayd not; my sonne (39) retorned late from Chester (past 10) Nat. Lee with him; I saw them not that night.

11 Oct 1690. Satorday, we stayd at home (Bidolph my sonne (39), Lee, &c.) no company.

12 Oct 1690. Sonday, I, my daughters, sisters, &c. went to church, received the Sacrament: stayd at home in the afternoone; Bidolph & his 2 daughters went towards Elmehurst, about 3.

13 Oct 1690. Monday, about 11 Donald came from Chester to (trimme crossed out) trim me; Ben: Cratchley came about Glasier's businesse; they dined & went before 3; my sonne (39) & Lee went at the same time (as they said) a coursing; came back about 7. Tomkinson came back late from the Audit.

14 Oct 1690. Tuesday, Huson came from the Audit & Tomkinson went to the Audit at Middlewich; my sonne (39) & I went to Chester (met Morgan at Tarvyn going to Middlewich) I, sonne (39), G.Mainwaring (47) Baroby & Crosse dined at Jackson's; we went to the almeshouses; drank some ale at the Widdows with Mr Wright, Streete & some others; went then to Andersons, then to the new Mayor (there were the 2 Leavelookers) we dranck in both places; I went then to G.Mainwaring (47) saw his wife & daughter & Mall: Ravenscroft in the Row; went thence (with G.Mainwaring (47)) to Jacksons; there was my sonne (39), Streete, Wright, Baroby, 2 Kinastons, Mercer, Mainwaring of Wrexam, &c. we parted past 5; Taylor was with me at Jacksons before dinner; stayd not; I called on Bennet in the Forest streete; there was Ely with him; they came to the coach, had a tankerd, went home.

15 Oct 1690. Wednesday, sent John Nixon with letters to Chester; Morgan retorned from Middlewich, about 2; Huson & Tomkinson, past 8; yong Fowler came about 12; dined with the servants; came to me after dinner, dranck a glasse of wine; went about 4.

16 Oct 1690. Thursday, Powell & another came in the morning from Shropshire about money Roger owes Boadler; went againe past 10:,&c.

17 Oct 1690. Friday, 2 men came about taking land (I know not theire names), they dined with Huson in the buttry, went past one; Tomkinson went to Brombrow about 11; after dinner (about 3) Jackson came from Chester; stayd all night.

18 Oct 1690. Satorday, Morgan & Huson went to Chester about 9; my sonne (39) & Jackson about 10; about 11 Angell came, dined, went away at 3; Tomkinson retorned about 4; my sonne (39), late.

19 Oct 1690. Sonday, I went to church in the morning; my sonne (39) in the afternoone; Morgan came from Chester, about 9.

20 Oct 1690. Monday, Danold came to trimme me; he, Angell & Hough dined with us; went away about 3, &c. Richard Hughes came from Northop about his accounts

21 Oct 1690. Tuesday, G.Mainwaring (47), Streete, Farington, Mercer, Fernhagh, Kinaston, Griffith, Pemberton, Parry, Morgan, my sonne (39), &c. dined with us; the Chester men retorned past 4.

22 Oct 1690. Wednesday, after dinner the Deane came to see us; then Gerard, & Taylor; then Sir Thomas Peirceall (for Lord Maxfeilds money on his Debenters) the 3 first went past 4; the other stayd all night.

23 Oct 1690. Thursday, Sir Thomas Peirceall went about 9; Mr Newcomen, Bird, Bolton and Wright came from Tatenhall; Angell & a surgeon from Chester; dined, & retorned about 4; soone after came the keeper, & Cadwallader from Frodesly & after them came Frogsall, stayd all night; Hughes retorned about 3.

24 Oct 1690. Friday, Morgan went to Chester; one Gough came from Frodesly; he, Frogsall & the other 2 stayd all night.

25 Oct 1690. Satorday, Frogsall & the 3 others retorned towards Frodesly (about 9) then Huson & Tomkinson went to Chester; my sonne (39) went after them past 10, retorned late.

26 Oct 1690. Sonday, I went to church in the morning with sonne (39) & daughter Mainwaring; Mrs Huson came to see us in the evening; retorned past 5.

27 Oct 1690. Monday, Huson went to Manchester, Tomkinson to call on Norbery at Chester & soe to keep the Courts at Brombrow & Soughall;,&c. my 2 gransons came from Peover.

28 Oct 1690. Tuesday, my sonne (39) & I went to Chester; sister Angell with us; lighted at Jacksons; there came Taylor to me; dined at Angells with sonne (39) & Morgan & cosen Collyer; cosen Cooper, & (2 interl cosen came in whilest at dinner; Alderman Anderson came after dinner; then I went to the almeshouses; retorned (with Crosse) to Jacksons; thither came the Governor, Streete, Mainwaring Johnson, Deane, Fernhagh, Murray, Kinaston, Parry, Sparks, Goodhand, Morgan, Mercer, &c. we went homewards about 5; came home past 7, Tomkinson with us.

29 Oct 1690. Wednesday, Huson retorned from Manchester; Philips came past 11 to speake of the damage done by Swinford miller..

30 Oct 1690. Thursday, Morgan came back from Chester in the evening.

31 Oct 1690. Friday, G.Mainwaring (47), Parry, Jackson, Burrows, &c. dined with us; about 4 came Mr Hunt; all went before 6.

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 November

01 Nov 1690. Satorday, my sonne (39), Morgan Huson, went to Chester; Tomkinson after them; sonne (39) & Tomkinson retorned late.

02 Nov 1690. Sonday, I went to church in the morning with daughter Mainwaring; sonne (39) came after us; Morgan & Huson came in the evening; Fletcher & Jordan dined here.

03 Nov 1690. Monday, Angell, Crosse, Gibbons,&c. came before dinner; at dinner came Edwards, Bridge, Murray, Deane, Lloyd, Hemthorne, Norbery, Browne, &c. after dinner Farington, a shoemaker with him; then 2 Skinners; they went past 4; one Hall, a Tanner came in the morning to see Joseph; Thomas Hughes & another Welsh Bayley came in the evening about Revenue accounts.

04 Nov 1690. Tuesday, yong Fernehall, Bingly & Danold came, dined with us; went back afternoone, soe did Thomas Hughes & the other Bayly; Perryn the carryer came in the morning; stayd not lonG. 2 men came from Shropshire about taking of Frodesly.

05 Nov 1690. Wednesday, Mr Taylor & his brother Ball dined with us; went past 3; at the same tyme my sonne (39), his wife, children & servants: went to Chester; soe towards London.

06 Nov 1690. Thursday, the maydeservants & goods went towards London & Morgan past 9 to Chester & the 2 Shropshire men went home; Alderman Edwards sonne (39), Burrows & Gray dined with us; went away past 3..

07 Nov 1690. Friday, I & my daughters went towards London, about 11; came to Whitchurch about 5; lay at the Red Lyon.

08 Nov 1690. Satorday, we went out about 7; called at Newport at the Red Lyon about 11; stayd not, lay at the Crosses that night, where Mr Littleton & Bidolph sent to see us.

09 Nov 1690. Sonday, we left the Crosses about 12; came to the Harpe about 2; lay there that night; yong Rabone came thither to see us; went after supper; Morgan came thither to us & a Coventry man to guide us.

10 Nov 1690. Monday, went out before 7; called at Bromage but stayd not; came to Coventry about 5; lay there that night; Hopkins the lawyer supt with us; Bidolph & his daughters & Lee came to us there.

11 Nov 1690. Tuesday, went out before 7; called at Creek, & at the little house on the hill; stayd in neither place; came to Northampton about 5, lay there.

12 Nov 1690. Wednesday, hyred a postillion at Northampton; went out before 6; called (but stayd not) at Newport; saw Mr Gofton at Mr Duncombes gate; came to Dunstable at 5, lay there; thither Sir J: Mainwaring sent his coachman to meete us.

13 Nov 1690. Thursday, went out about 7; left Bidolph & his daughters neare Sir J: Nappiers; came to the Greene Man at Barnet about 1; stayd an houer; soe to our lodgings at Kents in Suffolk streete, London; came thither about 5. Lady Wood & daughter supt with us;.

14 Nov 1690. Friday, Bellot, Laughton, William M: dined with us; in the evening & went with G.Mainwaring (47) Streete, &c. to the Fountayne by the Haymarket; there came to us Whitakers, MainwarinG. & Bellot; parted at 10.

15 Nov 1690. Satorday, about 2, Mainwaring & I went to Bosoms Inne; there saw Burrows, Bolland, &c. witnesses from Chester; dined at the Sunne in Milk streete; thither came Dr How, stayd not; & Hilmans man to take measure of Nixon & Perryn, Morgan & the Chester witnesses; about 5 M: Morgan & I went to the Sunne; there was Lewes, my sonne (39) & Jones; past 8, M: & I went thence; called at the club (at the Hoop in the Strand) there was Wood, Long, Every, Rogers, Maxwell, Shepheard & 3 or 4 more; we left them at 10.

16 Nov 1690. Sonday, dined at home, Minshall with us; Bellot came about 2; about 5, he, M: & I went to Bosoms Inne; thither came G.Mainwaring (47) Streete, Comberbach, Parry, Whitakers; the Chester witnesses were examined; we parted about 10.

17 Nov 1690. Monday, I sent my horses to the contrey, Huson came to towne about 2; I dined at home; the Taylors man & the Master of the Blackhorse were there; a neighbor Barber trimmed me.

18 Nov 1690. Tuesday, I went to Westminster, spoke with many members; dined at the Bacchus with two Mainwarings, Streete, Norris, Herbert, Buttler, Comberbach, Doudsdale, Travailes, &c. went at night to Ward, Humfreys, &c. then to the Temple taverne; where was Wade, Parry, Whitaker & Streete, 2 Mainwarings.

19 Nov 1690. Wednesday, went to Sir Rowand Gwinne, then to Westminster; dined at Heaven with my sonne (39), G.Mainwaring (47), brother Peter, Ben Gerard & Parry; then to the Committe; then to Fontayne taverne with 2 Mainwarings, Gleg & Parry.

20 Nov 1690. Thursday, went to Swinfen, then to Westminster, then home about 12; 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Parry, Bolland & the other Chester witnesses dined with me; about 5, went to Beare & Harrow, there was 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Whitaker & Serjeant Thomson; I left them past 12.

21 Nov 1690. Friday, dined at home, Roger dined with us; about 4 came Sir Robert Cotton, then Rob: Gleg; then Parry, then G.Mainwaring (47) to see us; Bidolph & his daughters came that evening to towne & stayd with us.

22 Nov 1690. Satorday, dined at Bacchus with 2 Mainwarings, Bellot, Borage, &c. went to Williams at Grays Inne; then to Temple Taverne; there was 2 Mainwarings, Bidolph, Streete, Whitaker, Cumberbach, Parry, Minshall,&c. parted about 10.

23 Nov 1690. Sonday, was not at church; dined at home, Bidolph & Chester witnesses with me; went about 4 to Temple taverne; there was Bidolph, G.Mainwaring (47), Pascall, Whitaker, Comberbach, &c. parted at 9.

24 Nov 1690. Monday, dined at Bacchus, there was 2 Mainwarings, Bidolph, Streete, Parry, Comberbach (2 lawyers) [fo. 126r] Nor: 24.Thomson & Ward, Lord Warington, Lord Paulet, Rich, Bellot, Yong, Birch, Barnediston, Clarke, Dashwood, Lewis, my sonne (39), &c. went to the committe about 5; Chester Cause was heard; carryed by one against: us; went thence (about 9) to the Bacchus; there were 2 Mainwarings Streete, Parry, Lewes, William Mainwaring Bradshaw, &c. went home at 10.

25 Nov 1690. Tuesday, went to Westminster, dined at home, the Chester witnesses with us; Bidolph & Roger, &c. (2 Mainwarings dined at Hannibal Baskerville 1597-1668 (93)s) about 7 I went to the Fountaine with Bidolph. Roger came after us; there was 2 Mainwarings Parry, Jackson, Huson, Chester witnesses.

26 Nov 1690. Wednesday, to Colonel Sackviles, then to the Sunne, where the Chester witnesses lay, send for them back to Towne, then to Westminster, then home with my sonne (39) (past 2) where we dined; Maxwell came to us whilest at dinner; Wood came after; stayd with me past 6. Morgan & Jackson came also to me, stayd not.

27 Nov 1690. Thursday, dined at home, &c. went to the club & there was Chase, Wood, Harris.

28 Nov 1690. Friday, went to Westminster, dined at home; went to the committe; then to the Crowne neare St Dunstans; there was G.Mainwaring (47), Streete, Whitaker, Comberbach, a stranger.

29 Nov 1690. Satorday, dined at home; went in the afternoone to the Star in Colman streete; there was How, 2 Mainwarings Bellot, Baroby, Whitaker, &c. went then with 2 Mainwarings & Bellot to the Mermayd in Cornehill. Milington came to us; we parted at 10.

30 Nov 1690. Sonday, dined at home, Mainwaring & Bidolph with us; went in the evening to the club; there was Maxwell, Cooper, Harris, 2 Blunts, Every, Chase, &c. Mainwaring,&c. parted at 10.

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 December

01 Dec 1690. Monday, went with G.Mainwaring (47) to Swinsen; then to Westminster together; dined at Bacchus with 2 Mainwarings, Bellot, Samuell, Gold, Burrage, my sonne (39), Streete, &c. went to the comitte, then home.

02 Dec 1690. Tuesday, went to Westminster, our Report was made, carryed against: us by one; dined at home with Bidolph, Mainwaring, Jackson, Chester witnesses, Roger, &c. past 6, I went to the club; there was Every, Maxwell, Harris, Partridge, Rogers & another; I left them past 8, came home.

03 Dec 1690. Wednesday, dined at home, Bidolph & Bradshaw with us, then came Streete, then 2 Mainwarings & Jackson; they went out about 3, came agen about 5, stayd not; onely Bidolph & I supt.

04 Dec 1690. Thursday, William Morgan came to see me, then Whitworth, about Lord Maxwell debenters; cosen Fairfax came & dined with us; in the evening, I went to the Sunne; there was Bidolph, Jarrat, Jones, my sonne (39), Lewes, G.Mainwaring (47), Parry, Lea, Cooke, we parted past 9.

05 Dec 1690. Friday, I & Mainwaring visited Lord Warington; I dined at home; about 3 came Coling then Parry, then Gilmore; they went about 4; then Roger came; then Lord Pawlet, Mainwaring & Bellot; they stayd not ½ houer, &c. about 6 I went to visit Wood; then to the 3 Tunnes neare Grays Inne; there was Coling & Gilmore; we came home about 10.

06 Dec 1690. Satorday, Parry came to see me past 11; went away before 12; dined at home.

07 Dec 1690. Sonday, dined at home, William Mainwaring & Jackson with us; went in the evening to Wood, there was Gilmore, Coling, Maxwell & another; went thence to the Crowne; there was G.Mainwaring (47), Streete, Comberbach, another (stranger), Whitaker, Mainwaring, Minshall, &c. parted past 9.

08 Dec 1690. Monday, Coling & his daughter dined with us.

09 Dec 1690. Tuesday, dined at home, Jackson, &c. with us; went to Wood past 5.

10 Dec 1690. Wednesday, dined at home, Jack Whitley & his wife with us; Morgan, Jackson, Minshall, &c. went to Wood, about 6; then to Mainwarings Coffe house, then to the Crowne; there was 2 Mainwarings, Bellot, Parry, Morgan, Ben: Gerard; parted at nine; brought Bellot home. Leigh came in the morning to take my answer to C[ouns]ell.

11 Dec 1690. Thursday, G.Mainwaring (48) came about 10, stayd not, I went to the Citty past 11, with Bidolph; then to Mr. [fo. 126v] Mosiers; dined at the Angell with Bidolph, G.Mainwaring (48) & Parry; then to the Sunne with them; there was Jones; then came my sonne (39), Lewes, Dashwood; retorned home before 9:

12 Dec 1690. Friday, I went to Kensington with Mainwaring, Bidolph & my sonne (39); kissed the King's hand in the Bedchamber; dined (with them) at the Blew Posts, Bidolph & I went at night to Wood, then to Swinfen, then home past 7; a man came (in the morning) from Howard about Manley's money.

13 Dec 1690. Satorday, went to London with Bidolph; left him with Gleg; went to Mosier, there was Cuttler; Mount came after him; Mosier read over my will, gave directions to Mount; I dined at the Angell with Bidolph, 2 Mainwarings, Whitaker & Borage; Bidolph went betimes; Whitaker's sonne (39) after him; Traverse came to us; then Bellot, Lee & Bradshaw; we removed to the Sunne (all but Traverse) there was my sonne (39), Morgan, How, & Jackson; Mainwaring & I parted past 8.

14 Dec 1690. Sonday, dined at home with Bellot, Minshall, Jackson & Kent; after dinner came William Mainwaring; he & Jackson stayd not long; then came Coling & Gilmore; they, Bellot & Mainwaring went about 6; I went to Wood; there was Dr Ashenhurst; I stayd ½ houer, went home before 8.

15 Dec 1690. Monday, dined at home, Bidolph with us; went at night to Wood; then to Lord Maxfeild, saw him, & Lady Gerard; went then to the club; there was Harris, Cooper, Partridge, Maxwell, (Craven interl) & Shard, Mainwaring came in late; we parted past 10.

16 Dec 1690. Tuesday, dined at home; Madame Offley, Lady Gleg,&c. came to visit in the evening. I stayd in all day.

17 Dec 1690. Wednesday, dined at home, Mainwaring with us; Bidolph went to Luton; stayd within all day.

18 Dec 1690. Thursday, dined at home; stayd in all day; Coling called at night; soe did Jackson & Fletcher.

19 Dec 1690. Friday, Pigeon came to me; then Lord Portland's secretary about Roger's money; then came Foche, then Tovey; after dinner came Minshall, did eate some cold meate, &c. stayd not; then came brother Peter & Morgan stayd but a while;,&c. Jackson & Fletcher went out of toune.

20 Dec 1690. Satorday, dined at home, Tovey came to see me; soe did Wood at night.

21 Dec 1690. Sonday, G.Mainwaring (48) & Knevet dined with us; went before 3; then came my sonne (39), & daughter, went about 5; Mrs Wood came about 3; went at 6; Bellot & his kinsman came about 9 & stayd till neare 10.

22 Dec 1690. Monday, Mrs Fennick came to speake about Rogers money; Wood came about 4; stayd till 6.

23 Dec 1690. Tuesday, dined at home, &c. Mrs Wood came in the evening, then Lord Warington, stayd till 10.

24 Dec 1690. Wednesday, dined at home; Minshall came about 4, stayd till past 7.

25 Dec 1690. Thursday (Christmas Day) stayd with; in all day; (Coney came to me about copper; brother Peter called, stayd not interl); Roger & Kent supt with us.

26 Dec 1690. Friday, Kent came to me about Rogers businesse; Mrs Wood, cosen Kate & Minshall dined with us; Wood stayd till 10 at night; Bidolph sent his coachman with poultry from Luton.

27 Dec 1690. Satorday, cosen Kate came to see me before she went out of towne (past 12); I went at night to visit Sir Ed: Wood.

28 Dec 1690. Sonday, William Mainwaring dined with us, Cotton & lady came in the evening; they went neare 6; then I went to Wood, stayd awhile, went home.

29 Dec 1690. Monday, dined at home; Mrs Wood, & Minshall with us; past 3, I went with Minshall to a Master's of Chancery, to give in my answer to Shepheards bill then to Humfreys, then to Tovey; then home; 30. Tuesday, (Fowler came to me about 10: then I interl); I went to Mosier; dined at Pontacks with Mainwaring, Bellot, Lewes, my sonne (39) & Borage; he left us about 4; the rest went to the Sonne; Hannibal Baskerville 1597-1668 (93) & his sonne (39) in law came to us; also Morgan & Hilman & a Cuttler; we parted neare 9; brought Bellot home, stayd with him till 11.

31 Dec 1690. Wednesday, dined at home, stayd within all day; Roger, Mrs Fennick & Kent was with me about 4; Mount was with me at night.