Biography of Bishop Brian Duppa 1589-1662

On 10 Mar 1589 Bishop Brian Duppa was born.

In 1638 Bishop Brian Duppa (age 48) was elected Bishop of Chichester.

In 1641 Bishop Brian Duppa (age 51) was elected Bishop of Salisbury.

In 1660 Bishop Brian Duppa (age 70) was elected Bishop of Winchester.

Pepy's Diary. 29 Jul 1660. Lord's Day. I and my boy Will to Whitehall, and I with my Lord to White Hall Chappell, where I heard a cold sermon of the Bishop of Salisbury's (age 71), and the ceremonies did not please me, they do so overdo them. My Lord went to dinner at Kensington with my Lord Camden (age 49). So I dined and took Mr. Birfett, my Lord's chaplain, and his friend along with me, with Mr. Sheply at my Lord's. In the afternoon with Dick Vines and his brother Payton, we walked to Lisson Green and Marybone and back again, and finding my Lord at home I got him to look over my accounts, which he did approve of and signed them, and so we are even to this day. Of this I was glad, and do think myself worth clear money about £120. Home late, calling in at my father's (age 59) without stay. To bed.

Pepy's Diary. 04 Oct 1660. This morning I was busy looking over papers at the office all alone, and being visited by Lieut. Lambert (age 41) of the Charles (to whom I was formerly much beholden), I took him along with me to a little alehouse hard by our office, whither my cozen Thomas Pepys the turner had sent for me to show me two gentlemen that had a great desire to be known to me, one his name is Pepys, of our family, but one that I never heard of before, and the other a younger son of Sir Tho. Bendishes, and so we all called cozens. After sitting awhile and drinking, my two new cozens, myself, and Lieut. Lambert (age 41) went by water to Whitehall, and from thence I and Lieut. Lambert (age 41) to Westminster Abbey, where we saw Dr. Frewen (age 72) translated to the Archbishoprick of York. Here I saw the Bishops of Winchester (age 71), Bangor (age 75), Rochester (age 79), Bath and Wells (age 80), and Salisbury (age 68), all in their habits, in King Henry Seventh's chappell [Map]. But, Lord! at their going out, how people did most of them look upon them as strange creatures, and few with any kind of love or respect.

On 28 Oct 1660 Bishop George Griffith (age 59) was consecrated Bishop of St Asaph at the King Henry VII Chapel, Westminster Abbey [Map] by Bishop Brian Duppa (age 71). It was the first consecration of bishops after the Restoration.

Before 1662 John Michael Wright (age 44). Portrait of Bishop Brian Duppa (age 72).

On 26 Mar 1662 Bishop Brian Duppa (age 73) died.