Biography of Bishop Oliver Sutton 1219-1299

Around 1219 Bishop Oliver Sutton was born to Unamed Sutton and Unamed Lexington.

In 1244 Bishop Oliver Sutton (age 25) held the living of St Peter's Church Shelford [Map] as a sub-deacon.

Before 30 Jun 1275 Bishop Oliver Sutton (age 56) was appointed Dean of Lincoln.

On 06 Feb 1280 Bishop Oliver Sutton (age 61) was elected Bishop of Lincoln.

On 19 May 1280 Bishop Oliver Sutton (age 61) was consecrated Bishop of Lincoln at Lambeth Palace [Map].

On 08 Sep 1280 Bishop Oliver Sutton (age 61) was enthroned Bishop of Lincoln at Lincoln Cathedral [Map].

On 13 Nov 1299 Bishop Oliver Sutton (age 80) died at Nettleham.

Archaeologia Volume 29 Section XIII. The arrival of the funeral procession in London appears to have been on the l4th of December, and the entombment took place on the 17th. To this date we have the testimony of Wikes, the Annals of Dunstable, and Matthew of Westminster. We have no distinet evidence in what particular religious house the body remained while in London. The position of one of the Crosses in West-Cheap may seem to guide to Saint Paul's. What house there could have been near the site of Charing Cross [Map] is a more difficult question. The funeral rites in the Abbey were performed with great magnificence; "cum summa omnium reverentia et honore, [with the greatest respect and honor of all]" says Walsingham. One thing a little dimmed the splendour and detracted from the completeness of the solemnity. There was a dispute at that time between the Abbot of Westminster and the Archbishop of Canterbury (Peckham) which made the Archbishop unwilling to enter the Abbey; so that the Bishop of Lincoln (Sutton) presided. We have this information from Thomas Wikes.